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  1. Godley placed 5th out of 25 bands there last year(no Finals with COVID), so it wouldn’t surprise me if they place in the top 3 in Finals this year. They’re taking a trip to play Dallas Lincoln tomorrow and I’m hoping to get a good video of the halftime show. If not, I will be at our marching festival on Saturday and will get a good video then. We have a great list of bands performing then, just don’t have a schedule for ya and there are bands from 2A-6A going.
  2. Come to find out, Godley dropped Princeton October 2nd and is now going to the Paluxy Valley Marching Festival in Glen Rose instead.
  3. Godley dropped out of the Sounds of Fall on October 2nd and is now going to the Paluxy Valley Marching Festival in Glen Rose that same day.
  4. It happens, hopefully Dallas Lincoln will be nicer next weekend. We’ll FINALLY be back home October 1st against Aubrey. Will Godley see Lumberton in Princeton October 2nd? We lost btw 52-20……
  5. This week’s video is gonna be from the back of the band……Springtown wouldn’t let me over to the home side during halftime just to film them…….
  6. So, what’s the update on Lumberton?
  7. Godley was a 2A school under the old 1A-5A system and got bumped to 4A in 2014 and has been to Area in 2014, 2018 and 2020. We missed 2016 due to a change in directors, but 2014-15 were 1-1-1s and then starting again in 2017 to now have been AT LEAST an overall 1(2017 and ‘19 were a 1-1-2). Our stadium is getting a HUGE upgrade with a bond that just passed, will be ready for the 2024 season and that really sucks! I don’t think it will delay anything for Lumberton though, have faith my friend!
  8. Excellent performance! Don't forget, Godley has a 2 week UIL approved camp the first two weeks in October, which will help us. This week's away game vs. Springtown will have the first 2 of 4 movements on the field at halftime! Can't wait to see it!?!
  9. Week 3's performance, there video doesn't do it any justice.
  10. Y'all sound really good, blending is really well this early in the season, there was a minor intonation problem, but that will get fixed. Lumberton WILL make another State run this year FOR SURE! Can't wait to see the rest!
  11. I have no clue why it won't let you watch it on your phone.......there are still messy areas in our show as well and good in the show too. Granted it's still our first movement though and the second should be cleaned well to have it by week 4, our Springtown game.
  12. This is our WK2 halftime performance, our WK1 football game was cancelled due to COVID.
  13. There are PLENTY of props in the works for this year’s show, including a safe and other on field props. Our uniforms were brand new for the 2019 season and match this year’s show perfectly, they’re also adding new drum head designs that’ll go with the theme of the show that’ll say something along the lines of ‘007’ or ‘James Bond’. There’s plenty to go and there are choreographed horn pops throughout the show.
  14. They have they’re whole first movement memorized already!! Good sounds all around! They didn’t have the traditional Summer Band camp, Godley started school August 3rd and they are still kicking it! They do have two weeks of band camp in October(approved by UIL), because the schools are closed for a Covid reset, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE FULL PRODUCTION! Plus, my little bro’s out there this year 😁😁😁!
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