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  3. So as of now, prosper or rock hill will win, both are super strong, and wouldn’t be to surprised to see Rockhill pass prosper here pretty soon
  4. The Plano East Marching Invitational will be held on Saturday, Sept. 30, at Tom Kimbrough Stadium in Murphy. Confirmed: Clark H.S.* Frisco Independence H.S. Jasper H.S.* Little Elm H.S. McMillen H.S.* Newman Smith H.S. Plano East Senior H.S. (exhibition) Plano West Senior H.S. Prosper H.S. R.L. Turner H.S. Richardson H.S. Rock Hill H.S. Shepton H.S.*^ Vines H.S.* Williams H.S.* Appeared in 2022 Braswell H.S. Frisco Heritage H.S. Plano Senior H.S. Not attending: J.J. Pearce H.S. (USBands Dallas Regional) Richland H.S. (Homecoming) *6A NV: feeder schools for Plano ISD's senior high schools, have not advanced to finals in past contests ^not confirmed on calendar yet but expected to show up as a feeder school Will be updated as more information becomes available. (Last updated 6/6)
  5. pearland with the way ive seen them should take first with SFA and Dawson in the 2 and 3 spot with 4 maybe being dickinson and 5th is pretty much up for grabs like last year it just depends, though i do hope my clements homies pull thru after last year
  6. For our kids attendance is mandatory for all after school practices. Any exceptions had to contact their director directly (head director for brass and winds- percussion for percussion, guard for guard) and work out the absence with them. it is strongly discouraged and mostly only happened with emergency situations or when weather caused practice times to be rescheduled.
  7. the MFA/BOA Leadership will be reviewing this idea tomorrow - hope to hear something by the end of the day on what, if any trophy they will allow/approve for the SA Super Regional - we are working on a number of designs that include the armadillo, a road runner, and a northern Mocking bird (this is the state bird - makes sense if they use an eagle - national bird for nationals - that we use the Texas bird for the Texas super regional. so much more to come - will keep you posted as this develops
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  9. Yeesh, can’t even imagine what the call time for a performance that early would be!
  10. What is the most efficient attendance policy for after school rehearsals during the marching season and the concert season as well. My band "enforces" certain policies, but they become overlooked and uncared for, and it becomes irritating when students begin to miss on purpose. Please, I want input from top bands + overall bands that have enforced an efficient rehearsal policy in order to make the marching season much more successful! Thank you so much. edit: students also make "unexcused" absences into "excused", and would lie about their reasons.
  11. Often they’ll take as many as 34 and begin at 7 am. That makes for a long day for sure!
  12. Its between 30 - 32 for regular regionals I believe.
  13. Added 5 more bands. This one looks like it might fill up!
  14. Added four more bands, including Liberty Hill and James Earl Rudder. Both are new faces to BOA Austin. In fact, this is Liberty Hill’s first BOA contest, period!
  15. Six more bands added! Still no Lewisville schools. This is going to surely make for a final 14 we’ve not quite seen before! 🥰
  16. I think I'm going to step outside the box a little bit. Add some bands that are not powerhouses and some that are lol 10. Copperas Cove 2022-Miles From Home. 9. Westfield 2002- Metamorphosis 8. Churchill 2003- Toxic 7. Harker Heights 2021- Serpentine 6. Dripping Springs 2014-Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue Shades 5. Belton 1995- Opera Unplugged 4. L. D. Bell 2006- The Remaining 3. CTJ 2016- Flashdance 2. L.D. Bell 2004- Blue 1. Leander 2015- Choral Works
  17. Omg you’re right, forgot about area! That’s honestly pretty cool! Would love for all 4 to make finals at at least one of them, this one probably being the most realistic for that to happen is Fossil Ridge can build off the success from last season
  18. Also, I love how we now have two comps with all 4 Keller ISD schools in attendance
  19. Probably will be in attendance for this one, still debating it with the Wylie comp, as of course an early glance at Flomo is always nice, and it’s probably gonna be pretty stacked as well, and I’ll get to see a good amount of these programs and the prosper regional
  20. So much congestion in the contest schedule, love and hate to see it at the same time ‘cause I just want stacked contests right off the gate, and this is a favorite of mine to go to, but the roster still looks good so far!
  21. oh okay! Do you know how many members are supposed to be in the guard for next year?
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