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  1. Was surprised to find out when they were just announced at San Antonio that the Guardians have relocated from Houston to Dallas/Fort Worth.
  2. Congrats to Hebron. What an amazing year for an amazing program. I believe this is second time Flower Mound has taken Silver. They did for sure in 2016 when my son was in the ensemble as a senior (of course TMEA is after the seniors graduate). And congrats to CTJ on the Bronze. This state is just rocking it on the marching band and concert band levels.
  3. Performing with the Flower Mound Wind Symphony at Midwest in 2015 was as amazing an experience for my son as the marching band winning BOA Arlington and San Antonio. (And I got to co-drive the box truck with the instruments to Chicago and back and go, too, so that was nice). Hoping all of these ensembles have amazing experiences this year. Midwest is just such an awesome event. And the percentage of Texas groups participating out of the total is just incredible.
  4. Shouldn’t 5 groups advance from C to 6A State? There’s 28 bands in the Area contest next Saturday?
  5. Biased, but ... the LISD (north) triumvirate ... Flower Mound, Marcus and Hebron.
  6. Congrats to ALL of the bands that competed for navigating this incredible year of complexity, and to CTJ on their championship. Congrats to Hebron on their fourth silver medal in their last five state competitions (which I am sure is a little bittersweet) ... and, of course ... to my son's alma mater, Flower Mound, which now has a medal in every color (2016 - Gold, 2018 - Silver, 2020 - Bronze).
  7. Theoretically both Flower Mound and Marcus would be expected to go next year (last trip was 2017) but no idea if that will happen yet.
  8. As a parent volunteer (pit crew and chaperone), at BOA San Antonio awards in 2015, watching the Flower Mound band and supporters run onto the field after they won since there was no retreat that year. My son was a senior snare drummer so it was pretty ... Surreal.
  9. @MadisonBandMan1 just seeing this now. Hope all went well with your audition and best of luck with the CMB! Football games are just so incredible. It’s such a wonderful school. My son graduated two weeks ago with a Bachelor’s in Percussion Performance. Now it’s on to grad school at Arizona State.
  10. I’ll throw my two cents in ... if there is one state in which it’s truly impossible to pick one band of the decade ... it is Texas. Too many great bands ... and the winner in this contest is ... the fans.
  11. Flower Mound and Hebron both competed at BOA Conroe in 2013. I’d personally love to see FloMo do another non- north Texas regional.
  12. I don't know if this stat will speak to how good and dominant Marcus was in 2012, but these are the margins of victory at BOA San Antonio over the last decade, from largest to least (I know this is a Grand Nats thread): 1 2.85 2012 Marcus 2 2.05 2016 Flower Mound T4 1.20 2014 Claudia Taylor Johnson T4 1.20 2010 Marcus 5 1.025 2017 Claudia Taylor Johnson 6 0.90 2019 Ronald Reagan 7 0.40 2015 Flower Mound 8 0.30 2011 L.D. Bell 9 0.20 2018 Flower Mound 10 0.05 2013 The Woodlands My son's freshman year at Flower Mound was 2012 and the presence the Marcus Band had that year was almost ... intimidating when they took the field to perform. "Gilded Melodies" was a masterpiece.
  13. My wife only commented 4 times how much she loves Round Rock’s uniforms.
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