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  1. Yes, the UIL state competition is in the list of competitions on the back of their show t-shirts.
  2. Not sure if anyone noticed, but Cy-Fair has a blind trumpeter marching. Txbands’ Facebook page shared the Cy-Fair district’s Facebook video about it a couple of days ago - pretty neat. Loved their show!
  3. Yes, the lightning has been perfectly timed with the start of band practice. 🙈 Glad we got a little break from it this week and more outdoor practice.
  4. Wondering if you are referring to the wrong band? College Park’s guard used rifles and flags at their first performance. The band that performed before them did not have their guard use equipment, though.
  5. Prelim and Finals scoring results are out: https://www.smbc.uiltexas.org/area/results/files/area-21_6A Area F.pdf
  6. Wish they could play the full show at UIL area- would be fun to see!
  7. Cypress Woods 83.85 Oak Ridge 82.85 Clear Brook 82.00 College Park 80.5
  8. The schedule should be edited to show ORHS was moved to the last slot.
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