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  1. it is, but for 5A-6A, they start with 2 bands, then at 15, they have 3, 20 = 4, 25 = 5, 30 = 6, 35 = 7, 40 = 8. If I'm wrong, then I apologize, but I think that is how it works. In classifications below 5A, they start with 3 and at 20, they have 4, 25 = 5, 30 = 6, 35 = 7, 40 = 8.
  2. but I thought if 30 bands were to advance that would only allow 6 bands to advance normally. Or is it different for 5A-6A
  3. I marched with Melissa from 2015-2018. I think this is Melissa's first contest in BOA. I believe they will win their class, but don't think they will make finals in this due to the competition. I am hoping they make it though! Good luck to ya'll and hope ya'll do well at Regional as well!
  4. Oh good luck there! Some good bands there! If I'm correct, Melissa HS, which is the school I marched with when I was in High School, will be there!
  5. Ok, I'll be going to this event! I plan on getting results for prelims recorded, but will for sure get the prelim results on here
  6. Ill be at that show and will try to record the performances so we can get a good look at some of the bands that may not have been seen yet
  7. I would say it would be- 1st- Hebron 2nd- Marcus 3rd- Flower Mound 4th- Wylie East 5th- Prosper 6th- Plano East 7th- Rockhill 8th- McKinney Boyd 9th- Wylie 10th- Rockwall
  8. Looking back at this comment, Cedar Ridge may have a very good chance at winning a medal!
  9. depending on how much tickets are, I could make it for the show!
  10. oh I legit forgot about Jordan XD. They are really moving up in the ranks every year!
  11. Alright, so Argyle is the one that may have a great year in football. They just moved up to 5A and they are already 5-0. Even if its Division 2, that is still very impressive. Melissa, the school I went to is going 3-2, having lost to Argyle and China Spring, and winning against Royse City, Crandall, and Terrell. Their next game is against Mesquite Poteet!
  12. I feel like Poteet may take it because I don't know Marshall that well
  13. I would think 10 since its only 25 bands. And normally 30 bands or more adds the extra spots
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