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  2. There are rumblings that there could be a staff change at Keller as a result of the head director opening at Timber Creek. It will be interesting to see if that affects their plans at all.
  3. I really want Keller to return as well, but I would like to see another compelling visual program from them before they go. They’re the only consistent San Antonio finalist that has yet to crack the top half, and for one of the best playing bands in the country, I think their recent visual offerings have held them back a bit. 2019 was a miss aesthetically, and 2021 was too bare-bones. Also, I saw that Seven Lakes will have over 100 guard members on the field this year so I imagine they’re planning something exciting!
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  5. This is great news for all of the Leander ISD schools. Seeing Selaiden leave Leander is a little bit of a surprise. Both organizations will be just fine. The support they will receive from the district will allow them to continue their excellent performance for years to to come. Look at how Cedar Park transitioned and came roaring back (at the BOA level, their UIL level remained). It should be an exciting few weeks in LISD.
  6. Many of us were really hoping that Keller would go in 2022. Next year's graduating class hasn't had the experience of going out of state during their 4 years. Would have been great for them to of had a chance.
  7. They too are going under another head director change. Same at Spring High School. Things are getting rough out there!
  8. So excited for this summer. SCV show is “Finding Nirvana”…..chaos to enlightenment but maybe some grunge band in between🤷‍♀️ what other show themes have been revealed? https://www.instagram.com/p/Cdq4xoABbKQ/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  9. sounds like alot of directors from the "known" programs are moving on.. Texas Bands may look alot different this fall
  10. I feel for ya. Our head director here at Leander, Robert Selaiden, is leaving his position to compose music. He's taken the program to its heights, and it really sucks to see him go. Though I'm sure the new directors at both of our schools will be able to keep our success going, and lead us into the future
  11. so tonight was my last band banquet as a parent. it is a bittersweet moment for my wife and I. we have been involved in our program for the past 11 years. my son decided to graduate a year early so he stole our last year. I am so grateful for what the program has done for my kids, so many life lessons that they learned and how it made them better human beings. My wife and I where given a the classic uniform in a shadow box and a shako with the plume tonight ( I have a bit of a CTJ museum in my study) it will complete my collection of drum heads, photos and medals. We will still be involved in growing our foundation to support the CTJ cluster going forward, and we will still volunteer our time to support the program and travel to follow the band. just not the same without a kid in the program. I am grateful for all the great friends and amazing parents, directors and students we have worked with this past decade.
  12. I have great confidence that Keller will return in 2023. Especially after they make top half at SA this fall. I anticipate that TC and/or KC will be making the trip soon as well. Would be cool to have all 3 go in the same year. Though, I think someone posted over on hornrank that TC's head director is leaving so idk how things will go over there. They had such a great season in 2021 and I'm still waiting for the day that 2 KISD bands end up in finals at SA.
  13. I want Keller to return also. It's been too long! They could take along Timber Creek and Keller Central with them for the whole Keller experience.
  14. Watch Westfields 2014 show and then watch their 2019 and 2021 shows. They are rising in the ranks again very fast.
  15. Mike Howard announced to the Vandegrift Band this morning that he has accepted the position of Fine Arts Director for Leander ISD. While we are all happy for him, and know he is not going far (Vandegrift is in Leander ISD), there have been a lot of tears shed by students and parents today. Mr. Howard started the Vandegrift Band program when the school opened with only about 40 students. It now has over 400 students and is one of the best, most respected, and highly regarded high school band programs in the nation. For those who don't have the pleasure of knowing him, he is an incredible teacher, a wonderful example, an amazing leader, and just an exceptional human being. Mr. Howard often tells the students that the Vandegrift Band is better because they were in it. The truth is, we are all better people because he led it.
  16. Vandegrift is not going. They're going to the Macy's Day Parade this year.
  17. He sounded so confident, too! Hahaha. Speaking of Westfield, alas, I gave up on them a long time ago. Still decent enough, but obviously not the program I knew. I focus my attention on other Houston groups now. Come on, Seven Lakes and Cypress Woods! Hahaha. Actually, I think the top spot at the North Houston BOA regional may be open this year with the changes happening at TWHS. Maybe the other Houston regional, too, but Reagan has weathered their director change pretty well and is still clearly a national finalist quality band.
  18. I think this is gonna be a good year for the less crazy bands to have a shot at finals. a lot of the crazy bands go on a schedule and, because of covid a lot of them got aligned together. So no Hebron, Woodlands, Reagan, Flomo, etc
  19. Seven Lakes has had several very solid shows in the past few years. I really like their designs and their style is pretty cool.
  20. I didn't even realize how close SL was to making finals at SA last year. Hope they pop off this fall
  21. Have you heard those 4As yet? I'm definitely interested. Obviously I've been focusing on 6A, without much luck.
  22. I agree. I thought Pearland was going to be first one but anywho, I can not wait to see Seven Lakes do well at Nationals.
  23. I had a sneaking suspicion that we were building up to this, but I was not expecting us to be the first Houston band aside from the Woodlands to make the trip this decade. SSH! is going to be special. Very proud alumni moment 😎
  24. OMG LETS GO!!!!! They are going to do amazing, and if they build of last year, I could see them in finals for sure!
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