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  2. Rest well, my Young Pinecone. I think TWHS is going to be just fine. Weather was an issue, but some of the soloists were affected by a wayward synthesizer. This was rectified after tonight’s show and should be sounding great tomorrow night. Regarding Maybe This Time, I can understand your concerns. Jack Clark on tenor sax is doing an absolutely AMAZING job! FROM MY PERSPECTIVE though, I think the edits (adding to the melodic color palette [i.e. French Horns] and tightening-up one phrase), are working. Even though you may have just seen the changes at Area, they have actually been incorporating the updated sets/music for more than a couple of weeks. We are all very excited about tomorrow night’s performance! I hope you are too!!!
  3. @OakEm2021 I do apologize. My response was certainly not made to be boastful or unsupportive. It was more based on the fact that very few areas (I only noticed one) that posted results from last week’s 1A/3A/5A competition included prelim recaps. Most did not publicly post anything beyond finals results, therefore not much is officially made known. The level of performance in Region 9 bands has been exceedingly high, especially in the recent seasons. I consider many of the directors in the region friends who I respect a great deal. The work they do and the achievement of all of their students are truly amazing. I know that College Park, Klein Oak, Tomball Memorial, Oak Ridge, and Klein Cain are going to represent our region magnificently.
  4. #1 of the Area F “finalists”, yes. #2 in Prelims, actually; behind a great band who had a VERY strong performance today (and 5 first-place votes). Looking forward to Friday night in San Antonio!
  5. ……and Ryan was my old band student at Westfield HS from Fall 2001 through Spring 2005!
  6. I will set you up. I’ll actually be announcing this year ?

    I’m so sorry to hear about you medical issues.  I hope that you are doing some better. I’ll check in with you first of next week. 

    Take care,


    1. TWHSParent


      Thank you so much!

      Yes, I continue to do better and better. All my medical restrictions have been lifted, now it is a matter of time to get my strength and stamina back. I was intubated and sedated for 9 or 10 days after surgery, then was put on a ventilator for another 9 days or so. When you don't move for a week+ you lose all muscle tone and the climb back up is rough.

      Take care Chris!



  7. Agreed! That good staff includes Fort Bend Clements director Daniel Galloway leading this new program and assisted by my daughter, Lauren Batchelor (proud Dad here).... ..... plus Meredith Owen (guard) and Ethan Ahmad (percussion). Excited to see this group in the years to come.
  8. I’m sorry to hear that! Just know, when you are ever back our way, I’ll be keeping a seat for you!
  9. And the assistant director; my daughter! Yes; all the best to the Jordan High School Band!
  10. This is definitely a tough time for everyone around the world, and chances are, it could get even tougher. HOWEVER, I do feel saddened for our Texas groups who would have been attending the 2020 WGI World Championships in Dayton, OH. The competition was cancelled earlier this afternoon. "At the direction of Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health, and in consultation with the Ohio Department of Health, and Governor DeWine, WGI Sport of the Arts is canceling the 2020 WGI World Championships for Color Guard, Percussion, and Winds. The numbers involved in an event of this magnitude urge caution in light of recent national and international health concerns. Over nine days of competition, groups from 41 states and five countries would travel with over 16,000 participants. While we are deeply saddened to cancel these prestigious events, our priority is, and always has been the health and well-being of all those involved with our organization...…."
  11. Happy New Year!!! I'm planning on it (2/29 - 3/1). Looking forward to seeing our groups very soon!
  12. We were very fortunate to get our entire stadium rehearsal in this evening here in The Woodlands! Weather for rehearsal and Send-Off Performance tomorrow night is going to be dry but FRIGID (wind chills in the high 20s). The last time a TWHS Send-Off was this cold …… 2013. Hmmm. Safe travels to all! Looking forward to meeting many of you.
  13. Drive safe! It will be another "working" weekend; performing my usual pit crew duties (manning the generator). Enjoy all of the great performances! I will look forward to your thoughts during and afterward. I'll need to get you your sailors cap before Indy!
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