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  1. Very excited to see who can medal. It’s looking like in A class we could have Westlake and Friendswood potentially medal or Bridgeland can even sneak back up. SO as Johnson and IO has Origins Open who are both having a very strong year! I’m also wondering if The Woodlands can hold on to that medal spot and bring home the first World class medal in Texas history! It’s going to be such a great week!
  2. Something interesting to note is that Friendswood does not elect to participate in TCGC at all! They only attend WGI Regionals and Championships with their Varsity. I’m assuming for consistency of judging. They did in 2021 but I think that was just because of Covid and getting some extra performances.
  3. thoughts on the San Antonio regional, @leandermomma ?
  4. Their new director should add some consistency with a new design staff.
  5. They won the Southwest Regional last season. Going to Championships for the first time since their director change! Also Clear Brook is the other HS in Friendswood and also attending!
  6. yeah i remember hebron getting screwed over, that’s why i was wondering
  7. is it too 6 / bottom 6 ? i thought it was all random order at grand nats
  8. We have always known there is something in the water at Leander ISD.
  9. Now that semis is over,, 1. Vandegrift 2. Avon 3. Leander 4. Carmel 5. Hebron 6. CTJ 7. The Woodlands 8. Mason 9. Round Rock 10. Harrison 11. Ayala 12. Homestead 4A Music - Vandegrift Visual - Avon GE - Vandegrift 3A - Leander Sweep
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