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2022 BOA San Antonio (Nov. 4 & 5)

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First impressions for me off results is Woodlands, WOW! Where did you come from??? Everyone (me included) was expecting a sort of rebuilding year under a new head director and yet they come and get 2nd (highest placement since 2016) with the GE caption! Amazing performance out of them!

I actually was expecting Hebron to break 97 at least with that absurd performance but I’m sure two captions and first place is more than fine for them. They’re in the pole position to repeat at state as well and I’ve no doubts that they will.

I’m actually not too surprised that Flower Mound earned 7th. While I had them a couple places higher, I think the drill was a bit basic compared to other bands and might’ve hurt their scores. Regardless, they were incredible and should be proud of their performance.

Round Rock in 8th is the other surprise for me! I bet everyone there is so happy with this given how 2021 must have been disappointing for them here and at Grand Nationals. This sets them up nicely to go back to Indianapolis next year!

Marcus in 13th is certainly a head scratcher for me. The show is probably the least demanding of all the finalists, but they were still super clean. I’m expecting them to bounce back at state next week in a big way.

Honestly each of these finalist bands were all so amazing in their own way. I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about all of them later, but these are some of my initial thoughts. What a great couple days of band it’s been!

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1 minute ago, celesta said:

Man, what a contest.

  • Keller in finals after a rough season
  • Leander, Rouse, and Westlake not making finals
  • Argyle becoming a class champion in their first year of BOA
  • Flower Mound, Marcus, and Coppell placing very low
  • Vista Ridge and Round Rock making a huge comeback
  • TWHS takes a caption from Hebron after losing directors
  • Pecos becoming a class champion after getting a 2 at region


What a contest.

Marcus placing 13th in anything feels so weird, even in a state like Texas. Just goes to show the never-ending success of Marcus!

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Let's, uhhh, look at my predictions txbands predictions. They're a bit old, but I forgot my newer one.

1. Hebron ✔

2. Vandegrift  (-2)

3. Ronald Reagan ✔

4. Flower Mound  (-3)

5. Cedar Ridge  (-4)

6. CT Johnson ✔

7. Vista Ridge  (+2)

8. Marcus  (-5)

9. Coppell  (-2)

10. Cedar Park ✔

11. The Woodlands  (+9)

12. Round Rock  (+4)

13. Westlake  (not even in finals, -6)

14. Cy-Fair  (not even in finals, -12)

Music: Hebron ✔

Visual: Hebron ✔

GE: Hebron  (The Woodlands)

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