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  2. My predictions: 1. Hebron (higher chance imo)/Flomo 2. Flomo/Hebron [really depends on how they perform. if one can get everything completed by dfw, they win. if one focuses hard on making a clean performance, they win.] 3. Marcus/Keller 4. Keller/Marcus [again with 1st and 2nd, depends on how they do. marcus has higher chance. we'll see how this plays out with the heb marching results] 5. Waxahachie/Bell 6. Bell/Wax/Coppell 7. Coppell/Bell/Haltom [top 4 will be secured by those schools but 5-7 will be up in the air in my opinion. unless, one d
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  5. This is The Pride of Godley’s Summer Schedule. This month, they’re doing two weeks show music, sectionals and marching fundamentals. Starting August 2nd(Monday Night Rehearsal, because Godley starts on the 2nd for schooling) drill will be starting WITH music. You will also see that The Pride got approved for a couple Saturdays for drill.
  6. From the FAQ on their website… MOBILE DEVICES We are working towards offering an app, in the meantime, we recommend using Safari for IOS devices and Chrome for Android devices.
  7. You can just access the box5tv website on your phone or tablet (or computer), and watch it that way! After paying for it of course. 😉
  8. So I have a question because I have never used BOX5TV before in my life and was thinking of watching BOA San Antonio Finals and Grand Nationals Finals on there. When I click on a BOA event it gives me options on what Part of the BOA I want to watch (ex. Prelims or Finals) under there it says "Available on Roku, Apple TV, etc." I would like to watch the livestream on my phone but do I have to download the Roku or Apple tv app to watch it or can I just expect to login to Box5TV and be able to already watch it? I know the events are far away but I just want to know ahead of time becau
  9. Yeah I was looking at their calendar last night and you’re right. It IS intense!
  10. The directors wanted to give the band family another off weekend since the calendar is otherwise so intense.
  11. Melissa HS will be at the Don Hanna Marching Invitational (Don Hanna Memorial Marching Contest) (October 9th) (DFW-West)
  12. There are no guaranteed days for medalists or finals caption winners, but they probably got a Saturday spot on distance.
  13. Just added Hebron. It’s officially on their calendar!
  14. I just checked Hebron’s band calendar and this contest is on it! So happy to see the incredible Hebron Hawk band added to this competition. I admit I was a little worried with UIL and all. Maybe they got a guaranteed Saturday prelims slot. 🥰 They should have their pick of days with that bronze medal at GN in 2019 right?
  15. I remember years ago finding a Tarpon Springs after-school rehearsal calendar with 20 hours per week for the month before Grand Nationals.
  16. And if you all have never seen that show, do yourself a favor and watch it!
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  18. Not to mention their 1st place San Antonio finish and WINNING Grand Nats in 2013. What a show Crossing Boundaries was!
  19. Although I cannot list the best bands in Houston, I can tell you who can be a huge threat in the 2021 season. -The Woodlands: If I were to make a list of the best bands in Houston The Woodlands will be #1 hands down. This band has been strong for the longest time placing high in BOA competitions, Grand Nationals, and UIL. With their 8th place in 2018 UIL state, 2nd in BOA Houston 2019, Grand Nationals finalist 8th place 2019, and 5th place in the 2020 UIL state contest they will impress us once again in this coming season. - Pearland: A very consistant band, they perform well and p
  20. First update to the Katy competition in several months! Happy to add Cypress Falls and Lake Travis!
  21. Man, with districts nowadays all starting schools on different days it really has changed the name of the game. So much easier when we all started that fourth Monday of August, and everyone had three full weeks of summer band to get as much of their drill down as possible before school starts.
  22. Summer Band is back!! Let's go over the rules, regulations, calendars, and timelines associated with Summer Marching Band in the State of Texas.
  23. I take back one of my previous statements where I said the band is not as big as it used to be. The band has 196 members for this fall. up 20 members from last year. from 2019 to 2020, the band saw a decrease of about 34 members. All the awhile, the Tuba section has been getting bigger and bigger.
  24. Summit(Mansfield) will be going to the Mansfield preview of champions, boa midland and Waco and the McKinney marching invitational
  25. For me, might as well go to the very first show I watched. James Martin High School in 2013 presenting “Elegy for a Young American” honoring the 50th anniversary of President JFK’s death in 1963 right here in Dallas. As an 8th grader I saw this show my eventual high school was doing at junior high night, and it was, and has been a very enduring experience for me, and it definitely retains the qualities of marching shows that leave an impact on me: an engaging atmosphere, brought on by the voice work throughout, really encapsulating the feelings people had of JFK’s passing as if you were there
  26. That Hebron 2006 show actually only placed 22nd at state that year. It didn't matter to me because that show made me fall in love with marching band. I was a sophomore at Wakeland at the time in our very first year of opening when we saw them at Carrollton Tournament of Champions. If you didn't know our initial band had 60 total members, and like only 45 winds on the field. Anyways all of us watching that show was in awe of how fun that show was, and how well Hebron performed it. That was the show that got me hooked on marching band, and actually discover this website. It was crazy to think ab
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