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  1. 1st - Flower Mound 2nd - Hebron 3rd - Marcus 4th - Prosper 5th - Sachse 6th - Wylie East 7th - Rockwall 8th - Wylie 9th - Mckinney Boyd 10th - Prosper Rock Hill ------- 11th - Allen 12th - Plano East 13th - Byron Nelson 14th - McKinney 15th - Plano West
  2. and I absolutely agree with the number drop within the program. Between 2017 to 2019 the band went from 180ish to 205. 2020, Band had 176 2021, Band had 120 in the show, about 150 altogether. 2022, like I said 100 - 120.
  3. Rough guess would be between 100 - 120. I think Covid and Director Changes is what made the band get smaller, although they did place the highest so far at State, with a much smaller group. Yes, it is crazy, but not the first time that has happened. 2017, we lost 3 directors as well. I think with their latest additions, they could still become one of the best. Especially with a director that is a part of The Cadets Visual Team. I am still expecting big stuff to come out of Lumberton this year and from what I've heard, everyone is excited.
  4. I personally don't think they will make finals. However, I can see them placing 18th - 30th.
  5. I was hoping that site would have every region, area, and state packages. I was much disappointed to find out its just select regions and areas.
  6. The PDF Files for 2013 are hard to get. I have found them once but that was over a year ago, and I have no idea where they were at when I did find them.
  7. I never got to watch it... 😭 but I will try tonight.
  8. You are correct. I apologize if I sounded rude or anything.
  9. Thats a good one. Thats what I love about DCI and Marching bands in general. Everyone has a different favorite show and that is alright.
  10. I'm not gonna edit my comment from June 30th, however I did fail to mention my all time favorite DCI Show. That would belong to 2010 Cavaliers - Mad World. This show from the pre-show to the very end, has a define "edge of the seat" feeling/tone if that makes sense. The opener is jaw dropping even 12 years later. And that closer...... Beyond words. Imo, they deserved the win and not 2nd place.
  11. Not Covid. It was because of the field conditions that I believe all the groups did a standstill performance. Of course, Cavies did their standstill because of Covid.
  12. I got my Phan Tour shirt tonight!!! SUTA!!!! Side Note, for the longest time, I always had difficulty trying to figure out which corp was my true favorite. As a little kid, my favorite was the Cavies, however now that I'm an adult, I have fully realized that Phantom Regiment is my favorite. It was because of how I was watching them progress through the 2021 season and then so far in this season, I realized that I never did that for any other group. Also, in my opinion, the depth of Phantom's shows is a little bit more than the Cavalier's shows, (That I watch and love). Although my all-time favorite DCI Show is Mad World 2010 Cavaliers. I know, I know, I'm weird.
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