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  1. Bands Added- Lakeview Centennial HS (6A) Quitman HS (3A) With 27 bands now, there will now be 12 finalist's for this contest
  2. New bands have been added to the contest lineup- Anna HS (4A) Western Hills HS (4A) This means there are now 25 bands, with a possible 26th band that hasn't been announced yet
  3. I'm hoping they do something like what The Cadets did in 2011 in DCI (between Angels and Demons)
  4. I'm glad that Seattle is back! i'm really excited to see The Cadets, The Cavaliers, Troopers, and the unknown shows for 2023!
  5. new bands have been added, making this contest have 21 bands so far- Added- Eustace HS (3A) Westwood HS (3A) Whitewright HS (2A)
  6. I'm hoping that we see a new band or 2 advance from this area! Only bands I feel like will advance from this area from last year is Cy-Fair, Bridgeland, Seven Lakes, and Cypress Woods. So hopefully we see another band join the group!
  7. new bands have been added to the list, making it 18 at the moment- Added- China Spring HS (4A) Queen City HS (3A) Sunnyvale HS (4A) Van Alstyne HS (4A)
  8. I'm so excited to see how Hebron, Pearland, and James Bowie do at this contest! I already have a feeling The Woodlands will make the top 5
  9. 14 Bands have been confirmed for this contest! Also the judge panel has been complete!
  10. I feel like there is going to be upsets at this competition!
  11. I'm hoping I'll get to see McKinney Boyd a few times next year! I know I'll be seeing them at McKinney Marching Invitational
  12. I can make a secondary one for Texas if you would like me to
  13. glad to say that many updates have been made to the spreadsheet so far! Plenty of contest's that I still need information for, but its overall coming out well. I have found many websites that have been helpful, including Horn Rank, OBA, USBands, Bands of America, Virginia Marching Band Cooperative, midwest marching, etc..!
  14. Personally, I would say Deer Park and Shadow Creek will be a surprise this year.
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