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  1. 7A on the band front would be interesting. A lot of the heavy hitters would move up. An interesting note would be how UIL would operate state contests. I imagine 7A would be hosted with the 2A, 3A, 5A rotation, however with needing added dates for the contest I’m not sure how UIL would go about securing the Alamodome for that slightly extended time.
  2. https://scorebooklive.com/texas/2021/07/28/how-the-introduction-of-class-7a-would-impact-the-texas-high-school-football-landscape/ some ideas into how 7A might pan out
  3. I sure hope whoever buys that table double checks on their bus rentals with time.
  4. I love Round Rock but they’re putting a lot of demand on their guard, I think they need to tone it back a bit. They’re trying their hardest but the pressure and demand is getting to them. It’s really difficult.
  5. Incredibly rough draw for Vista Ridge, I love them so much. I’m sad that the likelihood they jump the gap is minimal.
  6. I can’t say any of these are huge surprises, no detriment to the programs that just means they’re amazing.
  7. Cedar Park must have had some really low GE scores to win TWO captions and then place third. I do not remember the judges earlier Season dogging on Cedar Parks GE this much.
  8. I’m not sure what bands are 2A this cycle. If I had a list I’d definitely make predictions for them.
  9. What did we think of the A Classers? I think Peco wins but Hidalgo will probably take visual.
  10. Oh no sorry my intention was definitely not to doubt James Bowie. I think they’re definitely one of the more probable finalists, which is why I mentioned them.
  11. I’m no more fond of Prosper than I am of other bands, I’m just saying I think they’d have a shot at finals. Your point is still confusing, and this addition makes it much harder to understand. There’s a lot more to see other than their 3rd finish at HEB, which isn’t even a low or even close to low finish. To their detriment you can see their state miss, to their benefit you can see their St Louis finish. If your point was “San Antonio is competitive” we all know that. That’s why I’m not saying Prosper would be 10000% in finals in fact they’d only have an outside shot in my opinion, I’m not sure what you’re characterizing my comments as. If you really want to take your own advice then you should’ve relaxed and scrolled on instead of making weirdly passive aggressive comments against the Prosper program.
  12. I don’t really see the point of this comment. Sure a lot of groups that could make finals every year don’t. Not really a reason to go out of your way to call one specific group out. I definitely don’t think it’s a reach that Prosper could make finals, their show is very friendly to the BOA sheets as we’ve seen in St.Louis. With some cleaning from the feedback at both area and St Louis they genuinely have a strong opportunity to clean into finals this year. If they were at SA would this be enough? Who knows. It would all be up to their prelims performance. I do think they’d genuinely have a chance similar to Bowie or Kellers to get into finals though.
  13. I wish Prosper was going to this contest, I could genuinely see them in finals. A lot like L.D. Bell 2018 that missed state but made it into SA finals.
  14. Leander has historically always been hurt by GE type captions, at least MGE. This is a really confusing trend. They don't really deserve these low MGE scores but it's consistent enough to be a pattern in almost every single one of their seasons.
  15. Random things of note from the recaps: Colleyville Heritage & Forney greatly benefited from their ranks in Content & Design, with Forney actually placing #1 in the caption in prelims while placing 8th overall. Only two judges had Cedar Park lower than top 2 and each of those judges had them lower than 5th, both in completely different captions. Leander's 13th in content & design could have very well cost them a 2nd place finish in prelims, if the C&D judge had them in 3rd which was the average of all of Leander's captions then they would have been 2nd. While CH & Forney benefited from the C&D caption it seems Wakeland & Leander were most hurt by it, their C&D scores having the greatest difference from their overall scores in other captions.
  16. Would you happen to have access to the detailed recaps? I know the judges scored in both content and achievement and both those scores were added for overall so I was wondering if those were public.
  17. Thank you, the results and program post should now be completed.
  18. Does anyone have the titles for Friendswood and Forneys shows?
  19. And a FOURTH Victory for Cedar Park!
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