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  1. How are the number of advancers determined in each area? I'm not as familiar with Honor Band.
  2. BOA San Antonio certainly gets us an idea of the best overall bands in the state, but shouldnt be thought of as a replacement state contest as lower divisions are very under-represented.
  3. I want Keller to return also. It's been too long! They could take along Timber Creek and Keller Central with them for the whole Keller experience.
  4. Seven Lakes has had several very solid shows in the past few years. I really like their designs and their style is pretty cool.
  5. Highland Park is fantastic and I could see that as well. Unfortunately, they will be in one of the toughest areas to make state so we will have to see how they stack up (Competing with groups like Keller, Coppell, Timber Creek, LD Bell, Waxahachie, Southlake Carroll, Haltom...)
  6. What a wonderful group of talented musicians representing Texas!
  7. Because Area B wasn't competitive enough... Haha They really ought to do some realignment in the DFW areas. I know in the past a few districts were put in the area with the west Texas groups (Northwest ISD and Keller ISD for sure and maybe more). This would help reduce the numbers in area B and also make it less difficult for other contenders to go to State, but it wouldn't be cool to make them travel so far or for the west Texas groups to have to compete with DFW groups.
  8. Reminds me of a similar experience I had doing All-State. At the area competition one year, they were calling out who made State and went up the list from the last ones who made it in up to first chair. They call out a kid from my school who I had beat at every contest leading up to this for third chair, so I was really hopeful. We get to first chair and they call out my first name... And then a different last name. That was a tough blow because I went from thinking I was first chair and had made it to immediately realizing I didn't make it.
  9. I never deny the quality of CTJs shows but to me I can't focus on anything. It is difficult for me to understand the message they are trying to get across because I hone in on the wrong things and get distracted.
  10. I've had the same thought. Which is a shame because their show design is phenomenal and historically there are very few bands that can match them musically. I just think they are struggling with blend and intonation a bit more than usual. Still a phenomenal production that I expect to be in contention at Nationals, but they need to solidify their tuning to win imo.
  11. Scoring will be very interesting here as we don't often get the top groups compared to each other musically by such categories as brass, woodwind, percussion.
  12. The tears in those Hebron drum major eyes! Well deserved and I'm so happy for them!
  13. It's hard to say, but if there is ever a year that GN is harder than SA it might be this year with so many great groups at GN and no FM or Bell (among others) at SA.
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