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  1. It’s just as a whole with pretty broad subcaptions on the sheet. As a result, taste and what you’re looking for matters a ton.
  2. CTJ won somewhat comfortably with an ordinal total of 10. Hebron and Flower Mound tied with a total of 18, which Hebron broke. Marcus came close behind with 20, The Woodlands with 22, and Pearland with 24.
  3. I hate that Marcus pulled that time slot. Based on the video I saw, this should have been theirs to lose. I think they'll still medal, but won't be the one they probably should take home.
  4. I might take Wando over Mason (for now) but I don’t think there’s a better six than AvonDad posted. Union came down the year Bedford finals got canceled. But we’ve missed out on many of the other Oklahoma bands. We play nice down here.
  5. Because it’s quite optimistic still that UIL will be able to pull this off. It’s honestly more responsible to cut it now than to keep stringing students along.
  6. UIL delaying the season. Marching shows can be learned starting 9/7. State Championships by Christmas.
  7. Y’all are the band I’m most upset for! Your show last year was one of my absolute favorites (and if you have a late season video, message me). It was clear that this year was going to be promising for you for BOA and UIL.
  8. At least for the fall, it’s a wrap for any in person events.
  9. It seems BOA is likely done. The news is already leaking quite heavily.
  10. That’s about as official as it gets in my mind. I’m not sure how you can have a competitive season while missing three crucial weeks.
  11. I heard from a good source that a parent said the district was done but the same source told me later that students hadn’t heard anything. It looks like I may have jumped the gun on this one (my apologies) but the writing is very much on the wall for them and any other district on that side of the DFW airport.
  12. It was mentioned in Eagle-Mountain’s statement that this was a combined effort. I assume their official statement comes sometime today.
  13. Birdville (so no Haltom trip to Indy), Northwest, Eagle Mountain-Saginaw, and Grapevine-Colleyville are all out.
  14. There should be a few more that also released at noon today. ETA: McKinney ISD is out too.
  15. I heard this is the week when a number of school districts will announce they’re going non-competitive. Who knows if my rumor mill will bear out, but something to be on the lookout for. I’ve also heard that are a number of other school districts that would be ready to announce a totally non-competitive season as a group, but for one or maybe two schools holding on.
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