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  1. My school doesn't participate in any indoor drumline for this exact reason. Rather than spending more time purely on the marching aspect of band, our percussion focuses on concert band to build more skill in a wider variety of percussion instruments. They put together several high-level pieces for a percussion concert that always happens at the end of the year, which are always incredible.
  2. I heard a rumor that Avon and/or Carmel are gonna try to come down to BOA SA next year. Not sure how credible that rumor is but something to keep in mind for predictions as bands slowly start to enroll.
  3. Pearland and Seven Lakes were truly great this year. It’s a real shame we didn’t have any Houston bands in finals this year, especially with just how close they were. Cypress Woods in 29th feels absurdly low. Like, I understand no finals- there are tons of excellent programs here. But a 29th placement is contrary to everything displayed by the program this year. Jersey Village and Bridgeland felt a little low as well, but not as upsetting as Woods.
  4. Loved everything I've seen today, but man, Woodlands has got to be my favorite of the night. CTJ and Vandy aren't far behind in my eyes, but I just adore the energy they brought in this performance. Personally don't see any way they don't medal tomorrow.
  5. Admittedly I hadn't seen Leander since their first game this year until just now. Even on Box5, I can really feel the power they're putting forward in their sound! I remember hearing early season that this year's Leander isn't at the same quality of years past. Maybe that's true, I wouldn't know- but I've gotta say I'm LOVING the top notch work I'm seeing here.
  6. I wouldn't count out Cypress Woods. While admittedly area competition and early season results aren't the most reliable, they've had a great season, and their victories over 7L and Pearland this year should be noted. It's a slim chance, but still a chance.
  7. Finals Results: 10th - Tompkins 9th - Katy 8th - Cy-Falls 7th - Cy-Fair 6th - James E. Taylor 5th - Cinco Ranch 4th (State Qualify) - Jersey Village 3rd (State Qualify) - Seven Lakes 2nd (State Qualify) - Cypress Woods Area Champion (State Qualify) - Bridgeland
  8. From the way it’s phrased, I’d think a good thing. Absolutely helps to have some real power in your hornline sound as long as it’s still a good, quality sound. And from what I’ve seen and heard about Cy-Fair, that’s exactly what they’re doing right now.
  9. It's very possible. Out of those four my bets are on Cy-Fair and JET, but I wouldn't count out Bridgeland or Tompkins just yet. I've also heard occasional whispers of Cinco Ranch sneaking into state? I haven't seen them this year so I have no idea how credible that is but I guess it's something to watch for this weekend. Should also be interesting to see how Cy-Woods and Seven Lakes compare here. Cy-Woods has never won an area competition before, but with them beating Seven Lakes at Conroe, this year has the possibility to be their first. No doubt the Seven Lakes kids have been working crazy hard to stay ahead of Cy-Woods as well. Regardless, there are going to be a ton of great programs at this competition and I'm very excited to see how it turns out.
  10. I'll add to this that I bet Bridgeland has a shot at 3rd or (more likely) 4th along with Cy-Fair, JET, and Tompkins. Them making state last year doesn't guarantee anything for this year, but I still feel like they've grown well enough as a program this year that they might still be in the running. IMO Cy-Ranch and Cinco Ranch are also pretty solid picks for finals as well- not state quality, but still good shows. Should be VERY interesting to see how finals pans out this year.
  11. I heard from a Woodlands band member that they aren't attending state. Not sure how that might affect the area competition, but it wouldn't surprise me if they decided not to attend area finals either. At least that opens up a state spot for another Area F band to make it to state. Should also be interesting to see how a state finalist spot opening up should affect who makes state finals.
  12. Cypress Woods is directly after Hebron- should be interesting to see if/how that affects placement. Definitely not making it easy for our first time attending. I will say that there are a LOT of bands that have a shot making finals purely because of how close the competition is.
  13. My school is a pretty new face in the BOA scene, and at San Antonio we go directly after one of the guaranteed finalist bands. Should be very interesting to see how that goes.
  14. Only a matter of hours until the first band takes the field tomorrow. Incredibly excited to see how tomorrow goes. Best of luck to everyone performing at both regionals tomorrow!
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