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  1. This used to happen every year decades ago. Every class, prelims and finals, and all on one Saturday in Austin (most years).
  2. Thinking this could be a good opportunity for Pearland.
  3. Wow, so these are attending the Grand Nationals? CTJ Vista Ridge Pearland Round Rock Wills Point Jack C Hays James Bowie Reagan Marcus Flower Mound
  4. No, I am a band fan. Just going by 50+ years of marching band experience.
  5. Still, it matters what they have to put on the field next year, not what anyone had this year. Round Rock has been 4 times before and made the finals each time even in years that they didn't make the finals in San Antonio. I wouldn't leave them out of the list of likely finalists. Statistics are nerd play and I enjoy that as well, but experience with what it takes to make the finals in Indy is a huge factor. Neither Vista Ridge or Pearland have that at this point. Of course, I am not saying that they don't have a chance or a good chance. What they have next year will determine that.
  6. There is a certain point where we have so many Texas bands that we start pushing our own out of the finals, but it is nice to see a large contingent attend. I so hope we get to have a normal or near normal marching season this year. It's definitely going to be a rebuilding year for most bands.
  7. I don't know how many of you out there know about the Disneyland All-American College Bands that perform during the summer months. I didn't until recently when a video popped up as a recommendation in Youtube. These groups are very entertaining and something I would have wanted to do when I was that age. They do a pretty good job and with a small group like this, it is very difficult to do well with everyone being so exposed. Anyway, search them out on Youtube. I attempted to place links to a couple of videos, but the links were giving security warnings in all browsers.
  8. Oh, and I checked - at this particular competition, they were 1st place ahead of 11 high schools in Scholastic A (83.720). https://wgi.org/wp-content/uploads/wgi_events/static_scores/2020/scores_San_Diego_CG_Finals.html
  9. This reminds me of when I was at the WGI World Championships watching the IW/SW finals. My daughter had already performed in the SO finals and we were watching the top classifications. While watching the last two SW guards (Carmel and Avon) and I sent my daughter a text asking "Do you know the difference between you and the girls performing right now?". Of course she responded with "What?" and I responded "Nothing!". The truth is that there is no difference between our middle-schoolers and the kids at Palm Desert. Their kids aren't smarter or more talented. They aren't physically more capable
  10. Actually, what I have seen more lately is schools that have a few 8th graders in their JV.
  11. Cedar Park has been doing this for many years, but most schools are not going to do this as there is not staff to adequately teach the high schools and middle schools. Also, most color guard staff are not district employees and are paid by the band boosters and adding middle school staff is an expense that is harder to justify. It is actually very rare to have programs in the middle schools. It's great when they do, though, as it really helps build depth in the guard program.
  12. Same here! I should have explained better who I was so as to avoid the horrified look on your face before you realized just who I was in the forums.
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