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  1. I only watched the high cam so I didn't get the intricate details, I'm a sucker for big marching movement. I would have loved to have a split screen or two large TV's to watch. Sometimes it seems like multi-cam misses a lot
  2. I really liked The Woodlands show too. I thought they had their best run in finals. I know Broken Arrow is the favorite, but it seemed a bit off in my eye. Just not as crisp. It was very pretty and the music was wow. Did Marcus change something? Earlier runs I was wowed by their marching and was waiting for it in finals. Their music book was performed at world class level. I really liked Avon and LOVED Carmel's use of negative space and silence.
  3. I'm a homer but that was the absolute best run for FloMo all year. Crisp, popping lines, guard and band in sync, and I LOVE the tuba feature! Mojo brought tonight.
  4. From the LISD (north) football side of things: Marcus lost in OT to Prosper Hebron lost to Allen Lewisville defeated McKenny Boyd Flower Mound lost to Denton Guyer
  5. We do need to have the script to the introduction and the closing accolades posted here.
  6. IF Argyle HS would have gone to Nats, that would have been THREE High Schools from the Town of Flower Mound! (Argyle HS is actually in Flower Mound). But different school district (Argyle ISD)
  7. I have been able to watch a little bit so far. I liked what CTJ brought last night. Was my first time to see them this year. With most CTJ shows I need to see them a few times to really get into it. I can't wait to see them twice more. Great show. Marcus, I was blown away. I thought their drill was amazing (again, I am a novice and don't know anything). I'm a bit OCD, straight lines and precise shapes really please my eye, and hurt when they are off. Marcus marching was eye candy to me. I'm sorry that I didn't get to see Ronald Reagan. I am sure they put on an amazing show and I will see them in semi's Vista Ridge - great job. I want to comment more, but I was busy getting the house ready for people to come over so I was a bit distracted. What I saw and heard I really liked. FloMo - That was the best run I've seen for them so far. I could not hear any tone issues like were mentioned for UIL. ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE SUSA FEATURE!!! Let's go #TeamTexas! Bring Kevin back south for the winter.
  8. Yes, the times posted are EST. We are CST. I'll attach a file with the times in CST. (This is from the FMHS Parent page)
  9. Marcus just performed in preliminaries, I thought (through my non-expert eyes and ears) that they had an amazing performance. Their movement was crisp and looked great! It is Marcus so you know they sounded great too. Good way to open the #TeamTexas showing!
  10. good to be back Yeah, last year was, well let's just say it was. I missed this community. I think I was in a funk not being able to see any shows so I just turned the whole thing off.
  11. You are correct, BOA - SA Super Regional is not currently on the FMHS calendar.
  12. I'm sad that I am just now seeing this and the store is closed. I am sure there would have been many FloMo parents that would have bought merch.
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