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  2. I don't know the full repertoire, but I can give you most of it. Opener intro: Dawn FM by The Weeknd Piccolo solo/woodwind feature up until brass feature: Cannon in D Minor by Thomas Bergersen (yes, it's spelled "cannon" not "canon") Opener ending: Rocket to the Moon by Thomas Bergersen Ballad: After The Love Has Gone (recorded by David Foster, Jay Graydon, and Bill Champlin; not the Earth, Wind & Fire one) Closer brass feature/sax quartet: Summer from The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi End: Come Sail Away by Dennis DeYoung Still can't figure out what the 7lions part is.
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  4. Hey guys! I am just wondering if anyone knows the repertoire that Hebron played in their show this year. Thanks!
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  6. Pearland has a MASTER staff now. Clay Jasper was one of the creative geniuses behind the rise of North Shore and Galena Park HS back in the days. Pearland has always had great directors, but this staff is by far the most progressive they have had ever. Good people over there. Tompkins as the same director since the school opened and he has done a great job. That area of Houston is starting to get stupid competitive. If Friendswood comes back to 6A it will be come even more insane. It is nice to have more than The Woodlands represent Houston at any contest. Houston is slowly starting to come back to life. It is a great city but has seen some big shifts since the Spring ISD programs have somewhat faded away, though they are still very good. Keep an eye on Jordan and Katy. They may have something to say about a potential Tompkins surge. Katy did tie out of the SMC.
  7. Since the season is done now I wanted to say something. It was nice having Cy-Fair as our rival this season and its a shame they placed 30th, but I liked their show and I think they can improve even more next year.
  8. As a Pearland Sophomore, i didn't get to know them very well before they left but Mr. Brown and Mr. Hernandez are 2 great directors and I hope they bring Tompkins to new heights. We saw them after our show at Katy and Conroe and we all enjoyed saying hi.
  9. I kinda do wish there was a bit more back-and-forth discussion about a band that was mentioned, instead of one of our commentators being much of the voice monopolizing the conversation when it came to talking about a group, not that it was intentional I’m sure, the guys are all trying not to step on each other’s toes, giving everyone their time to shine and talk with their insight, and they’re all nice individuals. I just kinda do like that nature of piggy-backing off of someone’s thoughts, adding one’s own perspective as to what someone led off with and have a more “round-table” kind of approach to discussion, not that what I’m saying wasn’t happening, I just wish there was more of it, it’s still a very interesting video to watch.
  10. Maybe with the new band directors they got from Pearland will allow Tompkins to show their true musical color
  11. Tompkins is one of the hidden gems of houston. All they need is a show design to show off their rich musical talent a bit better.
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  13. Ngl I feel like Tompkins Hs has something big planned, they might do well in 2023, might even make it to state in 2023. They always surprise me .
  14. I feel the LISD medalist monopoly could definitely be broken up next year, Wakeland is a very consistent program so I don’t really see them slipping, other DFW programs could kick into another gear and all be in the conversation, we’ll just have to see!
  15. I feel like I have to wait until late spring to really know who all is going, I don’t wanna be let down😂
  16. I believe 7 is the record for Texas Bands at GN - I have heard of a number of programs that are attending in 2023 - I believe that CTJ is planning to attend with a new director in place
  17. 2015 Hendrickson's "Lost". The music and choreography were amazing. The story of being Lost then finding home. The chaos of the storm, the Band on lock down, (me sitting on the 130 toll in a tornado watching a tractor trailer rig flip over on the North bound lane), BOA not budging on awarding a new time slot and the ISD not allowing the band to meet the existing time slot causing a disqualification. Performing in the exhibition in San Antonio then loading up and driving to the US Bands competition at Kelly Reeves and winning. I guess you could say I was moved in many ways.
  18. I would agree, looking at the multi-cam for Brook was just the pit taking over everything that I can just hear them and barely any of the battery and winds. Shame on NFHS. The recording that was given by the band directors appeared to be better than the stream.
  19. I have a feeling we’re all gonna use our own terms and we’re all gonna know what we’re talking about anyway due to context clues
  20. do we think palm desert charter middle school places in the top 5 in A this year and gets promoted to open? that would be insaaane.
  21. The Dome Double Dub is the only correct answer, sorry
  22. Nice little BOA 2022 wrap-up here, with TXBands bloggers. I'd be interested to see the notes Daniel Valdez said he was taking on Carmel's GN finals performance.
  23. I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict Wakeland will be at least a silver medalist
  24. The field getting deeper and thus requiring higher scores makes sense. I do wonder what impact having UIL SMB every year for all classes will have on the depth of the field for BOA SA. I know most will still attend most of the time but I have to think it likely impacts a few top programs each year.
  25. There were some setbacks that came from having a new director and a large number of freshman but overall most of us were happy with how our show turned out
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