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  1. School districts state wide could be allocated more funds for travel if that’s what they want smaller schools to do every year😉 I really don’t see why some people think funding for music is a problem of “the few” when there’s lots of stress that goes with even the biggest bands in the state and their fundraising efforts. No matter how small or big your ensemble is, the costs of travel, lodging etc. are still abundant and expensive, and making that a yearly expense when many groups wish to stay in their local area and keep their costs lowered with just shooting for a 1 at region and that typically being the end of their season, an area contest is also added on to that every year now, which for some groups in more widespread areas and regions also require extensive traveling as well. Not every area is DFW, Austin, SA, and Houston.
  2. I’ll just pull out some stats for how well they did in Area auditions: A Hebron student was first chair in: Piccolo, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Alto Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Contrabass Clarinet The first 5 trumpet chairs were from Hebron, which didn’t really surprise me as we all heard how good their trumpet section was in their marching show, compared to their main area competitors, and when you’re talking about Marcus and Flower Mound that says a lot👀 They had the second chair in three other sections not already named: bass clarinet, euphonium and horn with several sections having multiple students as well. What a great year for them, and I hope soon they can cap it off with a TMEA Honor band invitation soon!
  3. One thing too that some people overlook is that Woodwinds are true eager beavers and there would be many HS and University woodwind students gnawing at the teeth to have an opportunity to be a part of the DCI tour experience, and probably being a very prominent and important part of a production as well. The audition process would bring amazingly talented musicians, and I personally enjoy standout woodwind solo or ensemble moments in HS marching band, strictly talking about enhancing the musical product on the field, the inclusion of woodwinds bring nothing but positive contribution in my view.
  4. Once we get those SOLIDLY CONFIRMED Out-of-State big hitters, and even just finalist/finalist-bubble contender bands attending, that’s when things’ll really start getting into gear, and 2022 will shape up to be the most insane SA competition to date, it’s always crazy to say that when the current year’s competition was already amazing, but it always somehow gets better!! Many DFW area bands hopefully returning, as many for one reason or another, didn’t go this past year to amp up the difficulty of the contest even more. Along with hopefully some Out-of-State bands, let’s see if it’s in the cards!!
  5. I would not be surprised seeing these music scores, that if Hebron went to grand nats they wouldn’t get that Crown 2013 treatment*cough*perfect music score*cough*😤
  6. Hebron actually did, in their previous record breaking semis performance✨✨
  8. Treating the performance aspects of their program as if they’re so much a given that we have to highlight what some may view is lacking, yes. It is always good for people to appreciate what they see ultimately though, when it comes to any group ‘cause the effort is clearly evident through the performance these students give👏👏👏
  9. That’s pretty much what I’m getting at. I’m personally already on board with anything I see from them, and I got to see them early hs football season EARLY, and they were already so good only seeing like 3 minutes of the show at that point😂 and also then a month later seeing them at BOA DFW always taking my place right up close just to the right of the 50, fully expecting to be blown away and still walking away amazed, for me the night was won by them, even then but the scores said otherwise. I think the direction that the students get at Hebron isn’t often discussed either, the students always are on the ball, focused and prepared, and it shows, always seeming like they make the challenge even more difficult every year when we’re all thinking, how does a high school do this? To begin with😂
  10. I can’t imagine hearing this much positivity about Hebron’s potential just several weeks ago, just proves how much things can change when you get to show everyone why you’re one of the CONSISTENT top performing marching bands in the state and in the country, along with the marvelous musical capabilities that are fairly unrivaled in the activity, trying to phrase it as humbly as I can, hopefully I did that. I think it’s just a matter of embracing and not taking for granted what they bring to the table for all of us that get the opportunity to watch them, as I know I always do when I see them, I just take it all in😊
  11. That music ensemble judging still puzzles me somewhat🤔🙃
  12. Seems plausible and legit for sure👀
  13. The last several years of resurgence from them is now capped off with a UIL finals appearance, fantastic year for them, and another DFW force to contend with is always welcome🔥🔥
  14. Definitely agree, their tone color is still very much characteristically FloMo, a bit brighter, piercing at times, but has such great clarity when they’re at their best, I feel like some sections muddy their sound up quite a bit where that blend isn’t there, particularly in the middle voices. I can name a few spots in particular I have an issue with in that regard, but I’d rather just not talk about it, if it simply gets fixed like we all know they can do!!🔥🔥
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