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  1. A few more items on my BOASA 2022 wishlist... -Flower Mound doing a show about classical art. Their all white uniforms and immaculate individual technique already makes them look like Greek statues, seems like a natural fit. -Hebron doing another Latin show. They teased us with La Suerte Azul, now they need to do the same except with a full, non-Covid affected production.
  2. In order of appearance St. Michael the Archangel by Ottorino Respighi The Leviathan (from Atlantis) by James Newton Howard All Hands on Deck by Thomas Bergersen Oblivion by Astor Piazolla Amen by Carlos Simon Blue Shades by Frank Tichelli
  3. Pretty sure it was Doug Bush leading John Horn at the time with Patricia Islas, both of whom are now with coppell.
  4. That’s correct, San Antonio has been the sole Texas super regional since 2003 (it was also the first super regional at all). But even prior to then it seems like a strong majority of BOA contests were held in either Houston or San Antonio, likely due to those two areas’ comparative strength at the time. However, since BOA is adding a second DFW area regional next season, it seems like they may be having a similar line of thought to yours.
  5. While that’s certainly true now, back when BA began attending the St. Louis super regional, the contest was new and still attracted a lot of big out of state names like Carmel, Marian Catholic, LD Bell, Prospect, PCEP, etc. Nevertheless broken arrow has won the contest every year since 2006.
  6. That was 2002, they beat out LD Bell by .25 in finals despite Bell topping them by over a point in prelims. I really hope one (or both) of them decides to make the trip. As if BOA San Antonio wasn’t intense enough already.
  7. Current record is a 19.8 by Avon in 2010. It’s crazy to think that an absurd score like that could have been in danger, but I have to agree.
  8. Hebron will be back in 2023 as long as this whole rose parade thing doesn’t totally drain them financially (mostly a joke but those expenses are real). I’m curious to see what Vandegrift does. Will they be an every other year school like CTJ and The Woodlands? Will they slide into a 4 year rotation like Hebron/FloMo/Marcus? It also feels like it’s been a while since we saw the Cedars at Nats (Ridge and Park). I’d also like to see LD Bell make the trip again. And who but leandermomma knows what Leander’s plans are lol.
  9. I think it would be pretty cool if Vandegrift returned to the Shostakovich music, I think they played a piece of his back in 2017 or 2018. Basically just do their own rendition of Phantom’s Defiant Heart. Also, what if The Woodlands stuck with musicals, but chose one from way out in left field like Sweeney Todd? They could pull it off!
  10. Broken Arrow was really that far ahead? I didn’t see/hear a 1.2 gap. Congrats to all the Texas bands and flower mound for keeping that music caption for us!
  11. Lots of flavor, very little nutritional value. I am an old soul though.
  12. I just don’t like BA this season, almost feels like a parody of the typical Cartwright show. And it sucks that Texas bands have a rep for being bad at visual when the only difference between BA and a group like CTJ/Vandy etc is that they don’t have 50 props and 200 color guard members filling the field. Argh!
  13. They’ve still got a better run. I’m gonna be pissed if Blue Springs finishes ahead of them though.
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