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  1. Vandegrift presents their fall production entitled “Juliet Letters” featuring the music of Tchaikovsky.
  2. I didn’t see a thread started for this topic yet so I started one. Lots of bands have announced their show themes for the fall so let’s hear it! I think this theme for the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders is PERFECT! I can’t wait to see it!
  3. Oh and maybe I’ll start a trend up here in NW Arkansas. 😁 #teamtexas4ever
  4. I can vouch for how fun of a mother/daughter trip it is after they have graduated. ♥️
  5. No it’s definitely not the case and you have missed some great shows. I may or may not have some private videos I can share with you.
  6. Vista Ridge is 100% making finals and will have a top tier finish as well. They may not have had a competitive season last year but they did have a show, and it was fantastic. Just a glimpse of what’s to come in fact. Yes I have high expectations for the former 6A state champion. Both of them.
  7. @Rubiscoyou are really missing out if you aren’t also watching TCGC. Their live competition this weekend was phenomenal! And have you seen Invictus this year?! Wow. Just wow.
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