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  1. The judge's kids probably nagged them endlessly to read Dr Seuss before bed
  2. I'm glad to see Round Rock top 10 in music performance during Semis, they can really play! Just need some work on the overall design next time.
  3. Lewisville ISD continues to set the standard for music performance
  4. Just gonna excuse myself to the bathroom so I can cry at work. Thanks Marcus.
  5. Aside from some electronic blips Vista Ridge and Round Rock improved a lot since San Antonio, way to throw it down for semis.
  6. This seems to have been the case the past couple of years now. It's frustrating to say the least.
  7. Well since they're going to the Rose Parade I believe they'll get to perform the show again at the Pasadena Bandfest
  8. Even if bands had zero props money is still going to factor into a bands success. Things like music arrangements, drill design, private lesson tutors and tech staff all play into a bands success. If you hate props in marching band just say so, but stop parroting this "it'll kill the activity" point. It's a fabrication and you have zero evidence there is any sort of decline because of props.
  9. That doesn't suprise me. I'm sure they'll march a lot better at Nationals than they did yesterday, I'm just not sure what they can do now to make it more effective.
  10. Musically Round Rock is a finalist caliber band. Those visual scores are just brutal though. Can't say I disagree with them either. I hope they get that sorted out in the future soon, these kids can freaking play.
  11. Reagan 2nd in music over Vandy and CTJ definitely had me do a double take
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