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  2. Panel 2 strongest block is the last block on Thursday Night with Lawrence Township, Avon, Carmel, O'Fallon, Wando, and CTJ to finish the night. - Panel 1 has 5 of the 7 Texas programs in it. should one heck of a weekend for band.
  3. I also noticed that all 5 of the "View From the" accounts that were created recently have predicted Legacy in 4th and Summit in 5th. The other predictions in their lists are similar, but all five of those accounts predicting Legacy and Summit in the same spots? Hmmmm. Seems a little off, if you ask me. And when I tag @ViewFromTheBox, TEN "View From the" accounts drop down. That's ALSO a little off. Put all these factors together and it really seems a LOT off. Especially when one of the accounts mimics the actual structure of your post to post back to you that they really favor Legacy over Summit.
  4. I did not realize they were in this area I totally missed them on the list. I definitely have Johnson above Dripping Springs and slightly above Hendrickson and Weiss ? At least for now.
  5. Dont forget about Johnson. They could certainly nab a spot.
  6. It wouldn’t even be an upset if Wakeland placed top three. They’re at top three level right now and while we would’ve seen the outcome coming, it would still be 100% deserved.
  7. This is what’s always made uil so nerve-wracking. A really strong, sometimes state-finalist level program might miss state altogether because of a rough run at area finals. Heck we’ve seen strong finalist level bands miss out on area due to timing penalties at region. Every single performance leading up to UIL state matters, they’re all weighted the same and a band really can’t let their guard down at any moment.
  8. Honestly I’m not sure how Weiss’ show will transfer on UIL sheets. It’s a great show but it’s definitely not traditionally UIL styled. Thinking about their dance break and how UIL will see that.
  9. Well, now I KNOW that View From the Box is the OG (and a great poster) when it comes to "View From the" screen names, but now there are at least FIVE different "View From the" accounts showing in the predictions. All created super recently. That's truly puzzling. 🤔 Ahem.
  10. It’s going to be rough if they only advance 3 from this area. My guesses would be Hendrickson, Weiss and either Georgetown or Dripping Springs. I got to see Anderson at Vista Ridge finals and they had probably one of their strongest performances this season to date, so I do see them as an outside shot if they keep consistent with that performance level and have cleaned up the visual a bit.
  11. I've heard from multiple directors that there are actually 21 participants, I'm trying to get more info but we'll know for sure when the schedule is released.
  12. top 4 any order of keller waxahachie, timber creek, ld bell --- everyone else
  13. Summit isn't attending because they're now 5A and it's area finals on the same day. I'm not sure about the other schools. Were they 6A in 2019 and are now 5A?
  14. While waiting for the awards ceremony, the bands in the stands will do the wave, signal each other with their cel-phone cameras, do cheers and engage in harmless good fun. And why not? These kids have worked incredibly hard and blowing off steam in a good natured friendly way seems appropriate. Except I've noticed on more than one occasion, one school in the stands will not participate. They sit completely still. Not participating. The other 9 schools in finals are having fun. 1 is ....well, not. I've been dying to ask: What's that about?
  15. And I *think* Summit's kid was an alternate at state last year! One spot away - so close and yet so far away! 😉
  16. The UIL Conference 4A State Marching contest is November 10 in San Antonio! Here is the amount of bands advancing to State from each Area- Area A- 3 Bands Area B- 4 Bands (Will be updated after Region 3 has their contest October 20th) Area C- 5 Bands Area D- 5 Bands (Will be updated after Region 27 has their contest October 20th) Area E- 7 Bands
  17. Going off of texasmusicforums these are all the bands that received a 1 rating in AAAAA regions 8, 12, 18, and 26. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, I couldn't find the official list for area yet. Seguin Lockhart Floresville Comal Canyon Weiss Pflugerville Hendrickson Georgetown Elgin East View Connally McCallum Lehman LASA Johnson Dripping Springs Cedar Creek Bastrop Anderson 19 schools, just shy of four spots for state making it three spots now.
  18. If Summit advances to State, then it will be their first appearance at the State Contest. I am very excited about this contest!
  19. I really think Wakeland will be in the medals. IMO, they were even underscored at the very competitive BOA 2 weeks ago. There’s something about the music (loved The River Cam since Leander played it in Color Study), theme, and all the wave-y energy in the drill that just grabs you.
  20. Four places also sounds like a huge jump, at least to me. Can anyone tell us if this is commonplace or does it rarely happen? In 2018, I think Summit made 9th in area finals in 6A, and in 2013 they were 9th in Area D. I'm not sure if they've ever advanced to state, but I know they haven't the previous 3 years. (minus one due to Covid) I would love to see BOTH Summit and Legacy advance on Saturday, as well as any other MISD school! If Summit can't advance, I'll cheer just as loudly (well, maybe not QUITE as loudly 😊) for Legacy as I would for Summit. I know you said you were new to this particular blog, but you don't sound new to the ins and outs of marching band. I actually am. I was genuinely asking if going from 7th to 4th is a big leap because I don't know. I wasn't trying to crap on Legacy at all, and your reply, structured exactly like mine, makes me think that you thought I was. 🤔
  21. My predictions for the five bands to advance to State this year are: North Lamar Lumberton Bridge City Little Cypress-Mauriceville Spring Hill
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