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  1. I double dog dare ABC to come to San Antonio. All at once. Do it.
  2. Hopefully Hebron and The Woodlands make that podium race a lot more interesting next year. You can't argue much with those results though.
  3. Does anyone know what other bands have recently played Red Cape Tango?
  4. Historically it's always been their biggest weakness. Fortunate it didn't cost them the gold today.
  5. Round Rock a late bloomer once again. I'm so proud of them!
  6. San Antonio is always a special event, but tonight's finals was my favorite since I started watching BOA. Every band here tonight is an absolute legend. RIP to my productivity the next couple weeks as I will just be watching the recorded performances over and over.
  7. The Woodlands are just incredible from start to finish. There wasn't a moment of the show I didn't absolutely love. Hard to believe they might be even better than last year.
  8. I love that Flower Mound brought back the "Bassoon Box"!
  9. CTJ went through all that trouble to build an Earth prop when they could have just borrowed Round Rocks after they were done 😛
  10. I have to be honest I didn't think much of Kellers show earlier in the season but I loved it tonight! Such an amazing ballad and the props were great on multicam.
  11. Am I crazy for thinking Wylie East is a dark horse to make it?
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