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  1. Yes, they are on EST, so subtract an hour to get the proper Texas time.
  2. Marcus's early draw yesterday really hurt them. Their show was UIL friendly, musical, and clean. Going later must have given them breathing room. And Hebron won it as they very much should have.
  3. I've been in that uniform closet. It's stuffed full of interesting stuff. 😀
  4. Marcus always stays over from BOA to state. So they'll be okay. Besides, if anyone remembers Unwritten in 2019, they went first at like 7:30 at BOA SA on two hours sleep. They won the 4A prelims music caption--that performance was electrifying. There's just something about being the early band on the lot.
  5. It's called The Road Home. By Craig Hella Johnson I believe.
  6. So I have a silly question. BOA music judges focus on different pieces (ind v ensemble). Do UIL judges look at music/visual as a whole or do they specialize too? I've always tried to understand the swing in some of the judging, whether it's just personal thoughts of the whole, or a specific view. I feel like I should know this, but can't seem to dig deep enough in the adjudication manual to find out.
  7. Yeah, a Hebron win would've eased the sting for Marcus a bit--they were hoping when it got down to the last 2. But CTJ had a solid performance. Here's hoping we have the chance for the whole shebang next year, pomp and finals included!
  8. I can only answer for my band--but buses for us were opt in only. Many students are driven by their parents (even to San Antonio, 5-6 hours one-way) but for those on buses, there is a very strict seating protocol of maybe 1/4 the students on them, fully masked. We will be driving there and back. It'll be a very long day but it'll be worth it.
  9. My bad! In my defense, I was outside the stadium, corralling band kids. ?
  10. Area C State Finalists: 1. Marcus 2. Flower Mound 3. Henron 4. Wylie (edited, my apologies!)
  11. They may have to start doing what college bands do for away games (given the far more considerable expense) is send pep bands. Keep the same number of buses but trade off group A and group B for away games. Not sure that's budget conscious, but an option.
  12. I want to be optimistic--Marcus announced it's show to the band last night, and it looks really fun. This is my youngest's senior year, so after this season, we age out. It breaks my heart to think we might not have a season, especially for the seniors looking to close out their careers. I can live without a super-regional, honestly, and a multi-site state competition wouldn't be as exciting, but it would be something. But the virus doesn't care about band...so I guess we'll see how the summer goes. The other thing to consider is what the schools will be doing. Dallas ISD is reviewing a 3-day on campus/2-day at home schedule. LISD (north) hasn't announced anything, but any deviation from 5 day school weeks could change how the bands can even rehearse.
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