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  1. They are one of my ALL TIME favorite guards ever! Super impressive for their ages and would destroy a lot of very good programs here in Texas, in my opinion.
  2. If Lumberton does not move up to 5A, I think we could see them slip into finals. Burnet, Bridge City, and Canyon will also be on the edge to make finals.
  3. Congrats to everyone who participated in the 2021 Predictions! I had my best finish to date which is 7th with total of 62 competitions predicted.
  4. I have been loving Hebron since 2015 and has always thought they were tied for my favorite high school band along with my former high school band. Well, now after this marching season, I can't help but to say that they are my #1. Every year they produce some of the BEST music I would say in the world. You legit can not beat them musically, IMO. I do not know what kind of water they drink, but I want it. Hebron showed us that COVID ain't stopping them and that they are THE HEBRON HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND! Would I say its the greatest show of all time? Hmmmm I don't know. I would for sure say its WAY WAY up there. I will say the opener is the BEST! I can not wait to watch their show again at the Rose Parade and of course, can not wait to see what kind of show they want to do to top this show! Whatever it is, we all better be ready to wipe eachother's skin off our faces!
  5. yeah I know. With everything that happened last year, there was no prelims, just Finals so technically you could say Lake Belton made State finals on their debut year but Its confusing with how it all went down.
  6. BTW, Lake Belton made history tonight. Well, they tied for it which is making state finals in the 2nd year of existence. They share that now with Lake Ridge 2013. Funny how the 2 schools that hold this, has the same first name.
  7. ooo I recommend keeping up with the 4A's. They are getting better every year as with every conference is.
  8. I am crying massive tears after watching Lumberton. Super proud of them!
  9. I loved every second of that performance and could tell the director was so excited!
  10. I like your list. I would add Bridge City at least in the bubble, if not even the top 10. They placed 7th last year at 4A State and is really really good this year.
  11. 1st. Menard 2nd. Whiteface 3rd. Irion County 4th. Booker 5th. Crosbytown 6th. Happy 7th. Cross Plains
  12. So apparently the new judging format for State only applies to 5A/6A this year. When you go to the State contest results for this year, only 5A/6A have the new format. 1A-4A still have the old format.
  13. In 4A, Lumberton is the only one that has done that I think. However, after looking at past results, these are the bands that have done the same thing Forsan Waxahachie Sundown Honey Grove Not counting 1A, these are the only bands in the State that have done this impressive feat. *This only counts after 1990*
  14. This 4A State contest is very stacked. Most, if not almost all the bands competing are finals worthy. Next Wednesday is going to be interesting.
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