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  1. I think it’s a toss up this year and I think Cedar Park will do better than expected. I do think it’s highly likely that Vandy wins it but you never know! That’s what I love about Texas. We don’t have a Carmel or an Avon predetermining the outcome of our contests. 😉
  2. I don’t know whether or not he ever did any DCI but I do know he graduated from the University of Houston as a Music Education major with a focus in Trumpet Performance. Mrs. Perez also said that Mr. Frederick is currently working on hiring an assistant, so hopefully that will happen soon as well! 🥰
  3. TWHS Marching Band has finally officially announced their newly hired head director who is replacing longtime head director Joni Perez. They have hired Carter Frederick from Jersey Village High School (located in the Cy Fair Independent School District, along with many other fantastic Houston area bands!). Congratulations Mr. Frederick! We wish you all the very best for continued success with one of the top band (and guard!) programs in the entire state of Texas!
  4. It wasn’t broken so why are they “fixing” it? Every year of going to UIL SMBC is too much of an endeavor for most bands in the state. I liked it the way it was and it’s definitely disappointing to think of the ramifications there will be if this proposal passes.
  5. You scared me for a second! I thought you were talking about Marching Band! I was like TWO bands only?!?!
  6. I sure hope we get to see you again at BOA San Antonio some day! You are definitely missed.
  7. Interestingly enough I’ll be featuring that one on my Instagram page tomorrow for Memorial Day.
  8. Mine are pretty similar to one’s already mentioned here but I’ll share them anyway. Every Leander show my daughter was in (2013-2016) because my heart was so full of emotion. Their 2019 show Radioactive really made me emotional as well. The first non-Leander show to make me cry was Castle 2017 for sure. I was in the GN audience in 2016 all three times that Sophie sang her heart out, and there were Castle parents sitting behind us for semifinals who jumped up and screamed in jubilation when Castle was announced a GN finalist for the first time. That was a special moment for sure. I remember how my heart physically ached in my chest the next morning as we were driving back to Texas and I read the news on social media of the early morning car accident that took the lives of Sophie, her dad and her Grandmother. So when Castle did their 2017 tribute to Sophie, and her boyfriend was wrapped in the arms of that angel at the end….let me just tell you I downright sobbed. I was watching it on FloMarching with my hubby, and I looked over at him and he was weeping as well. Profound impact on both of us for sure. RIP sweet Sophie. You will never be forgotten. Also previously mentioned was JB Alexander’s 2018 show, The Price of Progress. My 19 year old daughter and I were sitting in the Alamodome watching and both of us were deeply moved by that amazingly emotional production. Neither of us could stop the tears at the end when Mother Nature was pretty much snuffed out by all of the construction going on around her. It was a phenomenal show and one that truly made an impact on me. The freshmen in that show just graduated this week and I know they were blessed to have been in such a great show and in such an awesome band program these past four years. Vista Ridge 2018 was definitely the biggest highlight for me. It was just an absolutely beautiful show that moved me to tears nearly every time I watched it, but nothing like when they were announced the 6A state marching band champions at UIL and they were smished inside a giant CTJ/Leander sandwich of hugs once the announcer said Break Ranks. What a phenomenal moment! I have to also say that LOTS of winterguard shows have moved me to tears. The very activity itself is an emotional one and I love it all so much that it doesn’t take much for me to be wiping away tears after some of those incredible performances. That’s a whole nother topic y’all. 😁
  9. I actually agree with you. I’m usually more of a BD or Boston Crusaders fan myself, but this year I know so many of the kiddos in the Bluecoats that I just have to go TeamBloo. I know….such a mom thing to say. 🤣 I’m with you though on the 60’s rock. 😬 Come on Bloo, don’t let me down!
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