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  1. That list of Texas guards headed to Dayton for WGI Worlds in April is quite exciting!! Have we EVER seen even close to this many Texas groups at Worlds before?! I’m planning on being there for it and it looks like I sure picked the best year to do so!!
  2. Great job Calallen! What a big sound (and guard) they have. Gorgeous woodwinds as well. Very impressed. 😍
  3. High school band nerds with an unmatched love for Texas marching bands. 🥰🥰
  4. all about perspective I guess. Definitely was a waste of my time reading 3 pages of SEND ME THE RECAPS. 😜
  5. Y’all literally wasted 2-3 pages in this thread asking for recaps. 🤣🤣🤣
  6. I still have the email wrong in your post. Ugh I’m so weary I’m not thinking straight! It’s music@uiltexas.org.
  7. Yes evidently it’s music@uiltexas.org so sorry!
  8. I’m going to copy and paste my other post here into this thread as well because it’s so important!! Friends we need to BAND TOGETHER and ask UIL to allow the SMBC to be streamed by a service that is more Band friendly and not so much Football friendly! Oh my goodness has the state of Texas not PROVEN to UIL that our marching bands are absolutely incredible? This is shameful to me that a FOOTBALL streaming service is allowed first right of refusal over services like Box5 or FloMarching who SPECIALIZE in streaming marching bands! I’m so aggravated by this. It’s an insult to our great marching bands, honestly. They deserve better. Having said all that, PLEASE direct your streaming complaints directly to music@uiltexas.org. Please, please, please!!!!
  9. Please email any and all streaming issues and complaints to music@uiltexas.org so this never happens again!
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