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  1. I saw a bit of Leander's props and the guard uniforms on their IG page and it all looks so cute! I can't wait to see more of the show.
  2. I think the prediction I was most unsure of making was putting Leander in 5th. The last video I saw of them was from a couple weeks ago and it was fun, but just a bit confusing and it left me unsure. I'm expecting the transitions will feel a lot better now that the show has had more time to develop. And while the guard is noticeably smaller, I say quality is more important than quantity.
  3. I was actually a little worried about whether or not this site could be revived after last year but there has been a lot more conversation recently. Obviously not like it used to be but the season is just getting started!
  4. I also noticed that the HEB Contest prediction doesn't have options for music, visual, GE, percussion, and guard. I figured it was too late but maybe it's worth a shot now.
  5. When I first saw CTJ's show announcement, the first thing that came to my mind was Avon's Iconoclash and I see there are some similarities. Really liked what I saw and impressed with how good they look/sound this early in the season. My brother said that we need to send spies to their rehearsals.
  6. Why does it feel like everyone else has already seen CTJ this year except me...
  7. Prelims Schedule11:45 - TBA12:00 - Grapevine H.S.12:15 - Saginaw H.S.12:30 - MacArthur H.S.12:45 - Byron Nelson H.S.1:00 - W.E. Boswell H.S.1:15 - BREAK1:30 - The Colony H.S.1:45 - Forney H.S.2:00 - Nimitz H.S.2:15 - Timber Creek H.S.2:30 - Keller Central H.S.2:45 - Marcus H.S.3:00 - BREAK3:15 - Southlake Carroll H.S.3:30 - Prosper H.S.3:45 - Aledo H.S.4:00 - Wakeland H.S.4:15 - Keller H.S.4:30 - Trinity H.S.*4:45 - Prelims awards ceremony*Exhibition
  8. In 2012, they had 12 bands compete in prelims and all bands competed in finals. And in 2009, 13 bands were in prelims and 10 competed in finals.
  9. I've just been watching TW's performances through the football game livestreams but those don't really give a full picture. I was a little on the fence about it but after watching the video recorded from the stands, I was wayyy more into it. Did not expect the color palette and aesthetic but I assume they wanted to take a more playful direction in regards to the source music and show theme. Out of the Texas bands, they have always had one of my favorite colorguards each year. Would be shocked if they didn't win at Conroe. Now I don't really know how the rest of the finalist will place. Lots of good bands and there is a lot of unpredictability with the covid break and this being an early regional. I'll be rooting for Pearland to take 2nd and for Keller Central to rep KISD! I was also very impressed with Dawson in 2019 so I'm keeping an eye out for them.
  10. While looking through past results, I saw that TC attended in 2017.
  11. They posted the schedule last week for the drumline competition which takes place next Saturday, so I'm hoping they'll post the schedule for this by next week.
  12. I've been wondering what it was but it definitely sounds like "they don't understand you" from ET by Katy Perry!
  13. 7:30 AM - North Garland H.S., TX7:45 AM - Independence H.S., TX8:00 AM - Braswell H.S., TX8:15 AM - Wills Point H.S., TX8:30 AM - Grapevine H.S., TX8:45 AM - Trinity H.S., TX9:00 AM - Princeton H.S., TX9:15 AM - Memorial (Frisco) H.S., TX9:30 AM - Hebron H.S., TX9:45 AM - Forney H.S., TXBREAK10:30 AM - Whitesboro H.S., TX10:45 AM - L.D. Bell H.S., TX11:00 AM - North Mesquite H.S., TX11:15 AM - Krum H.S., TX11:30 AM - Marcus H.S., TX11:45 AM - Haltom H.S., TX12:00 PM - Carroll H.S., TX12:15 PM - Cypress Falls H.S., TX12:30 PM - Wakeland H.S., TX12:45 PM - Timber Creek H.S., TXBREAK1:45 PM - Rick Reedy H.S., TX2:00 PM - Burleson Centennial H.S., TX2:15 PM - Plano East H.S., TX2:30 PM - Coppell H.S., TX2:45 PM - Lone Star H.S., TX3:00 PM - Boswell H.S., TX3:15 PM - Keller Central H.S., TX3:30 PM - Waxahachie H.S., TX3:45 PM - Keller H.S., TX4:00 PM - James Martin H.S., TX4:15 PM - Aledo H.S., TX4:30 PM - Flower Mound H.S., TX
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