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  1. I think the whole service went down. Can't even log into the webpage on a computer.
  2. HS Band alignments are much like life, they do not always make sense and you will go crazy trying to figure them out. Alignments are one of the greater mysteries of the universe.
  3. Found this on YouTube, just love this video of Vista Ridge warming up In-The-Lot this past weekend!
  4. I will very much enjoy watching WGI this year, my Daughter made Invictus World and is just over the moon about it (I am as well)!
  5. I am really looking forward to BOA Austin, although will only be able to make it to Finals 😔 (first year to miss prelims in over 10 years). Also Vista Ridge Marching Festival (been in the booth helping out for this one every year starting in 2012 and just love it), LISD South Festival of the Bands, TMC, some local Regional and Area contests and of course BOA San Antonio and UIL State. Would love to travel and see more out of the Central Texas area but work and life will prevent this. Maybe once retired can make more trips out of Texas as well!
  6. I went to the game and then saw that video. Was really good in person but the Video did not capture the sound well at all. Not a good representation of what I heard live. Based on the live performance I am very excited for the show this year!
  7. The Blue Knights were up by .5 over the Crossmen in Glassboro tonight and the two Corps are Head to Head going into the last week. We will probably have to wait until Friday at Indy to know for sure who get's that 12th spot! Exciting isn't it!!!
  8. Will know more after the next 2 nights. The Crossmen perform tonight and the Crossmen and BK are both performing Wednesday night in Glassboro head to head with the same judges. Agreed BK is on the fence and will have to see who steps it up over the next few performances. Personally I am pulling for BK because my Daughter is in the Guard with BK, but I also love to see a local group in Central Texas do so well this year (Crossmen).
  9. I'll be going to San Antonio and Indy for sure. My daughter got a contract in the Guard with the Blue Knights so I'm officially a Blue Knights fan now! 🤩
  10. Yep, I was wondering that myself. Vista Ridge has never been in the same contest with Wando until now.
  11. I have watched Vista all year but today was the first time I saw them perform the show. Unreal performance! I had chills!
  12. Don't see much here about PSHS and thanks for posting! I saw the show this year at the Homecoming game and really enjoyed it. Some great kids, wish Plano could grow the band culture more, compete in BOA, etc., lots of talent and potential! Go Plano Wildcat Band! PSHS class of 80 (Trombone).
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