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  1. From the FAQ on their website… MOBILE DEVICES We are working towards offering an app, in the meantime, we recommend using Safari for IOS devices and Chrome for Android devices.
  2. You can just access the box5tv website on your phone or tablet (or computer), and watch it that way! After paying for it of course. 😉
  3. Yeah I was looking at their calendar last night and you’re right. It IS intense!
  4. Just added Hebron. It’s officially on their calendar!
  5. I just checked Hebron’s band calendar and this contest is on it! So happy to see the incredible Hebron Hawk band added to this competition. I admit I was a little worried with UIL and all. Maybe they got a guaranteed Saturday prelims slot. 🥰 They should have their pick of days with that bronze medal at GN in 2019 right?
  6. And if you all have never seen that show, do yourself a favor and watch it!
  7. Not to mention their 1st place San Antonio finish and WINNING Grand Nats in 2013. What a show Crossing Boundaries was!
  8. First update to the Katy competition in several months! Happy to add Cypress Falls and Lake Travis!
  9. as of 7/20/21–59 bands tentatively confirmed: Ann Richards School, TX Brazoswood H.S., TX Byron P. Steele II H.S., TX Cedar Park H.S., TX Cedar Ridge H.S., TX Churchill Fulshear H.S., TX Claudia Taylor Johnson H.S., TX Clear Creek H.S., TX College Park H.S., TX Conroe H.S., TX Coppell H.S., TX Crockett H.S., TX Cypress Woods H.S., TX Dawson H.S., TX Douglas MacArthur H.S., TX Granbury H.S., TX Hebron H.S., TX Hendrickson H.S., TX Jack C. Hays H.S., TX James Bowie H.S., TX James E. Taylor H.S., TX John B. Alexander H.S., TX John B. Connally H.S.,
  10. They sound awesome! I’m so excited for them to be at BOA this fall!
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