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  3. Area E has changed a lot since the 2020-2022 realignment. Weren't there about 18 bands that went to this area? Now there are going to be over 40 bands if they all make it. I remember 2021 where 7 bands in finals and 3 went to state. The bands in this area weren't playing around lol.
  4. a big change I noticed is that Westwood HS got moved from Region 21 to Region 8
  5. So I know it's been a while since this thread has been updated but here's my very very very early predictions for this area: 1st - Coppell: I think it's pretty obvious what they will win this area because they was been the defending area Champs for 3 years in a row and this year will be no different. Also this is truly the only lock for state IMO. 2nd-7th - Bell, Keller, KC, TC, Haltom, SLC: This is definitely going to be a massive bloodbath over who's going to get the last 3 spots, but anything could happen. As of now, I have Bell, Keller, and TC going, but it could reverse too. 8th-10th - Lake Ridge, Mansfield, Legacy, Trinity, Boswell, S. Grand Prairie, Martin, North Crowley: So with LR and Martin, they must have just had a bad/unlucky season last year so maybe things will turn around for them this season for the better. As for the other bands, they are definitely rising programs that have seen tremendous growth last season and these patterns I would imagine will continue throughout next season, but then again anything could happen.
  6. Lake Belton 2024 Production: Eternal Glory Musical Selections from Dimitri Shostakovich Symphony No. 10 Symphony No. 5 Piano Concerto No. 2 Jazz Waltz No. 2 Fire of Eternal Glory
  7. Keller Central 2024: Another Time, Another Place Musical Selections: Take Five - David Brubeck Toward The Splendid City - Richard Danielpour You And I - Stevie Wonder Phoenix - Peter Graham
  8. Colleyville Heritage 2024 show production: Mettle Music Selections: Asphalt Cocktail- John Mackey Dance Movements- Philip Sparke Black Dog- Scott Mcallister Bells for Stokowski- Michael Daugherty Tour Schedule: Mansfield Preview of champions Broken Arrow Marching invitational Birdville Marching invitational Uil Area f Uniforms: They changed their uniforms to Black with a hint of white with gold flakes on the top right. Very excited to see how this show turns out
  9. We shall see indeed. Very confident in Cy-Fair and Bridgeland to pull what they did last year. Been a WHILE since that happened and I have no doubt it will again.
  10. I agree. This may be the year they may only be 2 CFISD schools, but we shall see.
  11. Just added Hutto and McNeil to the list. I know that McNeil normally hosts this contest, and I am assuming that they still are, but it is also great to see them actually competing here this fall. We are at 14 bands now, let’s get 10 more! I am not sure what the low numbers are about other than the addition of the San Marcos contest and the fact that this one is so early in the season. I hope that BOA Austin does not lose what it is that makes it so special!
  12. I think it’s a cute show but I’m not sure how it’ll go over with area judges, definitely in finals but I don’t know about state with this show, especially with Tompkins, Jordan, and 7L on the rise, given their shows this year I could see this being the first time Cy-Woods misses state in a WHILE.
  13. woods show is definitely interesting. the way they are approaching everything as in the music,costumes, and theme no aligning very well.
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  15. Did you say Garden uniforms?? For their Carmen Show? lol I am very intrigued now!
  16. I am too really excited. With Area C getting to be extremely competitive now, I'm just hoping Lumberton tightens up on the visual front as numerous times in the past, its been the visual department that kills Lumberton. I can not wait for the fall!! 😁
  17. The only other one on their schedule is a local one at PNG on October 5 and of course the normal UIL. And yes, we are all very very excited for the show this year. I have seen the garden uniforms and I love them. I can’t share them yet, but I love them. They also have a bigger guard this year than they’ve had the last couple. Very, very excited.
  18. That's neat! When they last competed in 2021, they placed 18th/26. Hoping this year they move up, and with the epic show reveal, I think they absolutely could. Was there any other Competitions listed in that band calendar other than UIL?
  19. I definitely see some possible ties, Jordan, Tompkins, 7L could tie with one of those programs being in and the other 2 fighting it out, heck even cinco ranch, Katy or Cy ranch could surprise everyone next year. Who knows? Im predicting Bridgeland, Cy-Fair, and Cy-Woods will be locks for state but woods’ show makes me question it just a bit. Though I won’t say the content of it😂.
  20. According to Lumberton’s Band calendar They will be attending as well
  21. I’m also super pumped about this addition. Y’all be sure and follow the RKR (Royal Knight Regiment) band on all of their social media and encourage them on their journey next season to the Alamodome!
  22. Just added a few more confirmed bands including BRAND NEW high school Long Creek HS out of New Braunfels. Let’s go LCHS Dragon Band!
  23. Some of the changes I've noticed in the 3A classification: Region 30 is now in Area B Region 3 is now in Area C Region 13 is now in Area D Please update if you have seen any other changes!
  24. Jordan and 7L could tie I see tompkins below them and ranch below tompkins. Bridgeland, 7L, and Woods tied in 2021 with Bridgeland winning on judging preference
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