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  1. a big change I noticed is that Westwood HS got moved from Region 21 to Region 8
  2. Melissa High School 2024 Show is called Pop-Up, a comic book themed show
  3. so it seems like Melissa ISD's stadium will be the home of this contest once again!
  4. So I looked at the Melissa Band calendar, and it shows that this contest is being held at their stadium. I know its not confirmed by UIL yet
  5. Also New format for this year!- There will be two divisions for competitions: the Small School Division and the Large School Division. The top four small schools will advance to the finals, and the top 12 large schools will advance to the finals. (If a small school is in the top 12, it will have the opportunity to be placed within the large school or small school division for finals competition.
  6. Well a new update has been made to the contest and this one adds another 6A band into the mix, and this could possibly shake up predictions!- New bands added- 3A- S&S Consolidated HS 6A- Rock Hill HS
  7. Melissa getting 2 Area contest's? That's cool but I do agree with you that its odd
  8. can't wait to see how Cinco Ranch does this year! Did they mention what music they will feature?
  9. Well it looks like 25 total bands will be competing at this contest, and it looks like as of right now that an out of state band will be competing at this contest, Benton HS out of Louisiana! Bands added- 4A- Canton HS 5A- Benton HS (LA) and Lebanon Trail HS This contest is going to be a great chance to see some early competition between many 5A Area B bands and 4A Area C bands!
  10. Hey everyone, so I have been unable to find majority of the 2007 UIL area results because most of the archived results have been lost and are not accessible like they once were. If anyone has any information as to who was at the area contest for 2007 for 1A, 2A, and 4A, I would appreciate the help! The only results I have been able to find are- 4A Area F 4A Area G prelim placements 4A Area C 1A Area C 2A Area C 4A Area E- 6 of the bands that were at the contest
  11. I can't wait to see how McKinney North and Lonestar do this year! Area B is always fun to see the scores after because of how close each band is to each other
  12. thank you! Didn't realize I typed the wrong city XD
  13. no problem! This area will be very interesting, but my main focus this season will be Area B, Area C, Area D, and Area E because they all had changes, like Area D now has Region 13 and Area E no longer has Region 13. This will be a very interesting season for 4A!
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