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  1. Yep, I figured that if I missed it, several others did too.
  2. good to be back Yeah, last year was, well let's just say it was. I missed this community. I think I was in a funk not being able to see any shows so I just turned the whole thing off.
  3. You are correct, BOA - SA Super Regional is not currently on the FMHS calendar.
  4. I'm sad that I am just now seeing this and the store is closed. I am sure there would have been many FloMo parents that would have bought merch.
  5. There are a lot of great musical moments that were amazing. However, the best experience, and most memorable, for me has to be the FMHS 2014 Grand Nationals Finals performance. I've recounted it here many times. But having both my children (one senior one freshman) performing at the same event, amongst the best in the nation, and I was there to see them. I can't recall anything else that has ever moved me so much.
  6. Thank goodness this was "Left pending in committee" We REALLY need to get members of the TexLege that are friendly towards public education. I'm not talking red/blue or left/right but members of the lege that actually support public schools, teachers, and school activities. There are FAR too many members (both sides) that give lip service and then pass legislation that actually HURTS our schools and our kids (and in turn our communities).
  7. I heard that FloMo's production may have something to do with this:
  8. Looks good. Been a while since I've been here
  9. amazing how much changed in the two days since this was posted...
  10. Looking at the proposed 6A Area C (Regions 2, 3, 4, 21, & 25): Region 2: v High Schools Lewisville HS Hebron HS Flower Mound HS Marcus HS Denton Guyer HS Braswell HS Eaton HS Byron Nelson HS Region 3 High Schools Horn HS Mesquite HS North Mesquite HS Sachse HS North Garland HS Rowlett HS Lakeview Centennial HS Garland HS Naaman Forest HS South Garland HS Rockwall HS Rockwall-Heath HS Region 4 High Schools (no 6A) Region 24 High Schools: McKinney HS McKinney Boyd HS Little Elm HS Region 25 High Schools Allen HS Plano West Sr HS Plano East Sr HS Plano Sr HS Wylie HS Prosper HS
  11. FloMo beat Keller in round one, Duncanville was round two
  12. This was Flower Mound's FIRST trip to the second round ever. For that they got to play the #1 team in the state. (at least the score wasn't as bad as Southlake Carroll over Lewisville 84-0 in the first round) And we confirmed that the Death Star (a.k.a.Jerry World) is horrible for marching bands.
  13. Grand National Finals Grand National Champion: Vandegrift 97.175 2. Avon 96.70 3. Hebron 95.55 4. Carmel 94.575 5. Leander 94.30 6. Claudia Taylor Johnson 93.25 7. William Mason 91.425 8. The Woodlands 91.20 9. Round Rock 90.425 10. Homestead 89.80 11. Union 88.25 12. Ayala 88.10 Outstanding Music - Hebron Outstanding Visuals - Avon Outstanding General Effect - Vandegrift Rose Parade Honor Band - Hebron Esprit de Corps - Claudia Taylor Johnson
  14. My picks (but I have no idea what I am doing): 1. Hebron 2. Avon 3. Vandegrift 4. Leander 5. Claudia Taylor Johnson 6. Carmel 7. The Woodlands 8. Round Rock 9. Union 10. Homestead 11. William Mason 12. Ayala Music - Hebron Visual - Hebron GE - Avon
  15. #TeamTexas really BROUGHT it. So proud of each and every one of the bands.
  16. Questions: Will Hebron finally break their Bridesmaid's curse? Will Vandy be a first time attendee champion? Will there be a Texas medal sweep?
  17. there you go HEBRON!!! Absolutely killed it. From the last time I saw them they really cleaned up their marching. BRAVO! Bring a medal to Lewisville ISD
  18. I just love the Woodlands show. They are having so much fun and playing so well.
  19. has there ever been a single school district sweep captions for two classifications for Grand Nats?
  20. Five of the final seven bands to perform in finals are from Texas.
  21. Grand Nationals Semi-Final Results: AAAA 1 - Vandegrift 2 - Avon 3 - Hebron Music - Vandegrift Visuals - Vandegrift General Effect - Vandegrift AAA 1 - Leander 2 - James Madison 3 - Milford Music - Leander Visuals - Leander General Effect - Leander AA 1 - Marian Catholic 2 - North Hardin 3 - Miamisburgh Music - Marian Catholic Visuals - Marian Catholic General Effect - Marian Catholic A 1 - Bourbon County 2 - Estill County 3 - Beechwood Music - Bourbon County Visuals - Beechwood & Bourbon County (Tie) General Effect - Bourbon County Finalist (in announcement order): 1. The Woodlands #TeamTexas 2. William Mason 3. Vandegrift #TeamTexas 4. Carmel 5. Claudia Taylor Johnson #TeamTexas 6. Round Rock #TeamTexas 7. Hebron #TeamTexas 8. Avon 9. Union 10. Leander #TeamTexas 11. Homestead 12. Ayala (Schedule to be posted later)
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