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2021 BOA Grand Nationals (Nov. 11-13)

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After watching some of their competitors, I think Round Rock's chances are looking pretty good. DB and Wando don't seem to have cleaned up enough musically and aren't visually stunning enough to push them over Round Rock. I think the last 2 spots will be an absolute bloodbath between Fishers, Mason, and Round Rock. Maybe Brownsburg in there too, we'll see how they do tomorrow.

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15 minutes ago, SATXBandDad said:

Man, I just love The Woodlands. This show is so fun. Not sure if anyone is a Schitt’s Creek fan but I can hear Patrick singing “Willkommen” and Stevie singing “Maybe this time” every time they play!  I’m a casual band parent (don’t know much about marching band) and I want to say Thank you to The Woodlands for keeping it fun!!  Traditional marching band has its place and will usually get all the love from the judges but the fun shows are for me!!!

What is the title of their show? I haven't seen it yet but that's a fun theme! 

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2 minutes ago, TWHSParent said:

Not entirely....

The top 22 scoring bands will have performance slots 5-26. Bands that scored 23-30 will have performance slots 1-4 and 27-30. Any band that makes semifinals as a class representative, but not on score, will perform prior to (read very early in the morning) slot 1. All class representatives will perform prior to the first band that advanced on score.

Does this make sense?

Thanks, guess I'm rustier on the handbook than I thought 😇

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Lots of great performances so far!

I preferred Avon to Carmel on the strength of Avon's performance. I thought Avon sounded and looked pretty close to normal, which is extremely impressive. Carmel has amazing content, though, especially that music book, which I think could push them higher in the effect caption.

William Mason's music performance should elevate them ahead of the rest of the finalist bubble. I thought they were one of the very best sounding groups last night. Perfect, no, but given the competition, they didn't have to be. I'm still not a big fan of the show overall, but part of that is my expectations having heard the theme before seeing the show. With a Top Gun theme, I was expecting something more fun and corny, and something more visually inventive, too. The green Air Force uniforms are cool in theory, and look good close up, but are probably a bit of a design misfire in practice. The kids are like ghosts on the field. When they took off their jackets and revealed their white shirts underneath, the show became just about a thousand times more readable from high up.

I loooved Plymouth-Canton's design! I've seen the restaurant thing done before, but this was next-level. Absolutely witty and delightful. I love all the characters and amazing set pieces we're getting these days. The world of marching band has really been cracked wide open, and it's refreshing. Also, I was waiting for a customer Karen moment in the voiceovers, and PCEP delivered! All those waiters scrambling to serve her, dishes crashing onto the floor -- just brilliant!

The Texas groups we've seen so far have all given great performances. I'd have all of them in finals, at least on the strength of music. Flower Mound and The Woodlands were the two that I thought were pretty all-around outstanding. For those asking, The Woodlands' music is "Overture/And All That Jazz" from Chicago, "Willkommen" from Cabaret, "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago, "Roxanne" by The Police (the version you hear in Moulin Rouge, "El Tango De Roxanne"), "Maybe This Time" from Cabaret, and "We Both Reached For The Gun" from Chicago.

The fight for finals is going to be VERY intense. I thought a lot of the bubble groups were pretty close in quality.

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