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  1. Does anyone have a video of the shark band? I kinda really want to see that show
  2. How does the Rose Bowl Invitation work? exciting for Vista for sure.
  3. Anyone else break into tears during the Band Booster of the year award ?
  4. Thanks. I am a parent of an alumn so they have a spot in my heart still.
  5. Just saw a great pic, Vista walking towards the field in the tunnel past Vandy exiting. Exchanging high fives and first bumps. That is awesome.
  6. Congrats to all the bands those that made the finals and those that didn't. This was a difficult year for all the bands to get back into the routine of preparing and performing these amazing routines. Hebron and Vandy seem to be peaking at the right time, and Vista seems to have peaked a couple weeks ago. As always, one one thing about band concerns me is the amount of financial dependence they cost which means bigger more affluent areas can support these huge shows outpacing the others.
  7. Sure leave Vista to play the 6A schools in football.... eeekkk
  8. It will be weird not having Leander and Vista locked together.
  9. Vandergrift also is lucky enough to pull from a upper middle class to upper class demographic so they have more financial means that many other schools that start out. It isn't everything, but it certainly helps with band.
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