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  1. I hope McCallum is able to “recover” from this season. They still did incredible, but I know they didn’t have lots of success with their first go at BOA, but they still win a contest and got 3rd at area.
  2. Just an fyi, Cedar Ridge won boa Houston, not Austin. Just thought I’d let you know, but thanks for the message!!!
  3. Recaps are out Southalke-22nd-11th-7th???? There were some serious changes each around, like omg, this has to be the most craziest judged grand nationals ever!!!
  4. Dang, Broken Arrow almost caught them!!! I swear every 2 scores were so close(12th&11th, so on)
  5. WOW! This is so surprising!!!! After getting 2nd! I mean they almost got 5th…..
  6. Go Southlake!!! Winning a tie is always nice, but these scores I have a feeling are goons be wild!
  7. Go Prosper! An amazing finish to the season after not making state…again!
  8. While it seemed like box5 was not good today, as a fellow marcher, I really appreciate all of the comments and speeches and kind comments they make at each of the contest. It’s really nice all the time and just everything they put into knowing how they and everyone else recognizes just how much work the kids put in, it’s nice for them to get all the recognized, so thank you music for all.
  9. Let’s go team Texas!!!! I’m really sad that MG Johnson didn’t make it and honestly surprised after their incredible season, but still an amazing season, but let’s go team Texas!
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