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  1. MG Johnson has been putting on very extravagant shows for a bit now so I think the design-energy will be similar.
  2. I think that the reason why BOA was able to put the limit on bands here so comfortably is because they had the plans for San Marcos as an alternative contest.
  3. I can’t say I agree, but I still wish them the best of luck in Indiana this coming November.
  4. Bands that immediately take the trip to nationals after one successful year tend to historically struggle a bit. It’s better to build up success in my opinion, the way Cedar Park is doing.
  5. I wish Bridgeland would hold off a few years...but wishing them the best of luck.
  6. Do we really need to be assigning penalties these harsh at what is literally the first contest?
  7. Good concept but the acoustics in AT&T are famously horrible. USBands does host a show out there and it’s relatively popular. Not sure about NRG actually, I’ve never heard of it be discussed that they could host a BOA. Probably cost or acoustics issues?
  8. It saves money but is it worth the well-being of the students? Lots of variables at play
  9. Very few bands and districts in Texas have the resources to double up, even the wealthier ones. It’s a huge financial undertaking.
  10. I think the idea of having bands attending nats being given Saturday performance times is really interesting and nobody’s brought it up. I can’t say I see a downside. If the band is willingly making an investment to attend both contests, seems like the minimum they could do is provide preference for them to go on Saturday at SA even if they have to go first in the day. I agree that sometimes bands need to know when to cut their losses and skip out on SA especially now that UIL is every year and their sheets and feedback are much more compatible to BOA scoring.
  11. I think 2017 is a close second. Winning prelims and almost dethroning Cedar Park was exciting to watch. This was definitely their best season though. I almost wish they’d held out on going to grand nationals, if they’d given it a few years they would’ve easily made it in.
  12. Round Rock surprised a few when they came back and made both San Antonio and national finals in 2019 after missing early season in Austin. An incredible recovery given many people counted them out early after that. To this day I think they were always capable, just a dirty run and an undeveloped show in prelims on the morning of Austin. They would have been in finals in Austin today given the expansion to 12 bands.
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