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  1. The marching show for Godley for the 2021 season is ‘Spy’ with music from 007 and Mission: Impossible! Gonna be a great year!!
  2. So, Godley(4A) has released their marching schedule for the 2021 season! They are announcing their show Monday, April 19th. The marching competitions they will be hosting/attending this year are as follows: Wildcat Marching Festival-September 25th Princeton Marching Classic-October 2nd Sound of Springtown-October 9th UIL Region 30-October 16th UIL Area D 4A-October 30th Castleberry is expected to make a return this marching season with a NEW head band director AND in the 3A portion of our Region, we should see the addition of Keene ISD. They officially started a b
  3. I put 1A-6A in my original post, did you see it? I was just so excited that I also added Godley too!
  4. So, due to COVID-19, 1A-6A have a chance at State in November!?! Godley has another chance this upcoming marching season!?!
  5. Here’s our performance from Saturday and just by watching it, you should automatically know what it was that killed us in music. The solos, blasting and part mvnt 2..... Everything else was spot on though!
  6. Interesting, I didn’t notice that, something’s fishy.
  7. The head director for Lake Belton(which is a NEW school for BISD) is Bobby Yerigan. Yerigan was the head director for Tolar for many years when they went to State back when they were 2A(under the 1A-5A alignment) and then 3A, but then he got FIRED for some personal reasons and Godley picked him up in 2017. Joe Walker put him as an assistant for the 5th-6th grade brass program and he hated every minute of it and tried kicking him(Walker) off the ‘Head of Fine Arts’ spot the whole year. Now they’re both competing against each other in the same Area and Yerigan has it out for Godley, because they
  8. It very well could’ve been a Kennedale, Springtown, China Spring, Alvarado and Godley lineup. All are really good bands.....but now we wait for 2022. We do have an Area advancement year next year, but that’s it. However, Godley is growing rapidly and could be a VERY small 5A school in ‘22, so they may have to wait til ‘23.
  9. It is indeed Burnet as the 4A Area D Champion! From what I’m hearing, Godley missed the Top 10 by 2 points, but we’ll see when the official results play out.
  10. Tell me about...... China Spring has first alt, placing 6th.
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