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  1. Also here’s my early predictions: 1. Vandy 2. Rouse 3. Reagan 4. Round Rock 5. Leander 6. Dripping Springs 7. M.G. Johnson 8. Westwood 9. James Bowie 10. Forney 11. Hendrickson 12. McNeil/ Cy-Woods
  2. Good this comp is so stacked this year!! Nice to see Forney make up the trip, should be a finalist, can’t wait for this one!
  3. It’s definitely possible, they just haven’t ever been on Regan’s ”level before so it’s hard to say so but definitely not impossible
  4. Here’s my early thoughts: 1st. Reagan 2nd. Pearland 3rd. Bridgeland 4th. Cy-Fair 5th CTJ 6th. Cy-Woods 7th. Dawson 8th. Seven Lakes 9th. Friendswood 10th. Dickinson 11th. Clear Brook 12th. Klein Oak Seeing how Dickinsons been doing these past couple seasons, I don’t see them missing finals unless they have a bad run. There’s definitely some major competition for the last couple spots, and it will be close, but the top few here should be locks with a good amount of groups fighting for the last few spots
  5. Beyond jealous but super happy for you!! I have nothing planned for that weekend so I might be able to go for semis/finals, just depends on school, work, life, ect 😂
  6. Yeah it’s gonna be insane, arguably the most deep GN’s with 2016. It will probably be the best semis, and there will be tons of heartbreaks. Wish I could go but ig box5 will have to do
  7. Wanted to drop my way to early predictions bc I’m bored lol. I’m doing placements/tiers since it’s way too early in the season. Ik I’ll be beyond wrong since it’s gonna be super stacked, but here’s an attempt: Finalist locks: 1. Marcus (sweep) 2nd. Wakeland 3rd. L.D. Bell 4th. Bentonville 5th. Prosper 6th. Jenks High Finalist potential: 7th. Mustang 8th. Keller Central 9th. SLC 10th. Rockhill 11th. Wylie 12th. Wylie East 13th. McKinney North 14th. McKinney Boyd 15th. Rockwall 16th. McKinney Medium finalist potential: 17th. Aledo 18th. Azle 19th. Braswell 20th. Lake ridge Medium/low finalist: 21st Coweta 22nd. Grapevine 23rd. Walnut Grove 24. Liberty 25. North mesquite 26. Waller 27. Whitesboro 28. Commerce A: 1st. Whitesboro (sweep) 2nd. Commerce AA: 1st. Coweta (music/GE) 2nd. Grapevine (visual) AAA: 1st. Wakeland (sweep) 2nd. McKinney North 3rd. Rockwall AAAA: 1st. Marcus (sweep) 2nd. L.D. Bell 3rd. Bentonville Placements are for all non-finalist/ finals, class awards based on prelims. Super excited for this one, will be there in person again!
  8. This contest is super stacked this year! Tons of regulars and new heavy hitters! Here’s my super early predictions: 1st. Keller 2. Centennial 3rd. Duncanville 4th. C.H. 5th. Byron Nelson 6th. Sachse 7th. The Colony 8th. Lovejoy 9th. Trinity 10th. Frisco Emerson
  9. Ik!! Texas has a TON of regionals with out of state programs, super excited for it!!
  10. It’ll definitely be really fun to see how they do there!! Should be a finalist no doubt, could be a real surprise to some for sure!
  11. Will be fun to see how Trinity does here, could pick up a win, but Ik Roma will be here to defend their win!!
  12. Del Rio H.S., TX Economedes H.S., TX Hidalgo Early College H.S., TX John B. Alexander H.S., TX McAllen H.S., TX McAllen Memorial H.S., TX McAllen Nikki Rowe H.S., TX Medina Valley H.S., TX Pioneer H.S., TX Port Isabel H.S., TX PSJA Early College H.S., TX Rio Grande City H.S., TX Robert Vela H.S., TX Roma H.S., TX Santa Rosa H.S., TX Sharyland H.S., TX Simon Rivera Early College H.S., TX Sonia Sotomayor H.S., TX Trinity H.S., TX United H.S., TX Valley View H.S., TX Current as of June 11, 2024
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