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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about it. People underestimate Keller pretty much every year.
  2. Waxahachie beat TC by one ordinal and Keller by 2, so it was very close. I think all three have a good shot at finals here with a great run.
  3. The DFW groups have historically done better at UIL than BOA. That includes LISD north, the Keller schools, Coppell, Waxahachie, Wylie, and Duncanville who will be competing at state this year. I'm not sure in every case that will be true, but overall I think we will see another DFW area school in finals.
  4. Cedar Park won't be there. Also from the bubble, Bowie, Leander, Keller Central, and Rouse won't be there. Going off of prelims BOA results, that would put Timber Creek in with Westlake and Waxahachie the first two out.
  5. It's crazy that an Austin group has never won the San Antonio super regional!
  6. Perhaps, but I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that larger groups are able to add more showstopping GE elements and more complex musical packages. Just because it's not exactly fair doesn't mean that the large groups don't deserve it.
  7. Yeah at this point Pearland has shown that they should be an expectation in finals. Aso, way to go KELLER!
  8. You just named 30 groups, and it would not surprise me if all 30 groups had scores above 85.
  9. WOW! The Woodlands definitely sounded great, but to be honest, I have no idea how their marching looked because I was too mesmerized by their impeccable colorguard. They had more people in their rifle line than some entire bands have members.
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