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  2. I really like this! I love making lists/charts.
  3. Now that I'm out of school for the summer and have more time on my hands, I have gone back to old spreadsheet ways. My project this time was creating a sheet to show every school in every region and what they have achieved at region in recent history, as well as tracking schools that are advancing to area and state. In the past I've seen various threads tracking results from individual or multiple regions, but never anything that has everything in a single thread. Once the season starts and region registration info comes in, I will update it to show which schools are attending. Later in
  4. WHERE ARE THE BLOODY BOA LISTS!?!?! Calm down, Voice Inside My Head. Let me explain why the lists aren't out yet and why we need not throw bricks.
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  6. Cedar Park High School I See Highly complex marching regimen. They are marching a lot more members this year than in recent memory. The arrangements are excellent and the set list is gigantic. The students and staff are really going to be tested.
  7. I’m going to include this great contest because we have several Texas bands attending again this year, and I have plans to be there for the first time myself! It will be held at the Dome at America's Center in St. Louis. Texas bands are in bold. As of 5/10/21–36 bands confirmed: Belleville East H.S., IL Bentonville H.S., AR Bentonville West H.S., AR Bixby H.S., OK Blue Valley Southwest H.S., KS Broken Arrow H.S., OK Bryant H.S., AR Camdenton H.S., MO Collierville H.S., TN Collinsville H.S., IL Coppell H.S., TX David H. Hickman H.S., MO Fayetteville H.S.
  8. How I've missed making predictions. I may have to join in on the fun when I get the chance to gather my thoughts.
  9. I like your thought process here - it may change in the coming months but I like where you started here
  10. 1. Hebron 2. Marcus 3. Flower Mound 4. Keller 5. Wakeland 6. Waxahachie 7. L.D. Bell 8. Coppell 9. Timber Creek 10. Keller Central 11. Bentonville 12. Carroll/BCent
  11. 1. Flower Mound 2. Hebron 3. Marcus 4. Keller 5. LD Bell 6. Waxahachie 7. James Martin 8. Timber Creek 9. Wakeland 10. Keller Central/Aledo/Coppell/Plano East
  12. I think we will be seeing one of the greatest seasons in Marching Band! Not only in UIL, but in BOA as well. So many great lineups, many bands being able to return to competition, and already seeing some amazing show concepts! I can't wait to see what is in store once contests start in September/October! Also, we will be seeing alot of band programs who will be trying to get the State title again. These are all the reigning state champions from 2019 and 2020. 1A: Irion County (2019 UIL State Open Class Champion) 2A: Thorndale (2020 UIL State Open Class Champion) 3A: Minneola (2
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  14. if you want to say that the CTJ program is privileged, it is only because we have hundreds of parents that put in thousands of hours to fundraise and support the program like every other program in the state. make no mistake, the program struggles with funding like every other program in the state and work tirelessly to ensure that no student is turned away from performing due to funding and that is no easy task. to clarify, CTJ does not have a "cash cow" in whataburger as it is not that kind of sponsorship, CTJ does not attend 6 BOA regionals a year - they are going to Austin (90 miles
  15. Never have I EVER heard the CTJ band put other bands down. Ever.
  16. Was somebody really putting somebody down? Or is somebody being overly sensitive and defensive? Inquiring minds want to know...
  17. I think you’re speaking from an unnecessarily privileged mindset. A lot of bands like Whitesboro and Wills Point don’t have the sufficient funds to attend the 6 regionals Claudia Taylor Johnson attends yearly and I bet they sure are sorry they don’t have a Whataburger sponsorship to fall back on. They’re going for the experience, talk to the Whitesboro kids that went in 2016 they loved it. Talk to the Colleyville Heritage kids that went in 2008. It’s not all about the bedazzling final finishes Claudia Taylor Johnson can seemingly fund every two years. You only care about placements not th
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