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  1. This is from tonight. I truly believe they will have shot to win Area and even place in the top 10 at State if they advance.
  2. I believe they dropped this contest because of the tropical storm that hit a few weeks ago.
  3. I saw that. I wonder if they thought they could do better at the latter contest.
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask for help but I've added my predictions for BOA Midland like 4 times already and its not accepting my list. Is anyone else having similar issues?
  5. Lumberton will be attending Lone Star Preview on October 9th.
  6. if your talking about a competition then no. Lumberton competes at Galena Park ISD Marching Festival on the 2nd. They lost to East Chambers 23 - 21 tonight.
  7. We didnt get much at all. It did rain almost every day this week. However they are performing at the game tonight. I also have the audio for parts 3 & 4, and while I can not post them, I will say that they are taking big steps musically.
  8. I really like their show this year. I can see them slipping into GN Finals.
  9. Not publicly to everyone. Directors normally get the full results but don't share it with everyone else. The last time results were posted publicly were 2010 I think.
  10. How do we add predictions for the Galena Park ISD Marching Festival if that contest only does class placements? Very few people receive the full placements regarding class.
  11. With this tropical storm coming into Texas, all of Houston and Southeast Texas will get slammed hard. I expect Lumberton to not have any outside rehearsals, so all inside music practices. I also don't expect Lumberton to go to the football game on Friday, as with the storm and the fact that they are playing a 3A school with a pretty small stadium.
  12. Facebook This week's video is on Facebook. Parts 1 & 2 of 4. Lumberton changed their show name to "For Every Season" from The Seasons due to copyright issues. Sadly this video quality gets bad at times. also it looks like Godley improved on this week's video. They sound good.
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