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  1. I’ve been a Round Rock fan for a while, and was a massive defender of them in 2017 and 2019. But I just don’t think it happens this time. It’s not the kids—they’re doing their job and pushing hard. It’s the show. I would love to be proved wrong, but…
  2. I was sitting in a far recess of the 300 club level for a work call, and the crowd was so ON FIRE for TWHS that I heard the applause clearly, distracting me from my call and reminding me of the joy I was missing.
  3. You’re my favorite!!! If you’re in Indy I would love to offer an adult beverage as thanks for the highlight of the season after prelims or finals!
  4. Area E Area I Tough night for Houston (also don't flood my DMs asking for the recaps).
  5. One off. And I'm told that the band I missed was incredibly close. One slightly off judge was enough.
  6. I know there's a little bit left tonight, but I already have my prediction/medium take. Every finalist from Saturday night that is eligible to repeat, will. And you only have to look a tenth away For the second band joining FloMo Tuesday.
  7. Flower Mound had a run with a lot of timing and tuning issues. Tuning is an easy fix, but the kids are super spread out across the field the entire show and they’re juggling tons of responsibilities. Unless they had booked time at The Star or Jerry World, it’s also their first Dome performance of the season while all of their competition has had two runs already. However, the show itself is incredible. And the biggest difference from Vitrify is that the kids are bought in and performing. I think that’ll take them a long way this week. Medal is far far FAR from out of the question tomorrow and Saturday. and the outro SLAYED me.
  8. The Marching Band from Flower Mound Presents a lot of Joy to be Found But if a Championship is to be Won They need to pull out a better Run
  9. Indiana split the difference pretty well for Semi-State, which is effectively their State prelims. The six closest draw for the first spot. Then for each following spot, you add the next closest group. That way, the closer groups are more likely to go first, but can still pull spots to the end. The furthest groups can at least spare an early performance—which could even potentially save a group thousands of dollars that not every program or school district necessarily has.
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