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  1. So im gonna go ahead and pencil in Carmel, Avon, Mason, Dobbyns-Bennett, Hebron, The Woodlands, CTJ, Round Rock, Blue Springs, and Wando all as finalists. I’I’m quite curious about Texas schools like Vandegrift, Reagan, Cedar Ridge, etc., basically everyone south of Waco. Also hoping that we’ll see maybe Union from Oklahoma or a big california school. And in the category of extremely unlikely but would be amazing are Tarpon and Broken Arrow.
  2. Really excited to see Hebron’s guard continue to take steps forward,
  3. The fact that Marcus scored a 96 at San Antonio pre-score inflation is insane. Had it been a nats year for them, we may have seen a different score record fall last year in Indy. Also kind funny how we had the least competitive year (in terms of point spread) in 2012 and then followed it up with the most competitive year in 2013.
  4. The streak of new state champions continues! Congratulations to Vandegrift on their first 6A title!
  5. I think they had a technical issue which caused them to skip the preshow so they would be under time.
  6. This final block of bands is an absolute murderer’s row.
  7. The big dogs weren’t always the big dogs. They had to overcome the more “successful” programs to get where they are now. It’s constantly happening but it does take a while.
  8. Keller might have been the best yet. That opener is pretty hard though. It’s gotta be either them or CTJ imo
  9. Are any of my fellow streamers experiencing any audio distortion?
  10. If anyone has recaps feel free to DM me, obviously like everyone else I’m very curious about what the judges saw today.
  11. Man, this is a terrible stream. However from what I could tell, woodlands and Hebron should be pretty close. I think TW has a little more energy to bring that could push them into beating hebron outright. Hebron on the other hand just needs to have a good run. With that show they control their own destiny.
  12. Dating myself a bit here but I was actually a participant in the (in)famous 2014 state rainout as a battery member, and we warmed up inside as well that night.
  13. Also I’m definitely not one to crow about Texas bands, but not only would every band in finals last night make finals at GN, the top 10 would all have to be considered favorites for the top half. We are so lucky guys. That was possibly the best marching show I’ve ever seen.
  14. 14 bands are making finals this year since we had 42 groups advance from the area stage. It’s the first time it’s happened!
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