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  1. I'm super excited to see what they come up with. Can't say who it is yet, but CP will have a new drill writer and new uniforms next year. Despite BOA SA results cp has had a very smooth transition of staff over the last couple years. 2020 will be the first year of a new cp. Fitting that the change will happen at the start of the next decade.
  2. Call me crazy but if vandegrift can put together and perform a grand nationals winning show then I think Vista is just as capable. They seem to have a slower start than most but end up passing notable competition by San Antonio. This is no knock at vandy, I just think almost as highly of vista right now as I do them. Vista could be one of the few Texas bands to win visual in finals of GN. Their no shakos+emotional expression in performance gives them incredibly high and well deserved individual visual scores. Plus, we all know those students can play with the best of them. Every year
  3. Flo's complete monopoly on the streaming and recording of the marching arts is incredibly frustrating. Especially due to it being nearly twice as expensive and half as good as videos used to be (ESPECIALLY in terms of stream quality). The fact that their extreme price buys me a stream that can't decide if it's 1080p or 144p, or if it's recorded on high quality sound equipment or a flip phone is disgraceful. That's not even mentioning the adds that crashed my stream after every band (exclusively rocket mortgage I might add) or the fact that we get no archive of any kind. It's shamefully bad flo
  4. Oh I completely agree with all of this, I'm just curious what an orchestral leander show would sound like because y'all play so well. Keep up the great work!
  5. I personally would love to see leander take a break from the minimalist music and heavy reliance on electronics in terms of design. I think the performance quality is definitely there for Leander to fill a show with fresh takes on orchestral and wind band works and combine it with their modern choreo to create a hit. The visual design is top notch as far as I'm concerned. I personally love the music. However, it's been a trend ever since leander switched to minimalist works in 2014 that a music GE judge has been less than floored by them (placed them outside of the top 5, sometimes even out of
  6. I feel like with both reagan and Vista attending Texas has a strong chance at claiming two titles in a row. When was the last time that happened? Has it ever happened?
  7. My ranking for the top 8 this round would be: 1. Vandy 2. Leander 3. Avon 4. Carmel/Hebron 5. Carmel/Hebron 6. Ctj 7. Mason 8. Woodlands I think 1-3 could go in any order tonight.
  8. I doubt Mason will beat leander in music,and I highly doubt either of them will beat them in visual. That's just my opinion though.
  9. I'm not comparing results,just showing evidence of the effect GE has on a score/ranking compared to performance captions.
  10. I wouldn't be so sure, reagan and leander were 1 and 2 at pre lims of SA. Both placed 7th in music and leander was third in visual. The first and second in GE kept them at those ranks overall. When margins are small GE counts the most because the scores aren't averaged. A tenth in GE is a tenth to the overall score. All this to say the performance margins are plenty small enough for GE make the difference.
  11. Pretty stock technical issues for Leander, we can't seem to escape them. I'm confident they'll be on fire tomorrow though. After watching all of the big dogs I still think leander has the best shot at GE and the best overall design. I also think vandy just won pre lims. All I can say is wow. Avon and Carmel sound great, but I feel like there should be a considerable margin in terms of ensemble music scores (cant speak for individual). The controlled volume vandy, ctj, leander, Hebron, and the woodlands put out is unmatched imo.
  12. It should be noted that even pre recorded audio is performed by a student playing it at the correct time in the show. Not that pressing a certain key that plays a voice track is incredibly difficult, but it is still something the performer must take into consideration. A poorly timed or accidental voice over activation could ruin a shows effect.
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