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  1. I believe I saw over the weekend that TWHS has 6.
  2. Saw a post at Hornrank that Pearland is going. Anyone here that can confirm? I hope they do.
  3. Some classic tunes would be by Rush - 2112 and Cygnus X-1 Book 1: The Voyage. Cygnus X-1 Book 2: Hemispheres may be too "Earthy" but worth a listen if you have time. These are all long form songs so range from 10 to 20+ minutes each.
  4. Sigh. I'll be living in Arizona by then, so I'll miss all the in-person contests in Texas...
  5. My only comment to this is you are challenging the co-morbidity statement with what? The data you linked to includes this as a data source: https://dshs.texas.gov/coronavirus/COVID-19OutbreaksinLong-termCareFacilities.aspx The total fatalities in this data set is 900. The total deaths in Texas from https://txdshs.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/ed483ecd702b4298ab01e8b9cafc8b83 is 1,939. This tells me that nursing homes/assisted living facilities are horrendously over-represented in the deaths (46%!!), which supports the co-morbidity statement. Lets look at the death rate fro
  6. Banddad84 didn't reference stats, he referenced data. There is a difference. The data is what it is, the statistics that are derived from it are where most of the games are played. Of course games can be played with data, but that is different from the stats games (straight up lying vs lying via cherry picking). In banddad84's reference, the data most likely has not been falsified as it is actually fairly easy for your opponents to check up on you since this isn't experimental data.
  7. I hope you kept that gerbil well fed!
  8. Shame the comic isn't updated any more. Last one was in 2012.
  9. You can still check the lists on the leaderboard - when you get to the leaderboard, click on the Top Members tab. It defaults to overview. Just click that for a drop down and select Most Posts.
  10. Don't forget North Shore! Lots of Houston bands that are good/very good, but not quite (at least consistently) at the SA/UIL finalist tier. That's why I enjoy the Houston Regional so much even though there aren't so many at that higher tier. It makes for a very interesting contest.
  11. Stopping the spread of any disease requires R0 < 1. Social distancing does not accomplish this. It slows the rate of infections, but R0 remains > 1. That means the amount of time it takes to essentially stop the spread is extended. This is true for any disease and not specific to the current one. This is not a statement for/against the policy, but a statement of what it means to the infection rate. Even the facebook posts showing the infections spread out over a longer time period so the healthcare system isn't completely overwhelmed in a short period visualize this effect. Social distan
  12. The current measuring stick in the Houston area for state finals/BOA Grand National finals would be to at least match The Woodlands consistently year over year. It has been many years since a Houston area band did this. While the number of outstanding bands is growing, the number of finalist spots at those events is not (or at least not as fast as the programs are growing). TWHS tends to be a mid-pack finalist most of the time recently, so being on that level would be a strong indicator of success. Exceeding that level would be even better, of course. My expectation is that TWHS will take what
  13. They have color guard, percussion, and a general audio commentary judge. Those are additional items and not incorporated into the placements. The music (individual and ensemble), visual (individual and ensemble), and GE (2 music/1 visual) judges sheets are the BOA sheets and those are the only scores that count for placements. Forgot to comment on the attendees - it really depends. I've seen it with 20+. 2 years ago it was 14 I believe, and we invited all 14 to perform in finals. Last year was 18 or 19. We'll see about scheduling vs region contests for 6A in the Houston area.
  14. Your question is an interesting one - another contest is the one The Woodlands hosts (Lone Star Preview), which is BOA style rules to the core (including BOA judging sheets). As the ripples of this change expand, I'll probably reach out to a couple people to see if there is going to be a change to account for a 12 band finals per the updated BOA rules.
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