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  1. Sweet recap fairy, I too, would appreciate a magical appearance in my inbox.
  2. Same. That was my first time to see Clear Brook this year - quite disappointing to not be able to hear everything.
  3. Wow, FloMo!! I am blown away - they are firing on all cylinders this AM. Like a jolt of electricity and so energetic! Fantastic job!
  4. Y'all, Marcus just gave a brilliant run! I love this show more and more each time I see it. They sound magnificent. In a short amount of time, it is even more polished and gorgeous than Tuesday. I love the rotating diamonds in the opener and wow, that ballad is just STUNNING - when the whole band is in the triangle and triangle is moving all together to accentuate the notes of the ballad - oh my! Also, in the closer when we see the missing piece interlock in the drill - my heart. I would be overjoyed and also not surprised if they won the Music caption or maybe the whole thing.
  5. Typically, Pasadena Star News will livestream that event also.. I remember getting to watch Pop! again when FloMo went for Rose Parade 2019. It was like seeing an old friend again. I will be so excited to watch Penstriped again in a couple of months! Honestly, still buzzing to think that Hebron is now state champ! Thinking back to some of my favorite Hebron shows like Music in Every Direction, When Midnight Comes, and Uncharted Waters and now the absolute jewel that Penstriped becomes in their legacy.
  6. So happy for Hebron and this AMAZING show to be rewarded! Congrats to them!
  7. Super impressed by Menard - thanks for the video! What a lovely, relaxed ensemble sound from them and really really great dynamic contrasts and shaping of phrases. Wow!
  8. 3 from Area D 2 from Area A 1 from Area B 1 from Area C Congrats, all!
  9. Cedar Ridge's new uniforms are just gorgeous!! Also, those classic Hebron uniforms that they wear at the football games are just *chef's kiss* perfection.
  10. 3 from Area C 3 from Area B 3 from Area H 3 from Area D
  11. No Pearland 😩😩😩
  12. Super-enjoyed Vista Ridge! I love the lift and resonance they get on some of those releases!
  13. I was not expecting that outro, either! Fabulous!!
  14. This is amazing! Hahaha! I love the show and it is very difficult and very entertaining. Their visual is amazing - some of the sets are just absolute perfection and they are going places with a purpose and uniformity of individual movement. But I agree with the poem. For me, Hebron and Vandy, maybe also Marcus are musically ahead of them. So combine that with incredible visual from Vandy and Hebron and it’s going to be a (not impossible) but tough challenge for them, I think. Also, who knows about our new wildcard, the content/design category and how that will affect things.
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