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  1. I’m not a cryer at all, but there have definitely been a few shows that made me tear up. I’m usually moved more by uplifting shows rather than heavy or sad ones. Hebron 2019 & 2021. I got to see the 2019 show in person at San Antonio finals, but it didn’t fully click for me until I saw the GN prelims performance. I just remember being in awe at the level or performance and feeing so proud of the TX representation. Definitely brought tears to my eyes. The 2021 show didn’t move me in that same way, but I’ve never been more in awe of a show so I have to mention it. Flower Mound 2015 & 2016. I have a lot of nostalgia for shows from these years and Flower Mound introduced me to the pure creativity that was possible on the field. The endings of both shows are perfection to me. In the 2015 show when everything goes quiet and you just hear the choir in the box while the “This is not a Marching Band” banner flies overhead…ughhh!! Then the end of the 2016 show with the woodwind sextet, the horns going crazy, and the sunset imagery, so good. The opening hits of both shows are also crazy good too. Keller 2016. This show grabbed me from the beginning. Ethereal, uplifting, and just beautiful. The ending was what really got me though. Seeing someone do a backflip in full uniform while holding an instrument was so crazy and unexpected for me to see at the time. Leander 2021. Clearly not a heavy show at all, but something about that SA finals performance really had me holding back tears. They had a somewhat turbulent season so I think I was so proud of how excellent and moving the final product was.
  2. I really want Keller to return as well, but I would like to see another compelling visual program from them before they go. They’re the only consistent San Antonio finalist that has yet to crack the top half, and for one of the best playing bands in the country, I think their recent visual offerings have held them back a bit. 2019 was a miss aesthetically, and 2021 was too bare-bones. Also, I saw that Seven Lakes will have over 100 guard members on the field this year so I imagine they’re planning something exciting!
  3. Miamisburg is complete perfection. I did not see a single mistake.
  4. Westlake may not have the most difficult or flashy moments, but the extremely high level of training is so evident. The technical proficiency just speaks for itself.
  5. TWHS and Miamisburg were both incredible, as expected. Probably my two favorite SW shows this year. Miamisburg’s double rifle moment is just the biggest flex.
  6. I really enjoy West Broward’s show! It feels fresh (but maybe that’s because I hadn’t seen it until this week 😂) There is just way too much going on with Tarpon’s soundtrack. Still found myself enjoying the show though.
  7. TWHS was so clean and confident. It also helps that their show really connects with the audience.
  8. Miamisburg is incredible. Love that show so much. Norwin was so much better than just a few weeks ago, which was awesome to see.
  9. Yay Center Grove!! Much better finals performance. The show is so so difficult with the soundtrack being so quiet and not rhythmic.
  10. Carmel and Avon were both absolutely incredible. You could hear every single catch from Carmel, it was so solid. And then Avon comes out with something a bit different yet SO compelling. I really couldn’t tell which was better.
  11. Poor Vista Ridge falling in placement at like every competition this year. There’s nothing to not be proud of though. They tackled such a difficult show.
  12. Congrats to Broken Arrow! And also congrats to Flower Mound for keeping the music caption in Lewisville ISD!
  13. Me too! Easily the cleanest performance of the night (next to Marcus or course). Guard was totally on fire.
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