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  1. Definitely more bands than I was initially expecting. Hope to see some surprises
  2. The list of participants is posted on the contest website
  3. Just from the show announcements that I remember, the 3 that piqued my interest the most were Cedar Park, Coppell, and The Woodlands.
  4. This is now on James Martin’s calendar. I could’ve sworn they had a different contest listed when I checked not too long ago.
  5. What about the Cadets?
  6. MFA posted today the current participating bands for each event and Hebron and Marcus are on the list for San Antonio.
  7. Crown comes out on top! Like last year though, I could see Boston and Bloo pulling ahead in the end. I don’t think it was until San Antonio where Boston started to beat Crown. Not completely sure where I think Bloo will place by World Champs but it grows on me more and more each performance. They gave me my first set of chills this season and I personally feel like Boston’s and Bloo’s shows have the most room to grow.
  8. I’ll throw out some predictions as well. Have seen some clips and performance so far but not much. 1. BD 2. BAC 3. Bloo 4. Crown 5. Cadets 6. Cavaliers 7. PR 8. BS 9. BK 10. Mandarins 11. Troopers 12. Crossmen
  9. I don't want to say any names yet, especially because I don't know what all is currently set in stone with this being the first time this event will take place.
  10. Really is bittersweet 🥲! He practically built the program into what it is today. Extremely kind, approachable, intelligent, experienced, and funny. Glad that he will still be in the area as Birdville ISD is probably no more than 20 min away. And I’m assuming his daughter will finish high school at Keller. I also don’t have any doubts about the transition. Ryan Heath is typically the one you see leading rehearsals, talking at band meetings and concerts. Really is the beginning of a new era for Keller and I have high hopes!
  11. Don’t know all of the details. But from what I’ve heard about the attendees, it will be a night of great performances!
  12. Brad McCann, Director of Bands at James Martin, has taken the position at Timber Creek.
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