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  1. Wow. It's like making Finals at Grand Nats might be as tough as making Finals at San Antonio!
  2. October 2nd, Gupton Stadium Current Attendees: Burnet Cuero Anderson John B. Connally LASA Lehman Tom Glenn Weiss Jack C. Hays John Marshall McNeil Sandra Day O'Connor Stony Point William H. Taft
  3. The Vista Ridge Marching Festival is always the first Saturday in October, never on the same day as TMC. Vista has competed at TMC a number of times and is always at BOA Austin.
  4. Students have the option to audition up to higher classes than their school's. Some will do so to be pooled with higher caliber musicians.
  5. Glad you got your bright spot and congrats to CTJ. I think this year has sucked like no other. And for my kid it is just a horrible senior year. Pardon my bitterness.
  6. I'm not judging anyone and I wish nothing but the best for all of the kids competing this year. I'm sure they will make some great memories in a year that is like no other. I'm pretty sure the UIL doesn't put asterisks on its record books. But if it did, there is a ton of stuff happening this year that would be worthy of an asterisk.
  7. There would definitely be an asterisk if half of the teams that were in last year's playoffs didn't play the season.
  8. You missed my point. If there are no Finals, how can we have new bands advance to Finals???
  9. This is confusing. There are no Finals so how do we see new programs making Finals?
  10. Wouldn't be the only LISD powerhouse band not at State this year.
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