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  1. It's good to see Round Rock participating. I think this will be good for them.
  2. And remember, that will allow one less spot for a Texas band in the finals. It's not like when a Texas band goes to St. Louis or Indianapolis where there are plenty of finals spots available for above average bands.
  3. No, unfortunately, Round Rock was placed appropriately. They are going to need more tools in the box to compete. I wished better for them, but they just didn't have enough of what so many others had. Time for them to step it up. And by "they", I mean the directors in choosing a better design team and teaching that design team's music and drill. With the right show and vision, they are completely capable of being in the mix again.
  4. The music is mostly from the musical Cabaret, plus Roxanne from Moulin Rouge and I think something from Chicago.
  5. Regarding comments on Round Rock: When they played really had no effect on their placement. Dismal visuals was the issue this year, for sure. Something that will have to be fixed next year. The placements for this competition and the last one for them were justified. It's heartbreaking watching those kids work so hard without the tools needed to excel. Not at all the fault of the students. If your formula is not working, directors, change the darn formula! Your kids want to win. Help them.
  6. If you are relatively new to this art form, this is what we called corps style 40 years ago when distinguishing it from military and show bands. This style follows the trends set by DCI and as it has changed to more music and dance theater productions, so has the high school bands participating in BOA. If you want something more marching-centered, you will like UIL better. There is less emphasis on the visual in that regard. It is what it is and the game is made by those providing the competitions. Either like the game, or don't play it. It is a choice each band gets to make for themselves.
  7. This has long been their weakness. They are battling with bands that don't play near as well with visuals that are much less than the caliber of their music. Something has to change or this will once again be their roadblock next year. So many bare spots in their visuals where absolutely nothing is happening. The students are killing it musically and just aren't being given the rest of the tools they need to succeed. Directors, are you listening? Time for major change in your approach.
  8. I wouldn't be so quick to have Round Rock out of the finals. There is a lot in their program that the judges are likely to appreciate and reward. There is a lot in their musical program that I think will provide the points to have them in the finals if they have a good run in prelims. They have always been late bloomers and have surprised us for many years. Remember, the music judges had them above Reagan just this past weekend. And that was without their electronics working properly.
  9. Leander wasn't the reason this area was created. They were just needed to make this work for someone else. You would need to know a lot about UIL politics and history to know why this happened.
  10. Always like this band. They are mostly military, but push the envelope with their percussion.
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