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  1. I really like the lineup for this contest! Definitely will be interesting to see how all the programs do. Vista Ridge and CTJ will be an epic match to see! Vandegrift returning to competition, and being the reigning BOA Grand National Champion, and many other amazing programs, this contest will be one to remember! Also can't forget about Cedar Park, Leander, and Rouse! Those schools will definitely bring something to the table, especially after the 2018 and 2019 season!
  2. The 2015 Leander show is one of my favorites! That would be awesome to see Leander take the state title this year!
  3. Hey everyone, I know that we have just finished up State for 2020, but I thought it would be a good time to now make the topic for the 2021 contest. The 2020 season really brought in a weird year for the marching season, but now 2021, UIL is allowing there to be State for all conferences. That means we will see 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A compete at the State contest! I can't wait to see what the 2021 contest brings, Especially with 2A, 4A, and 6A returning once again!
  4. Want to congratulate all 4 Area B advancers! All 4 made it into the Top 10, with Wills Point getting 6th and Canton getting 5th! Then...Melissa got 2nd Place! This is the first time Melissa has placed in the Top 3! Finally, congrats to Argyle, who has won their 7th State Championship! Once again congrats to all 4 Area B bands!
  5. Congratulations to the Top 10 6A Bands! 10th: Cypress Woods 9th: Seven Lakes 8th: Coppell 7th: Waxahachie 6th: Pearland 5th: The Woodlands 4th: Marcus 3rd: Flower Mound 2nd: Hebron 1st: Claudia Taylor Johnson
  6. Ah ok. Thank you for explaining it to me!
  7. Hey everyone, so I have a question about "212" that started in Cypress Woods. I'm confused on what it means.
  8. Top 10: 10th: China Spring 9th: Kennedale 8th: Calallen 7th: Bridge City 6th: Wills Point 5th: Canton 4th: North Lamar 3rd: Burnet 2nd: Melissa 1st: Argyle
  9. Even though there aren't many shows that I remember seeing, I was in a 4A school, so we didn't get to see many of the 5A/6A shows, there were a couple that I can recall from 4A. North Lamar 2017 was probably one of the best shows I had seen while I was in High School. Especially the Tuba solo, which made everyone cheer! Another 4A show that I remember seeing was Princeton, before they were a 5A, in 2017, and I really enjoyed that show! For 5A, I did get to see Ridge Point perform at the UIL State Contest. I was in Band class and the director had the State Contest on, and I was able to catch th
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