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  1. I heard from a Woodlands band member that they aren't attending state. Not sure how that might affect the area competition, but it wouldn't surprise me if they decided not to attend area finals either. At least that opens up a state spot for another Area F band to make it to state. Should also be interesting to see how a state finalist spot opening up should affect who makes state finals.
  2. Cypress Woods is directly after Hebron- should be interesting to see if/how that affects placement. Definitely not making it easy for our first time attending. I will say that there are a LOT of bands that have a shot making finals purely because of how close the competition is.
  3. My school is a pretty new face in the BOA scene, and at San Antonio we go directly after one of the guaranteed finalist bands. Should be very interesting to see how that goes.
  4. Only a matter of hours until the first band takes the field tomorrow. Incredibly excited to see how tomorrow goes. Best of luck to everyone performing at both regionals tomorrow!
  5. Not saying much until after the competition cause I don't want to jinx my program, but I do believe that bands that had a competitive year last year are going to place better than they might have if every band had had a season last year. I think that the momentum from the previous season is definitely a big help and that some programs will have to spend a season or two rebuilding after losing a year.
  6. Sad to see them go. Hoping that this was just something like the show not being ready for a competition and not that they have a bunch of marchers out with COVID right now. Spreadsheet has been updated with new times reflecting the schedule change. Also, to @Quadmom68- I'll do my best to put together a spreadsheet for the Mansfield comp!
  7. Figured I'd share this here- we're sitting at less than a week from this comp. This spreadsheet is how I've been tracking bands over the past few weeks. Tons of bands that are very neck-and-neck, and a good few more that I haven't seen any show footage of. If anyone wants/needs me to change something on the spreadsheet, let me know. Super excited to see how Conroe is gonna pan out! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RM9LSfyrOQfsAdTyK-1f5xG6Z36sMFSftvvxhJUG-Vo/edit?usp=sharing Also gonna add that I have way too much time on my hands outside of rehearsal and practicing for region band so if any of y'all want me to make a similar spreadsheet for another competition I'd be down!
  8. Has anyone heard anything from Pearland or Seven Lakes? I've looked everywhere I can think of and haven't seen anything about them this year. Based on past years I expect them to do very well as always- I just don't know how they stack up against Woodlands right now.
  9. I've looked everywhere online, and I can't seem to find anything on SFA. Unless a halftime video gets posted soon we probably won't see anything other than the show concept on their website before Conroe. I've been closely following all the bands going to this comp- there are about 15 others that I've yet to find a performance rep from this year. Most of those I have seen are pretty neck-and-neck. With so many unknowns going into this event, I have almost no clue how finals is going to pan out.
  10. This comp is definitely getting overshadowed by a lot of the heavy-hitter bands at Austin, but looking at the list there are a lot of really good programs attending. I have no clue how the placements will end up but I'm really excited to see how it'll pan out.
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