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  1. 59.5 in GE for BA. Whew lord. BA 2006 no longer holds the highest GE score ever
  2. It is pretty surreal to see how much that Woodlands guard has transformed in the last 10 years. They're giving me chills this year Absolutely love this show!!
  3. I don't know much about the Carmel show this year, or if this was the intent, but I find those black boxes so haunting. Like a cloud of dread hanging over the entire production, which weirdly marries well with how Saucedo plays with some of the source material in a subversive, borderline uncomfortable way. Reminiscent of the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  4. Guys, this is insanity, just direct message the people yourselves! For what its worth, Hornrank forum has some good clues
  5. Well said yourself, and completely agree! Best wishes during this final week of rehearsals
  6. I think we can talk about differences in design approach in a way that doesn't pick one group up while diminishing the achievement of another. We continually say Hebron this, CTJ that, but each one of these school names have real people behind them. Realize that the kids performing the sh*t out of these shows have no control over the way their school's design team chooses to navigate artistic expression -- they simply take what they're given and infuse every ounce of their being into it. Whatever the method, it has merit purely because of the dedication behind it
  7. Exactly. I was more using Marcus and Waxahachie as an example for the general predicament of drawing early at a contest, since drawing time slots doesn't take into consideration the bands' physical distance from the Dome
  8. For Waxahachie and Marcus - if they aren't getting to San Antonio the night before, thats a hellish logistical nightmare for the band. If the band truck is arriving at Alamodome at 6:30AM, subtract 5 (maybe more) hours from that for a reliable departure time from the Dallas area. Those kids will be exhausted before the contest even starts and thus won't be as well rested as some of their counterparts competing for finals. More importantly, all 3 bands are strong contenders for finals (or even locks in Marcus' case). The bands need to perform strongly enough to remain in the forefront of the judges' minds for the rest of Prelims. A judge may be more conservative in scoring a band at the very beginning of the day vs. later on - thus the bands who went earlier may get lower of a score than they would have if they had competed in a block closer to other potential finalist bands for a better judging comparison.
  9. So, the Woodlands is taking it back to the approach in mid 2000s/early 10s? haha. 2011 in particular comes to mind...
  10. I have a feeling it will after the showdown this weekend. We're normally in the dark as it is at this point in the season, but I think this year there's an even bigger gap of information, fewer video leaks etc.
  11. exactly. Don't think I don't see y'all ignoring my request. Lol
  12. ...my inbox is open should anyone be feeling charitable today.....
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