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  1. Sad to see that this feature no longer works, or at least it doesn't for me.
  2. I can only hear what the box5 mics are picking up, but it sounds like FloMo was able to fix a majority of the ensemble tuning issues they were having. That performance felt just the slightest bit unstable from a timing standpoint but I have no doubt that that was the weakest performance we will see from them this weekend. What a stellar show. Also that field exit announcement script is EVERYTHING. First time hearing it and I love it so much.
  3. Seconded, I've yet to see the show since area. Always had something going on during their time 😒
  4. Here is what the scores for finals would have looked like if you did the math using the raw content and achievement score totals. 1.Hebron-98.4 2.Vandegrift-97.1 3.Marcus-96.5 4.Flower Mound-96.0 5.Reagan-95.3 6.Coppell-94.7 7.CTJ-94.4 8.Cedar Ridge-93.3 9.Keller-93.1 10.Westlake-93.0 11.Vista Ridge-92.5 12.Carroll-91.7 Interesting to see that both Reagan and CTJ would've each moved up one spot, I expected it to stay exactly the same.
  5. One thing I absolutely loved while watching this contest was just how competitive the three 3A LISD bands were. By the end of the season they were all pretty much equal in my eyes. Each with their own unique and equally valid strengths. I loved all three shows and really enjoyed watching them push each other throughout the season. I really hope this trend continues into the future. Leander may pull slightly ahead once their numbers come back up to 2019 levels, but both CP and especially Rouse could grow as well. It's so fantastic to see 5 LISD bands in finals, it's honestly a dream come true for me. Having 4 LISD bands in finals for my senior year was a treat but this is just a whole other level of awesome.
  6. First time seeing John B Alexander. I had no idea how many similarities there were between them and Vista. You'd think that choosing a show about Aliens with Katy Perry would pretty much guarantee that it's one of a kind for that season but not this time.
  7. Copy and pasted from my post on HornRank for those that don't frequent both forums. It's crazy that we are only 2 days away (technically less than that!) from this contest. Here are my current thoughts for finalists. 1. Vandegrift 2. Vista Ridge 3. Hebron 4. The Woodlands 5. CTJ 6. Reagan 7. Cedar Park 8. Marcus 9. Cedar Ridge 10. Rouse 11. Leander 12. Keller 13. Coppel 14. James Bowie In my mind only that 14th spot is truly up for grabs. Everyone else I see as pretty solidly in finals. Other bands that could easily grab that last finals spot are Round Rock, Prosper, Cypress Woods, Westlake, Pearland, Seven Lakes, and Westwood.
  8. I also just realised that these scores actually would make sense as a continuation of what we saw in Waco on Saturday. Obviously you can't quite compare the two in a 1-1 format, but this does bode well for all three bands making SA finals this coming weekend.
  9. If you were to add up the raw scores from each judge, divide by 7 for an average, and then divide by 10 for an out of 100 score( similar to BOA or DCI) you would get: CP-94.8 Rouse-93.5 Leander-93.0 I didn't have time to do the remainder of the top 12 but I would imagine it would stay mostly the same.
  10. I feel like the new judging format had a pretty good first outing. Despite there still being the traditional UIL judge who doesn't seem to be judging the same contest as everyone else, the outlier scores didn't have nearly as much of an effect on placements as other years.
  11. The level of cleaning they are accomplishing is truly impressive. I like the show more every single time I see it.
  12. This is honestly VERY possible in my eyes. I think the Vandy show is the most consistent across the board in terms of performance. Vandegrift also placed second in pre lims of 2017 by less than .25 with no captions.
  13. Margins were razor thin! Cedar Park 3 2 1 1 2-9 Rouse 1 3 3 2 1-10 Leander 2 1 2 3 3-11
  14. Fun Fact: It actually would be there second time medaling at the SA super regional. They placed third in 2008 with "On Edge". LOVE that show.
  15. A really interesting data point from this contest that I don't know if anyone has mentioned yet, is that Leander, Cedar Park, and Reagan all tied for third in music. Really cool to see just how many groups are achieving high marks in music regardless of design or marching ability.
  16. Ah darn, almost had it without missing someone/adding someone who isn't attending. I would have Rouse and Cedar Ridge as the frontrunners for taking the spots left open by Bell and Flower mound.
  17. We have now entered the long quiet before the storm in Texas as far as BOA is concerned. Nothing but UIL and weeks of cleaning for all the bands before the big show. So with all of the major BOA Texas regionals complete, here is where I personally see the groups going into the SA super. I'll be grouping the bands into unordered tiers rather than ranking them individually (too far out to do so in my opinion) The top 5 Vandegrift: The cleanliness and precision of their program and overall performance is currently unmatched. They are the band to beat and I am currently unsure of whether or not I see another band doing it. Love the show inside and out, can't wait to see it live. Reagan: My personal favorite design of the year. The show flows from one idea to the next effortlessly and they are performing it incredibly well. How they continue to clean musically is what will determine whether they can overtake Vandegrift. Both are playing excellently, it'll just come down to who is more excellent as it so often does. I absolutely LOVE the drill. The Woodlands: The most unorthodox design of the top groups, although not as out of the box as it would've been 5-6 years ago. This show has an incredible amount of potential and I'm mostly interested in seeing which side of the design coin the judges end up preferring at the end of the season. While I can understand some people having reservations about the uniform, I think it fits the overall aesthetic of the show very well. Everything on the field really pops and it's so fun to watch. Claudia Taylor Johnson: This show is classic CTJ. It's an explosive crowd favorite show and I really enjoy it. As is usually the case they are performing difficult choreography at a high level throughout the show which is my favorite CTJ-ism. The dueling soloists being a centerpiece for the show is an interesting idea. I hope they will be able to find a way to avoid the electronic issues that have been happening. Hebron: Musically this is my favorite show from them since "Sculpt". I am constantly in awe of how well they play. The technicality, clarity, and expressiveness in their sound is truly incredible. If they are able to clean up visually to the level of the other top 5 groups and add some visual GE elements they'll push up into the medal range. Threats to the top 5 Cedar Park: The new design is exactly the right amount of modern design philosophy mixed with classic CP style and I absolutely love it. I really enjoy the arrangements of modern pop fused with classics from CP's past, and the drill is very satisfying to watch. I think they may just be a lock for top half of SA finals if this upward trajectory continues. Vista Ridge: This one will be very interesting. I really enjoy the show (anyone who plays Barber's first symphony well gets two thumbs up from me). Still not completely sold on the Katy Perry elements but I'm thinking they'll make more sense when the show is complete. The show is very demanding but I think they'll pull it off. 8-14- These placements at SA are going to be extremely competitive. I'd go more in depth with each group but this post already feels like an essay so i'll keep it brief. In no particular order Marcus, Cedar Ridge, Leander, Rouse, Keller, Coppel, Bowie. Just out but could easily get into finals. L.D. Bell, Round Rock, Westwood, Westlake, Wakeland. I always feel like I'm forgetting someone when I try to make a post like this. So many fantastic bands, Music is alive and well in Texas!
  18. Vandy was stunning. Personally I don't see anyone beating them today. I loved the visual program especially. Music is close between them and CTJ. I'd give Vandy the nod in effect for pre lims as well.
  19. Finally found a video of Vista, I didn't realize they were playing Barber's first symphony! That's my all time favorite piece of music and I really like the arrangement they're using. Very ambitious but I have no doubt that they'll pull it off.
  20. So very excited for this contest! Between getting my beginners ready for the start of the year and getting sectionals started for our performing bands I nearly forgot how quickly this contest was coming up ? Of course incredibly interested in seeing how everyone will return from last year, but mostly just excited to see everyone return period! I'm sure the students are having a blast getting to do this again.
  21. I'm super excited to see what they come up with. Can't say who it is yet, but CP will have a new drill writer and new uniforms next year. Despite BOA SA results cp has had a very smooth transition of staff over the last couple years. 2020 will be the first year of a new cp. Fitting that the change will happen at the start of the next decade.
  22. Call me crazy but if vandegrift can put together and perform a grand nationals winning show then I think Vista is just as capable. They seem to have a slower start than most but end up passing notable competition by San Antonio. This is no knock at vandy, I just think almost as highly of vista right now as I do them. Vista could be one of the few Texas bands to win visual in finals of GN. Their no shakos+emotional expression in performance gives them incredibly high and well deserved individual visual scores. Plus, we all know those students can play with the best of them. Every year is different but I wouldn't be shocked to see another LISD band in the medals at nats.
  23. Flo's complete monopoly on the streaming and recording of the marching arts is incredibly frustrating. Especially due to it being nearly twice as expensive and half as good as videos used to be (ESPECIALLY in terms of stream quality). The fact that their extreme price buys me a stream that can't decide if it's 1080p or 144p, or if it's recorded on high quality sound equipment or a flip phone is disgraceful. That's not even mentioning the adds that crashed my stream after every band (exclusively rocket mortgage I might add) or the fact that we get no archive of any kind. It's shamefully bad flo. For the sake of the students, parents, and Educators, get it together.
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