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  2. CTJ has announced that they will be fielding a "Nationals Team" for a return to Grand Nationals in 2021
  3. The 2015 Leander show is one of my favorites! That would be awesome to see Leander take the state title this year!
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  5. I believe I saw over the weekend that TWHS has 6.
  6. Leander getting bumped down to 5A really puts pressure on Cedar Park, Rouse, and Glen. All of which made the Finals (Cedar park #1, and Rouse #4). I think It's very possible we see a repeat of 2015 with a Leander ISD sweep in 5A.
  7. Rouse HS had 7 make all state. Leander ISD as a whole had a total of 34 make All-State band.
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  9. Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill's shows from the early 2000's are my favorite
  10. At the end of the inauguration ceremony, following the pastor's benedction, they retired the colors. Anyone know the name of this march? Is it a Sousa piece? The band played less than a minute of it starting at the 1:11:50 mark. Thanks in advance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6Yg6bwllM4
  11. Just a funny from a band geek mind. Last night I was watching Yo-Yo Ma performing amazing grace before transitioned to Dvorak’s symphony for a new world. My honest first thought while listening to this was”wow, did he get this version of amazing grace from Vista Ridge circa 2018”.🤣 I came to my senses after a couple of minutes.
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  13. Tag: suoneria inno alla gioia, suonerie ennio morricone gratis
  14. Ahh makes sense. I think that is super cool
  15. Students have the option to audition up to higher classes than their school's. Some will do so to be pooled with higher caliber musicians.
  16. Lumberton had 2 plus 2 more as alternates. However, the 2 that made it, one made 1st chair flute 5A and then the other made 4th chair french horn 6A. Lumberton is 4A but these two made it in the 2 higher classes. Why?
  17. All I can see is that results won’t be released till Tuesday the 21st. No news from our band yet.
  18. I heard that TMEA released their State results last night - Have not heard a lot of the numbers - but these I have heard In NEISD CTJ - 15 Reagan - 3 Churchill - 3 Vista Ridge posted on Facebook - 8 anyone else heard how the other programs did?
  19. Saw a post at Hornrank that Pearland is going. Anyone here that can confirm? I hope they do.
  20. Some classic tunes would be by Rush - 2112 and Cygnus X-1 Book 1: The Voyage. Cygnus X-1 Book 2: Hemispheres may be too "Earthy" but worth a listen if you have time. These are all long form songs so range from 10 to 20+ minutes each.
  21. Hey guys, i'm looking for rock/metal songs that have space sounding or theme. The ultimate reference for what i'm looking for is Coming Home - Falling in Reverse. If you know any tunes that sounds this way please hit me up!
  22. Um ok! I predict Leander to be the next 5A state Champion and for Hendrickson to do so well that they beat Cedar Park and gets 2nd
  23. Oh. I just saw that you put question marks at the end so I thought you were asking. Sorry my bad xd
  24. I put 1A-6A in my original post, did you see it? I was just so excited that I also added Godley too!
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