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  1. avon has medaled for many straight years at gns - they came to sa in 2017 and got 4th (well within said streak). not entirely unfair to assume that broken arrow could see a similar outcome if they came to sa on the wrong year.
  2. money does play a factor and likely always will, but its definitely not through props or uniforms or whatever people like to argue. more affluent programs have access to more expensive lesson teachers and clinicians, an easier time getting instruments repaired, reliable electronics (these don’t actually exist haha), and more time can be spent rehearsing because salaried parents can take more time off to help out and whatever. adding a spending cap effectively does nothing at all to boost programs without these inherent benefits.
  3. avon 2010 was similarly technically impressive and clean to hebron this year, but idk if they did what they did with the sheer musicality and tonal purity hebron did it with this year
  4. -vista ridge will be back in top 5 -ctj will do one of their most straightforward, simple boa shows in recent memory -someone from lewisville isd will win music
  5. sounds like carmel to me! i kid, i kid……………….. they are very great
  6. i feel that way about like ten different programs this year i don’t know if we’ll see the highest scores ever tomorrow, but we are definitely gonna be seeing some of the closest scores ever
  7. ugh, the judges just couldnt give them the 96 in finals, could they???
  8. personally i find this carmel design much more appealing than their eagle-winning 2017 and 2018 designs, it’s more in line with their 2016 show. usually when i like a carmel show they don’t win, but maybe this year will be different 😂
  9. musically speaking, i can’t think of any better ones. avon’s 3-peat years had some technical features that were similarly crazy clean and hard, but they definitely didn’t have the richness of ensemble sound that hebron pulled off this year. it’ll be a while before anyone else pulls off that type of feat again, for sure
  10. carmel did beat avon at boa, though all i know is i wish hebron were going, but even without them i think texas has some strong chances to crash that ba/avon/carmel party. (woodlands DEFINITELY among them, with the right panel)
  11. personally found the timing issues more noticeable than the tuning in that performance. they’re still amazing and definitely still the favorite to win, and i love their production this year, but if they play like that in finals and win the music caption i may raise an eyebrow. their visual is impeccable and should contend with the indy bands for that caption. maybe we’re all just spoiled by having listened to hebron four times in the last week 😍😍
  12. bring your best listening ears and viewing eyes!!! (best clapping hands will be useful too!)
  13. hebron absolutely deserves everything they’ve gotten this year and more. they’ve been a staple of texas boa for the whole modern era and it’s a almost criminal how long it took them to edge out these other extraordinary programs at the top.
  14. oh, people who think effect is derived from props and pageantry… tools don’t build a house unless you use em right
  15. the curse of the best texas band not going to nats continues…
  16. ctj scheduled right after hebron in finals two events in a row, love it. those two back to back are a treat
  17. money is, and always has been, and always will be, a factor lessons, parents who have the free time to volunteer, electronics that work (although our more fortunate groups sadly still can’t always get that), instrument repair… it goes on. wish it wasnt the case, but not much we can do hate that money is being argued as a factor from the corps show vs more traditional show perspective. a 30 person band with just busted up instruments can do a jam session dance break show, and your typical suburban uil 6a/boa 4a school with all the resources in the world can do a propless, electronicless concert band on the field type of show. bands use what they can. also, for the record, i’d call all of last night’s finalists more corps-style than traditional. it’s decidedly a new era where everyone blasts the synth bass going into their opening hit (loving it)
  18. nah, it’s 2021 let em do the cool stuff hebron marched basically more than anyone last night and won
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