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  1. It's possible to make some inferences from the available ratings. Lubbock-Cooper was the only group to get the Master designation in Scholastic Regional A, so there's your SRA champion! Blue Springs was the only group to get a Master designation in the Scholastic A class, so there's your champion! Laguna Creek and Milford were the only two Scholastic Open groups to receive a Master designation. Badger Middle School and McCullough JH Varsity were the only two Junior groups to receive Master designations. Can't figure out the top dog in the SW class this year. As expecte
  2. WGI has posted some kind of, sort of results for Finals. Finalists were categorized into 5 groups: Master (all 1s in all 6 captions), Expert, Exceptional, Distinguished, and Outstanding. The standard for a rating value of 1 was "raised to reflect historic upper echelon finalists." This is a bit vague, but I'm guessing "upper echelon" here means top 5-ish at Worlds in a normal year? Not really sure. Anyway, WGI recognized both Master and Expert finalists. Only 11 groups in the world received the Master designation; 45 received the Expert designation. Congrats to the three TX groups
  3. You're very welcome! And thank you to all of the groups for giving us some great shows during these awful times! Unfortunately, these threads I start every year never gain much traction. I wish there were more of a guard presence here. I'm not sure where they all hang out. It would be nice to have some real discussion with people who are actually currently involved in the activity. Like, why is XYZ your favorite, or why didn't you care for this or that. Alas, we don't get much of that on here outside of the big-time marching band contest threads.
  4. And here are the twelve TX groups that received Superior ratings. Supposedly the standards for superior ratings for semis performances were raised "to mirror historic thresholds for Finals Progression." This partly explains why some groups that have received these ratings previously did not receive them after semis. Coppell HS JV2 Eastlake HS Hebron HS McCullough JH Varsity Pearland HS Prosper HS A Rouse HS Seven Lakes HS JV Spring ISD The Woodlands HS Vista Ridge HS Westwood HS Congrats again to all participating groups!
  5. Here are the TX groups that received Excellent ratings for their semifinals performances: Aledo HS Aledo HS JV ATX Winterguard Bryan HS Cedar Park HS Cedar Ridge HS Clements JV MS Coppell HS Cypress Creek HS Dawson HS Friendswood HS Frisco Centennial HS Varsity Frisco HS Georgetown HS Hendrickson HS James E. Taylor HS Keller Central HS JV Knox JH Legacy HS Liberty HS McCullough JH JV McKinney HS Round Rock Middle School Seven Lakes HS Southlake Carroll HS Wakeland H
  6. Alrighty. The results were posted a couple hours ago. I'm eyeballing the lists again for groups that look like they're from Texas. I apologize if I've missed any groups, or accidentally included an out-of-state group. Here are the scholastic TX guards that have made it into WGI Finals! Scholastic Junior Clements JV Middle School Knox JH McCullough JH JV McCullough JH Varsity Round Rock Middle School Scholastic Regional A Aledo HS JV Bastrop HS Cedar Park HS JV Coppell HS JV2 Cypress Creek HS Frisco Centennial HS Varsity Hebr
  7. I'm not going to lie, I've kind of become an Eastlake (SO) fanboy since that show a few years back with all the cowboys in the desert. There was an element of camp and strangeness that I just really, really appreciated. And the performers are consistently excellent. This year is no different. The show, Viva!, is a very Spanish-flavored celebration of life. They're all dressed like toreadors, at least until the end, when they change into these beautiful, colorful, flowing gowns. I about shrieked with excitement when they came out with those dresses. (Was that the guy in the upper left corner al
  8. Semifinals B is underway. Some really, really excellent groups this weekend. I'm just sort of clicking around again, focusing on TX groups. I see you, Pearland (SA). This is really great. The name of the show is Composed. The floor depicts a grand staff that stretches from left to right across the floor. There's a black bar in the middle that sort of reminds me of the long white table that was placed vertically in Santa Clara Vanguard's 2015 production, Number 10: You'll Never Be Alone. The guard members are dressed in all black with black leg capes and represent notes dancing across the
  9. The finalists will be announced after semifinals B, which is this upcoming weekend. Finals will be the following week. Instead of placements after finals competition, finalists will be categorized into 5 broad groups, each with very flattering names. I think it ranges from "Master" (for the groups that get scores of 1 in all six captions) to "Outstanding." No idea what the cutoffs are for any group besides "Master." Lower scores = better, but I don't think we're going to see any actual scores. Probably, along with separating the kids by experience/skill/motivation for the first
  10. So Cyndi is directing and designing 4 groups this season?! I think I would overdose on Xanax. I guess it's a good way to ensure that the kids coming into the high school know what you want them to know. How long has Cyndi been directing the McCullough rehearsals? I ask this because I searched on YouTube for other videos of the group, and the most recent one I found (2016) looks more like the typical junior high show I'm used to seeing. I watched the TCGC spotlight video. I've always been curious about the Code Black connection. I see a lot of the same names popping up in Houston-area guar
  11. I don't typically watch Junior High shows, because usually the skills in them are very rudimentary and the compositions are very basic -- at least in Texas. The goal seems to be teaching the kiddos basic movement and how to hold the flags and rifles and do some very basic phrases with them -- with rare tosses here and there that don't get very much height. So, I really wasn't prepared for McCullough Junior High's show, Don't Kill My Vibe. My expectations were way too low. I'm still picking my jaw up off of the floor. Who is teaching this group?! There's something like 30 girls on that red
  12. Hebron's varsity show (SA) is pretty sparse from a design perspective. It's called ...Beside the Golden Door. The floor is darkly colorful with an almost spray-painted, urban look, which encapsulates an image of the Statue of Liberty. The music repeats over and over again, "There will be better days." Let's all hope so! Anyway, the real star of this show is the skills of these performers. Confident and clean. They get some real speed on those tosses, and when they catch those rifles, it is a clean, cleaaaan SNAP. It is so very satisfying to watch and hear. It kind of reminds me of the speed an
  13. Semis A is complete! Which is to say the videos have been uploaded. No word on finalists until semis B is done. Reaaaally love Berkner's (SO) floor design this year. The show is called Up in Smoke, and they've recreated the interior of a house that has burned down. Blackened couches, smeary, ash-covered clothes, a lonely table with a vase on it, a charred vanity. There's some sort of burnt up double-decker structure in the back that the performers climb on top of. The second floor? Just really, really interesting to behold. It paints a picture. It also seems to have some sort of deeper, a
  14. You know what, I looked again at the lists. There are enough in at least the Scholastic A and Open classes to warrant a semis. World class not so much, but that's kind of always been the case. Usually a very small number get eliminated after a world class semis event. Another revelation: actually, I have seen Invictus! I went over to their Facebook page and saw a very familiar-looking still from the show. That pastel blue floor. I know I watched at least part of it, must have been the eShowcase. They do the Onyx 2014 thing where the guy twirls the two people around on his shoulders, right
  15. "In Semi Finals, all color guards receiving a “Superior” Rating (Final Rating Value of 9 or less) will automatically progress to Finals. If the class target maximum has not been met, then color guards achieving the next rating value of 10, from both Semi Finals Contests, will progress to Finals. This continues, considering progressive rating values pulling from both Semi Finals, until the target maximum has been met. All color guards achieving the breakpoint rating value will progress to Finals. This may extend the number of color guards to exceed the target maximum." The class target max
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