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  1. Happy to see Etude on the podium. I found their show to be so so so effective emotionally.
  2. Arcadia’s clarity, especially in the staging, is completely unmatched. With a stronger weapon book, they would easily contend for the gold. AND THAT FLAG FEATURE. So good.
  3. TWHS’ show is truly epic. Just unrelenting with the tosses, but in the most elegant way possible. Probably one of my favorite SW shows ever, partially because of the audacity to even attempt it.
  4. Tarpon was fantastic. It feels very much like a sequel of last year, and sequels are rarely better than the original. I just think there’s too much extraneous stuff. Last year was the perfect amount of extra.
  5. What a heavy concept to give to high schoolers! The level of synchronization that Carmel achieves on those unison tosses is mind blowing considering the soundtrack doesn’t really have very defined rhythmic cues.
  6. Kiski is easily one of my top favorites of the whole weekend. The design is just so smart and the performers display the highest level of technical proficiency.
  7. Didn’t even realize Miamisburg’s lights weren’t working. Their performers are so captivating! So much athleticism required, they just never stop spinning those weapons.
  8. The depth of talent in SO finals was amazing. I’m so glad they didn’t promote any of these groups mid season and instead let them shine in open class. I think Ayala still takes it but I wouldn’t be mad to see Centerville sneak in there. As much as I would love to see Marcus medal, I think that American Fork made the best case for bronze.
  9. Arlington was stellar. Easily secured the gold with that performance!
  10. Grand Oak’s level of confidence and cleanliness is truly incredible for an A class group. Like wow their technique is good.
  11. Finals for SO is going to be so exciting. These scores are still so close. A 3-way tie for 3rd!
  12. It’s soooo satisfying to seeing how clean Westlake’s flag work is
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