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  1. I hope so. It’s definitely time for Cedar Park to take a medal at BOA SA. 🤗
  2. It was very peculiar all around but the judges ultimately got the best bands to state so I guess that’s what matters.
  3. What about @abtwitch’s spreadsheet? Does that help at all? 🥰
  4. It looks that way! 🥰 26 1s in 4A Area C gives them 5 advancers.
  5. Yes I absolutely would love to have seen a fourth spot open. 19! So close!!
  6. These bands are moving on. Boerne Champion Eagle Pass Winn Harlandale Harlandale McCollum Judson Veterans Memorial Kerrville Tivy Leander Leander Cedar Park Leander Glenn Leander Rouse Liberty Hill Marble Falls Medina Valley San Antonio Burbank San Antonio Edison San Antonio Jefferson Southside Southwest Southwest Legacy
  7. Not sure why there isn’t a thread for 5A - Area H considering it contains the current reigning 5A state champion and several other hopeful medalists this year. I’m disappointed that only 3 bands from this area can move on due to only 19 bands who got a 1. Reminds me of 6A Area H in 2018 when there were only three slots. What a mess that was when the bad judges rule came in to play.
  8. Good question. I was wondering the same thing!
  9. I tried to like it, I really really did! But I just….didn’t. 😔
  10. I thought so too! I was so impressed with quite a few of the guards there today!
  11. This is the 5A STATE thread. Sorry if it’s gotten buried and hard to find. 😬
  12. I’m ready to watch Dobyns Bennett with a different eye in finals than prelims because I wasn’t feeling it then.
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