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  1. Bridgeland is one of the bands I'm most pumped for next year. I also thought their 15th placement at State was a little low. I had them in the top 10
  2. Ooo if this happens, I can see a lot of programs lose a significant amount of members. I know for sure Lumberton would lose about half of the numbers.
  3. Oh my bad! I just saw that they had a 3rd place while the 3 bands under them had finalists so I thought they wouldve advanced but thanks for the info!
  4. Thats insane! I really liked their show and will be expecting some big things from them.
  5. Jordan got 3rd place at 5A Area E this past year behind Barbers Hill and Fulshear. Wouldve advanced to State if it was their year. Gotta watch for them next year.
  6. I'm curious on how JBA will place among all these great programs. This contest is really stacked which is awesome!
  7. Oh for sure 2020 was rough for everyone. Lumberton lost an amazing director and yet, still worked hard and were determined, still went to state and showed everyone that Lumberton can tackle anything in its path and get the job done.
  8. Thats ok! Also nice to meet you, I graduated from Lumberton in 2019! Yall did good at state this year, just the marching couldve been better.
  9. Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill's shows from the early 2000's are my favorite
  10. Ahh makes sense. I think that is super cool
  11. Lumberton had 2 plus 2 more as alternates. However, the 2 that made it, one made 1st chair flute 5A and then the other made 4th chair french horn 6A. Lumberton is 4A but these two made it in the 2 higher classes. Why?
  12. Um ok! I predict Leander to be the next 5A state Champion and for Hendrickson to do so well that they beat Cedar Park and gets 2nd
  13. Oh. I just saw that you put question marks at the end so I thought you were asking. Sorry my bad xd
  14. Starting this next year all conferences will have the chance to go to state
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