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  1. This year will be extremely close as 8 bands have a shot to make State. Thankfully 5 will advance but 3 bands who could make State in about every other area will not make it. I am expecting some insane finishes within the ranks.
  2. Is there only going to be predictions for 5A Areas and 6A Areas?
  3. maybe they just don't want to. chill my man xd
  4. I fully agree with the region part. I bet now a lot of us will want to change our predictions for Area now that some bands are not competing.
  5. Every 4A band in Region 10 got a 1 except for Hamshire-Fannett, Silsbee, and West-Orange Stark
  6. Hey the Region 10 Marching Contest is being held on the 16th, this Saturday. Not the 19th.
  7. I know you graduated from Porter but just wanted to say congrats on getting 6th at LSP. That was a very stacked contest and for yall to place higher above North Shore and Cy-Fair says something about the Porter Band. Lumberton placed 18th out of 26. I think that was reasonable bc they had a rough run.
  8. This contest will be held on October 30th at Lindale HS. As of 10/11/2021, there are 19 bands intending on competing in Open Class. These bands are: Liberty-Eylau North Lamar Paris Pleasant Grove Spring Hill (competed at the UIL military State Contest last year) Shepherd (Did not compete last year) Splendora Bridge City Hamshire-Fannett (got a 2 this year. Not advancing) Hargrave (Did not show up at Region last year) Jasper (got a 2nd Division last year) Liberty (2nd Division last year) Little Cypress-Mauriceville Livingston Lumberton Orangefield Silsbee (Got a 2 this year. Not advancing) West Orange-Stark (Got a 2 this year. Not advancing) Palestine (Got a 2 this year. Not advancing) Last year, 4 bands advanced out of 11 competing bands. They were: North Lamar, Lumberton, Bridge City, and Paris. 2018 5 bands advanced out of 25 competing bands. They were: North Lamar, Spring Hill, Paris, Little Cypress-Mauriceville, and Lumberton. In bold are the bands that advanced last year. In Italics are the bands who would've made Area Finals last year. This contest is really stacked as NL, Lumberton, LCM, Bridge City, Livingston, Spring Hill, and Paris all have a shot to make State. Please feel free to discuss on who you think could advance from this very stacked 4A Area.
  9. I say Porter will most likely get 1st. They are having a great season it seems. At Lone Star Preview they got 6th place beating groups like Klein Collins, Cy-Fair, and North Shore. Yes I know that contest uses BOA judging format but I still believe Porter will get 1st and will do way better at State
  10. Do you know the reason why they aren't going to attend State if they make it?
  11. Lumberton got 2nd in 2A but grabbed outstanding general effect
  12. No order: Clear Brook, Oak Ridge, College Park, Porter, Klein Cain, Klein Oak, Klein Collins, Cy Woods, North Shore, and Cy-Fair
  13. While the chances are low for Lumberton to make finals, I think they will impress many people!
  14. I wasnt thinking at the time I made that comment. I think HP will be in the top 3 again.
  15. I dont have College Park in mine, but I dont like my list. Can I change it all?? XD LOL
  16. I am really excited for this competition! Super stacked!!
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