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  1. I’m very excited to see Flomo at Wylie next week based on all you’ve said about them! Sounds like they have a very good show, snd of course they bring a Huge sound!
  2. No it’s the same, and Frisco Lonestar was a finalist in 2019 for 5A, not 2021. they were 4 our placing 16th behind Roma, Wylie East and Lebanon Trail. And making the evening finals is the same as being a state finalist, only the top 12 advanced in 2021
  3. Yeah it definitely will look something like this. Forney will easily win once again, Poteet should be second unless North Mesquite returns to its former glory pre-Covid, but Red Oak and Pine Tree have also been on the rise recently
  4. I’d doubt Glenn will be out of the top 3 if not 1st. They were fantastic last season and are quickly rising to the levels of the other bands in Leander ISD.
  5. Yeah the schedule will most likely come out sometime soon, but I’d imagine they are going last so we’re probably looking at around a 12:30 start
  6. I know they just got a new director, but I would love for Timber Creek to finally make finals here! I’ve heard they have a great show this year, and i definitely feel like this could be their time!
  7. LETS GOOOOO! We now have the Danpodcast and this! Super excited for tomorrow’s episode!
  8. I didn't see that part of the post 🤭Whoopes lol. I guess my "bold" predctions is Vista taking 2nd and music? but yeah IG it's a pretty reasonable list, oh well
  9. IG I will lol: 1st: Vandegrift(visual/ge) 2nd: Vista Ridge(music) 3rd: Cedar Park 4th: Cedar Ridge 5th: Round Rock 6th: Rouse 7th: Leander 8th: James Bowie 9th: Westlake 10th: Hendrickson 11th: M.G. Johnson 12th: Westwood/Dripping Springs/Lake Travis It’s gonna be a huge battle for the last 3 spots. There will be some bands who normally would make it that won’t, all comes down to who had the strongest performances that morning!
  10. Everyone who’s on the list as of now are the groups competing in both prelims and finals
  11. I agree. I’ve seen their show and they sound fantastic! Very entertaining show and the visual package is also very good , very excited to see them at BOA prosper!
  12. Here is the schedule for this competition! Nice to see Trinity coming here. With Lovejoy only doing prelims I feel like they are the biggest competition Azle has for 1st, so it should be interesting to see how things turn out. Lovejoy might do finals, they have homecoming in the evening so most likely not unless they end up going first in finals, but I think it's safe to assume they are only doing prelims as of now. 10:15- Eastland HS 10:30- Ponder HS 10:45- Bridgeport HS 11:00- Maypearl HS 11:15- Break 11:30- Pottsboro HS 11:45- Gainesville HS 12:00 Sanger HS 12:15- Ryan HS 12:30- Lovejoy HS (prelims only as of now due to HC that evening) 12:45- Lunch 1:45- Frisco Memorial HS 2:00- Frisco Emerson HS 2:15- Iowa Park HS 2:30- Frisco Centennial HS 2:45- Nimitz HS 3:00- Break 3:15- Trinity HS 3:30- Pine Tree HS 3:45- Azle HS 4:00- Mesquite HS 4:15- Frisco Reedy HS Predictions: A champion: Sanger AA champion: Lovejoy AAA champion: Azle AAAA champion: Reedy 1st: Azle (music/visual/percussion) 2nd: Trinity 3rd: Centennial 4th: Memorial (guard) 5th: Reedy 6th: Emerson 7th: Pine Tree 8th: Ryan 9th: Mesquite 10th: Nimitz
  13. here’s a really good one of Vista! They sound DANGEROUSLY GOOD! I love the music and they’ve got such a rich sound, and also look incredible as well! They could do some serious damage this weekend
  14. Just got around to watching this and MY GOD they are on fire right now! I’m probably wrong but are they bigger this year? Ik they’ve been big in size for a good while now but I feel like I see a noticeable difference 🤷‍♂️ regardless they are cleaning up very nicely!
  15. This is a very strong Lineup! There’s a decent amount of groups that could snag the win. Will be interesting to see how things shake out
  16. no, they schedule hasn't come out but they should post it soon so as soon as they do I'll post it here
  17. Lake ridge looks incredible lol! I’ve seen both and while I think it can go either way, I think Lake Ridge is just the stronger band right now, but ig we’ll see this weekend!
  18. There's a video of Lake Ridges most recent performance. They are absolutely killing it this year and I'm very excited to see them at Wylie here in a couple weekends! I've only been able to find what everyone else has been posting, and I may be wrong, but based on what I've seen, it seems many bands are sounding and looking better earlier this year, so I'm hoping that's a good sign!
  19. Well, I see why Carmel won this morning, they sound SO GOOD! like my goodness. I don't really feel the GE as much as Avon, I think they still take music, visual goes to Avon, GE could go either way imo, both were amazing though!
  20. Avon was STELLER tonight! I love the music, and that visual package was crazy hard, but they are killing it, both musically and visually! Time to see how Carmel responds
  21. I'm on my laptop and not having any issues, so maybe it's just a phone thing?
  22. I posted them on page 3 of the forum but I think Keller will win and Bell 2nd and Wakeland 3rd. Of course after dfw they may and probably will change
  23. Very solid list! These are the bands I have making finals, a little bit of a different order but finals will probably look somewhat like this
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