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  1. And congrats to the 6A Area B advancers for also making top 10 at state. Coppell placed 8th and Waxahachie 7th.
  2. Getting to watch bands competing again was so nice. Every band genuinely exceeded my expectations. When can we expect the full score sheets to be posted?
  3. If y'all want, we could start another thread for predictions and manually calculate the points.
  4. I guess someone could try submitting the contest to the predictions page.
  5. Sorry, slip of the tongue. It honestly felt nice to sit down and look up some bands again. But it also lifted the veil from my eyes that numbed me from this season and now I'm feeling emotional.
  6. I haven't watched any of their shows yet but based on past years, Coppell and Waxahachie would be the front runners. Without knowing the full lineup, I would expect to see both at state finals as well.
  7. Just watched CTJ's performance at region and I'm so jealous and impressed.
  8. Flower Mound, Hebron, and Marcus are in Area C but Keller is in Area B. Keller isn't competing in any contest this season anyways. Curious to see who is competing.
  9. Woah! So I guess the Houston regional was split into 2. And I'm very happy with the DFW regional not being on the same day as Houston.
  10. For now, I sort of have everyone that planned to go in 2020 under a rumored list as well as bands on rotation for 2021.
  11. Looking at the GN 2021 thread on hornrank forums, I see James Bowie and Haltom confirmed for 2021. I don't know if that is still their plan but fingers crossed. Wasn't Cedar Park's plan to push back their GN trip to 2021? I am an optimistic person and hoping that the shows next year (if a season happens) are even more elevated. As some have stated, it may take time for many programs to recover but I'm still confident that a lot of programs will take on the challenge and deliver.
  12. CTJ looks and sounds great. I also stumbled upon a video of Cedar Ridge's reaction when they were called as a finalist at GN in 2013. I miss the anticipation!
  13. Does anyone know who is now the head band director at LD Bell
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