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  1. I personally believe Bloo 2017 "Jagged line" is the best marching show of all time.
  2. Y'all, I am so excited for for the tour premiere!! so excited in fact I wanna drop some hot takes so here they are.. - Crossmen top 10 -Carolina Crown win -Blue devils below 2nd in a round - The Academy or Troopers makes finals
  3. I very much disagree, they're in a weird position after last year.
  4. Decided to throw my hat in for a early season prediction 1st Vandegrift (AAAA) With what looks like CTJ missing this regional, I believe its clear Vandegrift will take it. 2nd Cedar Ridge (AAAA) So these next 5 are pretty interchangeable however Since CR’s 6th place finish at San Antonio last year, I have pretty high expectations from them. However they did also start the season somewhat rougher then where they ended up last year, so I could see them lower and peaking towards the end of the season. 3rd Vista Ridge (AAAA) I see Vista starting to work their way back to where they once were. that being said they have been know to choke a finals run 4th Rouse (AAA) Rouse is stepping up their show this year and i think its gonna be very rewarding for them. they were easily the smallest band in the top 30 at San Antonio and managed to get 11th in prelims and 13th in finals. this is an up and coming group who will be competing to be the regional champion sooner or later. 5th Leander (AAA) You can’t go wrong with leander! Easily one of the most fun groups out there. I believe this season for them will be similar to their last as they continue to adjust to their even smaller size and new head director. 6th Cedar Park (AAA) I love to see that Cedar Park is starting to return to their former glory. However this group is likely going to have a rough early season, “Why?” you may ask? They’re going to have mirrors as backdrops which will expose their visual (which is their worst caption) really bad, I believe the backdrops could do wonders later in the season but not early season when the drills still dirty. They would be lower but their superb music skills will keep them in the top 6. 7th Westlake 8th Round Rock 9th Hendrickson 10th James Bowie 11th Westwood 12th Wiess/ Lake Travis Music: Vandegrift (maybe CR) Visual: Vandegrift GE: Vandegrift (maybe rouse)
  5. I think this is gonna be a good year for the less crazy bands to have a shot at finals. a lot of the crazy bands go on a schedule and, because of covid a lot of them got aligned together. So no Hebron, Woodlands, Reagan, Flomo, etc
  6. I definitely agree, I think the best way to put it is when you watch a bd show your think "WOW! thats impressive!" but when you watch a bloo show you think "WOW thats cool!"
  7. Okay, so its similar to a BOA regional but there's no finals and prelims its just one round and then results with the exception of the Drum Corps International in Indy.
  8. Definitely. They seem to be taking their time though, similar to Rouse.
  9. I really dont see it, I agree 4a is very different to 5A, that being said Lovejoy didn't even make it to state. They got 9th at Area B compared to Argyle being 8 time state and reigning champions.
  10. I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring with a updated Prediction: Rouse (AAA) Cedar Park (AAA) Leander (AAA) Johnson (AAAA) Summit (AAA) Hendrickson (AAA) Argyle (AA) Aledo (AAA) Keller Central (AAAA) Colleyville Heritage (AAA) Lucas Lovejoy (AA) Georgetown (AAA) Music: Cedar Park Visual: Leander GE: Rouse I'm not too sure about this all but, I think Rouse will 100% take GE and the top 3A LISD bands will (once again) medal sweep.
  11. I dont think Johnson or Waxahachie are going because of 6a area, and dont sleep on Argyle! They're are reigning 4A state champs!
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