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  2. Just registered my son for CTJ's Grand Nats Trip in November with Music Travel - so it is official - barring a Covid return, CTJ is heading back to Indy 😃
  3. Welcome to the newest series on Sketchbook titled, Yearbook. Listen to Jameil Brown and me take a look back at shows, contests, schools, eras, highlights, records, or whatever marching arts-related topic we decide we want to talk about. In this episode, we discuss the Leander Independent School District. Yearbook, w/Jameil Brown: Leander ISD
  4. Houston Area Band Directors! We are hoping to receive some feedback for Lone Star Preview this Fall. If you could take a moment of your time to let us know your thoughts in possibly participating, we’d greatly appreciate it! Lone Star Preview 2021 Date: October 9th** Location: Woodforest Stadium SAFETY PROTOCOLS The COVID-19 pandemic has been an evolving event, and it is sure to evolve more over the coming months. We will put a clear and effective plan in place to help keep students, parents, volunteers and staff safe and healthy once we have more details about wha
  5. I'm curious on how JBA will place among all these great programs. This contest is really stacked which is awesome!
  6. I really like the lineup for this contest! Definitely will be interesting to see how all the programs do. Vista Ridge and CTJ will be an epic match to see! Vandegrift returning to competition, and being the reigning BOA Grand National Champion, and many other amazing programs, this contest will be one to remember! Also can't forget about Cedar Park, Leander, and Rouse! Those schools will definitely bring something to the table, especially after the 2018 and 2019 season!
  7. I agree and was not discounting Vandy, Reagan or any other program this coming year, just that Vista and CTJ are going to see each other a number of time (more than usual) with TMC and State before matching up in Indy. it should be great year for all programs and I wish them all the best
  8. It is going to be an awesome year for sure. not only with Vista/CTJ squaring off, but we cant forget Vandergrift and Ronald Reagan. Vandergrift is the "reigning" National Champion, Ronald Reagan beat them head to head I believe twice in 2019. It is going to be interesting to see how well all the programs recover. Even though most programs did some sort of marching show in 2020, you still have 2 years worth of students who don't have a lot of experience performing a full length, high level show. Rouse HS was one of the rising stars in 5A. Is COVID going to set the program back a couple of
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  10. In 2019, the Ronald Reagan High School Marching Band from San Antonio, TX won the Bands of America San Antonio Super Regional for the third time with a record score of 97.30 winning outstanding visual performance and outstanding general effect with their show, ‘Secret World.’ After bursting onto the scene in 2000, the Reagan Rattler Band has won countless contests & Bands of America Regionals and placed in finals 5 times at the BOA Grand Nationals Championships in Indianapolis, IN., including two second-place finishes and one class AAA championship. The Re
  11. In 2019, the Vandegrift High School Marching Band from Austin, TX won the Bands of America Grand National Class 4A Championship sweeping all captions and was named Grand National Champion with a score of 97.18 winning the award for Outstanding General Effect with their show, ‘Aria: Queen of the Night.’ After bursting onto the scene in 2010, the Vandegrift Viper Band has won countless contests & Bands of America Regionals and has also been a consistent UIL State Marching Band finalist winning bronze in 2018, silver in 2015, and gold in 2013. In 2019 the Vandegrift Band was the reci
  12. This contest is likely the most stacked non BOA/UIL competition in the nation. For example, there were several bands last year that didnt make finals at this comp who absolutely wowed when I saw them at other contests. Id even go as far to say that several bands who missed finals here last year could have made it in at BOA Houston, namely Weiss and Clements.
  13. I have heard from certain districts that they will still offer an online option, but should they choose it, they will be considered a student at the districts online academy. So while some programs may be a bit smaller, they will not have to worry about students not showing up/zooming in.
  14. that would be awesome - hope we have a very large #teamtexas this next Grand Nats
  15. this year is shaping up to be an epic season for Texas Bands. Looks like Vista Ridge and CTJ will get a chance to square off many times prior to Grand Nats. BOA Austin, TMC, (Possibly Area as well at Kelly Reeves) BOA SA and then UIL State as the past 2 State 6A Champs before making the trek to Indy. I have no doubt that both programs will have a pumped up show for their grand nats trip. Will be interesting to see what other programs announce a trip to Indy. also interested to see what impact Covid has on program size. I have heard that many of the middle schools and even high school have
  16. TMC 2 years ago was awesome, this line-up looks to be even better. UIL is going to be interesting this year as well. Can Vista Ridge regain the 6A championship? Can LISD (south) sweep the 5A medals? TMC and BOA Austin are early enough in the season that anything is possible. Personally, I cannot wait until the fall!!
  17. The Vista Ridge Marching Festival is always the first Saturday in October, never on the same day as TMC. Vista has competed at TMC a number of times and is always at BOA Austin.
  18. yes - my bad. and both Vista Ridge and CTJ will be heading to Indy as of the last word I heard
  19. And Vista Ridge! They usually have their own marching festival that weekend I think.
  20. Oh for sure 2020 was rough for everyone. Lumberton lost an amazing director and yet, still worked hard and were determined, still went to state and showed everyone that Lumberton can tackle anything in its path and get the job done.
  21. BTW, I added Leander because it’s on their 2021 calendar tho I don’t see them officially listed on the TMC site yet.
  22. It really is. Also, CTJ doesn’t normally attend this one so it’s going to be EXTRA intense this year!
  23. This is crazy! There are literally 20+ schools with amazing programs!
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