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  1. Always like this band. They are mostly military, but push the envelope with their percussion.
  2. Words only have the power you give them. If you get upset, the people using them win. Don't let them win. It is a choice.
  3. People stress over the panels, but if you are in the top 14 bands in the prelims, you will be in the finals. I've not seen anyone get left out that deserved to be there.
  4. I didn't read anyone saying that they didn't like Round Rock. It's a shame that your reading comprehension is so poor.
  5. Bold statement. And you're right, if that doesn't happen for them this year, it won't just be because they chose an easier path competitively. Maybe it's the attitude of "we always make it" that spells doom for them. Nothing is guaranteed, especially when the groups around you are getting better and better each year. Optimism can be misused.
  6. So why aren't the better bands attending this competition if it's such a valid option? Why have all of the top tier programs moved on to better options? Just because you have a history of doing something doesn't mean you should continue to do it. Loyalty isn't always a reason for doing something.
  7. Morale boosters are fine, but are not going to prepare you for a real competition. Getting a 95 at Westlake isn't going to prepare you for San Antonio or the Grand Nationals. To feel good for a day or two and then getting stomped a couple of weeks later isn't really all that helpful. I want the best for these kids. Iron sharpens iron. Taking the lesser path has had a long term effect on this program and I don't like seeing it repeated. They work hard and should reap more than minimal benefits from it.
  8. No one, and yours? This is a valid assessment. I think these kids are being shortchanged. With a program that is struggling year after year to barely make it in most finals, the leadership seems to take the same path. It's been the same way since my kids went through the program there.
  9. Well, they are not going to any other competition until BOA San Antonio. UIL is the only other event for them. Being a big fish in a very small pond at Westlake is not a program-building strategy.
  10. Just have to mention the absence of Round Rock at this competition. This is right in their backyard and they choose to go to Westlake instead. If anyone needs more competition and to be pushed and made better, it's them. Can't understand the logic behind this. Huge opportunity missed again.
  11. If anyone is interested: Austin Prelims Analysis Austin Finals Analysis
  12. I know very few of you would ever do this since you are so knowledgeable and wise, omnipotent really, but maybe this person didn't mean it the way you took it. Instead of immediately attacking someone and criticizing and assuming, maybe you could have asked for clarification. Not a popular thing these days giving people grace and allowing for your possible misinterpretation. How about just not worrying about it in the first place. If you disagree, PM them and have a discussion. Not as fun as having you and your friends in the forum pile on to the unfortunate person, but maybe a better course to take. Maybe your attacks are just as offensive to others. No, you'd never consider that. Obviously.
  13. And you are subject to criticism as well for your comments. Where you are wrong is where you tell me what to do. You don't have the right to do that without subjecting yourself to criticism. Sounds like you need to get over yourself and heed your own advice. I just like to for people to be able to air their opinions whether they are popular, or not. I didn't say I agreed with her, but I don't have to, to be okay with what she said. I know my opinions are not popular here which is why I rarely post anymore. There was a time when people could be honest and open here, years ago. Differing opinions are not welcome here any more and when someone breaks with the ranks, they pay the price for it.
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