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  1. does anyone have the full in detail finals recap
  2. someone drop the finals recap (also if you have a screen recording of flower mound from finals please dm me)
  3. if anyone sees this and screen recorded flower mound from grand nats please dm me, i've been looking for a box5 recording of them since boa dallas.
  4. iā€™m gonna need someone to drop the hebron finals performance immediately
  5. if someone screen recorded hebron or flower mound from the livestream please dm me šŸ˜”
  6. if hebron went to grand nats this year i could honestly see it winning the whole thing. there simply are no words to describe how clean and unmatched its become over the past month. i also think they will definitely become the 6A champs
  7. pretty sure most people in this thread like me are just sitting here waiting for someone to drop the recap
  8. i will not be surprised if hebron is in that number 1 spot
  9. also if someone manages to find the prelims recap can they send it to me please?
  10. if anyone screen recorded flomo or hebron from the livestream please dm me
  11. prelims and finals recaps will be released on the competition website once finals awards are over
  12. did anyone happen to screen record hebron's performance from the box5 livestream today? i forgot to record it this morning. i also have marcus's performance from the livestream this afternoon.
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