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  1. Interesting predictions. While I do think Sunnyvale could make Finals, I don't think they will make state, but could in the future. I think Farmersville is a dark horse to advance. I still think Paris and Lumberton advances. I also predict that 8 bands will advance out of 12 Finalists.
  2. Did you say Garden uniforms?? For their Carmen Show? lol I am very intrigued now!
  3. I am too really excited. With Area C getting to be extremely competitive now, I'm just hoping Lumberton tightens up on the visual front as numerous times in the past, its been the visual department that kills Lumberton. I can not wait for the fall!! 😁
  4. That's neat! When they last competed in 2021, they placed 18th/26. Hoping this year they move up, and with the epic show reveal, I think they absolutely could. Was there any other Competitions listed in that band calendar other than UIL?
  5. Lumberton HS 2024: Viva La Carmen Facebook Video (It's really neat. unbiased... It's one of the coolest show reveals from Lumberton) - Facebook
  6. My mind read this as the list for Grand Nationals 😂 I was like "Wow that is a complete different list but aight lets go!"
  7. Finally able to post Bridge City's Show Poster. No clue on Rep music but may find out later.
  8. Coppell because of their pretty consistent achievements and then Cy-Fair because of their recent success. Their "Caging the Swarm" show last year gave me Grand National Finals vibes in my opinion.
  9. Argyle HS Bridgeland HS Cedar Park HS Friendswood HS Leander HS Prosper HS So far these 6 are confirmed. I doubt anymore Texas bands will go as they should've announced it by now but we never know.
  10. (Would post the show poster but TXBands is not allowing me 😂) Porter HS 2024: in the Light of Day Selections are: Where the Streets Have No Name by U2 Helios: Dawn of New Age by Jordan Sterk Fields of Gold by Sting New Era by Bruce Broughton ------- Iowa Colony HS 2024: Nostalgic Musical Selections are: "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon" by Sesame Street Once Upon Another Time by Sara Bareilles Horn Concerto No. 1 by Mozart Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey
  11. Godley HS 2024: Upon Reflection Musical Selections include: Dance: 1. First Movement by Oliver Davis Day of the River by Joe Hisaishi Javelin by Michael Torke
  12. Jersey Village is going. I think its their first time there.
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