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  1. I kind of wonder if there is a revenue driver at play here. I'm sure the state contests bring a ton of revenue to San Antonio. I'm sure they want more of it. My daughter's band just moved from 5A to 6A, and when she learned that the coming year would be another UIL state year, she had mixed emotions. Aside from the grueling work that all band kids put in on the road to state, there is pressure to succeed, conflicts with academics, and the cost. It's a lot. I'm landing in the every other year camp. BOA provides annual competition and having UIL state every other year makes it something to really look forward to when it arrives.
  2. Thank you so much! I appreciate the information.
  3. So this is a dumb question...but what is Honor Band? I'm not familiar with it. How is it different than All State?
  4. Hi band parents. I was cleaning out our band uniform and storage room today and we have SO much old gear. Bibbers from two shows ago that we probably won't use again, a full set of retired marching jackets, pants and plumed hats... Are there schools who need or want older gear? We could donate it to Goodwill or Salvation Army, of course, but I would love for a band who needs it to have it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  5. Just reading through all these posts...I'm totally knocked out. Things sure have come a long way since I was in Flag Corps back in 1986! 🤣 We didn't even have our own competition. Can't wait to see and learn more about this talented world of colorguard!
  6. Just out of curiosity, are all of these schools 6A - or the equivalent of that if they are in another state besides TX?
  7. Congrats to Highland Park percussion. 😊 They were a huge part of HP’s scores at state. Those are some awesome and talented kids.
  8. I'm just curious...has the Texas SR always been in San Antonio? I wonder if it was in the D/FW area if more out of state bands would attend since it would be a little bit closer (I'm thinking OK, IN bands...)
  9. This is horrible and absolutely heartbreaking. I think every band in Texas is saying a prayer for them right now.
  10. No kidding! Should be a very good and thoroughly entertaining contest!
  11. What is the title of their show? I haven't seen it yet but that's a fun theme!
  12. They realize that they are champions in a field of champions. Love that they get this moment.
  13. Hebron seals the deal. That’s about as far as I can go. I know the placements matter but they kind of don’t since so much is subjective. Mind blowing performances.
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