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  1. Great to see Coppell back! Some unfinished business there after missing finals last year. I didn’t know M&G Johnson was SW. I guess they self-promoted? Also SO excited to see what The Woodlands does!
  2. Coppell needs to go. Cedar Ridge and Keller need to go back.
  3. Congrats Carmel!!! Crazy that Southlake Carroll finished 7th here which is the same placement they got in area finals. A testament to their ability to clean and the depth of competition in Texas.
  4. Enjoyed Tarpon a lot more on a third viewing! Or maybe I’m just grateful to be able to actually watch any band right now 😂
  5. Prosper was just beautiful! When I first saw them on the HEB contest livestream, I had faith they would make finals here. Every time I see Hendrickson they just have the best energy. You can see how much they believe in their band and their show. Henny train!!! This is the second year in a row that Southlake Carroll has peaked at the last possible second to secure one final performance. From 13th at DFW and state alternate to top 12 here! Amazing showing in finals for Team Texas!!!
  6. I didn’t get to see any of Johnson’s performances here but I’m still shocked they didn’t make it.
  7. Still hard for me to imagine Prosper not being in finals after that. I’ve really enjoyed their show all season long.
  8. Mustang is always so fun, but I feel like this year’s show doesn’t fully capture that same energy. There’s something strangely ominous about it, idk. They sounded great though.
  9. Carmel might be my pick to win. I love their music so much and the guard is just totally nailing it. I think they have a better music run in them though.
  10. Southlake Carroll was so much better in semis than they were in prelims!
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