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  1. CTJ 11112 - but you are right - it will come down to the judges Vista Ridge Lake Travis WestLake MacArthur Reagan Churchill
  2. CTJ does not usually do a trailer - but here is one for 2022
  3. sounds like alot of directors from the "known" programs are moving on.. Texas Bands may look alot different this fall
  4. so tonight was my last band banquet as a parent. it is a bittersweet moment for my wife and I. we have been involved in our program for the past 11 years. my son decided to graduate a year early so he stole our last year. I am so grateful for what the program has done for my kids, so many life lessons that they learned and how it made them better human beings. My wife and I where given a the classic uniform in a shadow box and a shako with the plume tonight ( I have a bit of a CTJ museum in my study) it will complete my collection of drum heads, photos and medals. We will still be involved in growing our foundation to support the CTJ cluster going forward, and we will still volunteer our time to support the program and travel to follow the band. just not the same without a kid in the program. I am grateful for all the great friends and amazing parents, directors and students we have worked with this past decade.
  5. so - to shout out to MadisonBandMan - yes the city sees a HUGE influx of of visitors for Fiesta - but we don't know what this year will look like as it has been shut down for the past 2 years. this event happens at the "rock pile" that is Alamo Stadium down by St Mary's university. there are more than 30 bands that will march "in review" - they march to the front of the home stands on the track - stop and play a fun tune that has them all dancing and having a load of fun - after the first group of parade bands, - there is a feature band that will perform their 2021 field show, then another group of 10 parade bands - and another feature band - the next group and ends with the last feature band that will be CTJ performing their 2021 field show of "opposites attract". once they clear the field, ALL of the bands will return to the field for a mass band performance. this year the Mass band will be Directed by Dr. Cliff Crooms - Director of the Longhorn Band. - I attached a few pics. both of my kids have marched the parade and been in the feature band spot - gotta love fiesta - you can also catch bands at the Battle of Flowers parade in San Antonio on Friday - a tradition since 1891 and one of the oldest running parades in the country. or the Fiesta Flambeau that CTJ will also march on Saturday - a night parade that has all the kids lit up with lights. - VIVA FIESTA!! Lets go Claudia!!! - FYI - these pics where from tonight practice
  6. I totally agree - they would certainly be in the hunt on ANY year that they would come to San Antonio. but are they going to travel further (550 miles VS 400 Miles) to give up the SR Gold medal that they have collected for the past 15 years for a SR in San Antonio that would be a much bigger challenge. Don't get me wrong - I would love to see Broken Arrow, Tarpon, Avon, Carmel and so many others make the trip to the Alamodome to play with ALL the Texas bands. not just the ones that can afford to make their "every few years" trip to Indy. I still think that BA would have won San Antonio this year if they attended, but I think it would have been great to see them in the dome going against Hebron and Vandy. if you had the top 6 non-Texas bands from G Nats in San Antonio - would all 6 make finals - I think not. Vistas Ridge placed 12th in both - but you would need to account for Hebron, Vandy, Cedar Ridge, Coppell, Leander, Kellar, and Cedar Park in that mix. It would be a heck of a ride. Grand Nats is what it is based on the title attached - move it to Texas with the same title and the participation would be off the charts. It will not happen due to the "deal" that MFA/BOA has with the city of Indy, not just on the stadium, but on their offices - etc. - the alamodome may not be as nice as LOS - but the competition remains top notch.
  7. it is not a Texan ego - though I have plenty of that for other topics - if you go back 20 years, the San Antonio Super Regional has had 5 out of state bands make finals with Carmel edging Bell by .25 on 2002. but since then, we had Owasso place 3rd in 2004, Blue Springs placed 6th in 2013, Owasso in 2015 placed 8th, and Avon placed 4th in 2017. But the San Antonio Super is not what it was 20 years ago. Look at the finalist that really did not exist as a major program when Carmel was here. SA finalist schools that opened in that 20+ year span. 1998 Cedar Park Opened 1999 Flower Mound and Reagan Opened 2003 Vista Ridge Opened 2008 CTJ and Rouse Opened 2009 Vandegrift Opened 2010 Cedar Ridge Opened that group has more than a dozen Gnats finals appearances as well as Vandegrift's Championship in 2019 as stated by slow brass - Broken Arrow has won the St Louis Super for the past 15 years - if it isn't broke - don't fix it. BA could very well have won San Antonio this year with that amazing show. but just as our Texas bands make plans to go to Indy a year in advance and hope that they have a show that is well received by the judges. I would assume many of the programs that we would love to see in San Antonio (Tarpon, BA, etc.) would have to give up a trip to Indy that year because of the cost to do both trips as well as time out of school. I do not think it is Texas Ego to say that most years, San Antonio is more competitive than Grand Nats.
  8. too big of a risk - come to SA and get beat hurts their standings for GN - they go to St Louis for a reason - it is a guaranteed medal with no risk
  9. this sounds like the same conversations from a year ago - we had a great deal of - "confirmed" as attending - at one point I had 15 "confirmed" bands and we had 7 that attended - love to hear the projected attendees, but I will wait till June before we start printing shirts 🤪
  10. Props are not required and how much did the props that Broken Arrow have add to their show? was that a deciding factor? they sure looked expensive to build and even more to haul from OK. there is much to be said about what a program spends on drill designers and other expense, so what do you propose to make this fair for everyone. do we limit the amount that a program can spend? do we ban props? do we require that every program write their own drill and arrange their own music? do we restrict the private lessons of their students? do we limit who they can bring in to consult? Avon and Carmel spend next to nothing to go to Grand Nats and get to go every year. they sleep in their own beds every night for their super regional and grand nats. They do not have to deal with a 8 hour rule as it appears to be unique to Texas. That is my bigger concern. Every program has the ability to fundraise to support their programs. I am not talking about just selling coupon books and/or mulch. I have been doing fundraising outside of the student families for a number of years. the programs that claim that they struggle actually have the advantage as they can quickly qualify for grants. the schools that are in affluent areas do not, as every school and district is rated in a system that grant supporters want to see. Your program may a high income demographic and fail to qualify for support, but have a huge transient population in the means of apartments/rentals that need support - especially if you are in an area that supports a military base - moving every 3 years. Our program is considered by far too many to be an affluent program - but our cluster foundation provided more than $50K in support this season for marching scholarships for Grand Nats, for one of our middle schools to do Midwest clinic, for instruments at other schools. This funding was to support kids that would not otherwise be able to participate based on their financial situation. If you think that the "affluent" schools do not have a free lunch program - you are mistaken. I would welcome and be more interested in any thoughts on how we can ensure that every kid has the ability to perform in the marching arts - and I would support anything that is reasonable, but let's not assume that the only means it to provide for some is to take away from others.
  11. my understanding of the process, is that programs are asked if they would accept the invitation if it was offered because it is an expensive trip. the highest ranking program in finals that said that they would accept receives the invite. the other option is to submit a packet to attend the TOR parade. that process is very extensive and is in short a book to justify why your program should get an invite. it is an amazing trip for the kids. in addition to the parade, there is a bandfest field show event at Pasadena City Collège. kids really enjoy the trip and miss no school. Congrats to Vista Ridge and we will all be cheering on our Texas Bands in Jan 2022 - Hebron and Vista Ridge in 2023
  12. stellar - that guard is flat out on fire and the show is a blast to watch
  13. Every program has the ability to opt out of BOA - with UIL, not so much. the UIL scoring process is a known antiquated hot mess. this year was going to be different with a 7 judge panel that would reward both guard and percussion. it was trialed in 5A State in 2019 with shadow judges to see how it went and was not done in 2020 due to the pandemic. It was again a hot mess that had no consistency with very wide swings from prelims and finals and no understanding to how the judging was done. BOA is far from perfect, but you know what to expect.
  14. can we end this conversation already - this is a yearly thing. unless someone has $500K in their pocket that wants to ensure that the "Best in Texas" goes to G Nats let's just let it go. In 2019 we heard... but if Reagan went... but they didn't - and Vandy brought home the Eagle. how do you think the Vandy program felt to heard - but if Reagan went... Hebron had a phenomenal show and they took gold in BOA-SA and State - their season is over and they will now prepare for their trip to Pasadena and the Tournament of Roses parade in January. I know they will have a great time. but let's start supporting the 7 programs that ARE going to Indy and move on.
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