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  1. Did the same last year! All three of the high schools in Canyon have amazing band programs. Definitely look for them doing more of the same in the future- hopefully all three of them!
  2. Does anyone have a copy of finals results since the UIL website it still just scores for 5 judges instead of 7?
  3. I'm thinking Panhandle HS is going to medal this year,maybe even gold!
  4. Come on now. Rangers fans know disappointment but always have hope!
  5. Not in 6A, but in 4A Canyon ISD is sending all three high schools to state. Not sure how many overall do this though.
  6. Even with a kid falling they were 1 and 2 in visuals in finals. I think they will be okay. And that kid won't fall again.
  7. Agree with this! All Canyon ISD band were very close and state should be interesting. All have very solid shows.
  8. I'm thrilled that there are 10 bands in finals and 4 advancing to state. I see finals having these bands, in no particular order. Greenwood Canyon Lake View Pecos Big Spring West Plains Randall Andrews Hereford Riverside And Advancing to state: Canyon West Plains Randall Andrews/Big Spring/Riverside*
  9. Should definitely get to add at least Andrews and Big Spring. Would love to be able to send 4 schools to State from Area A!
  10. Definitely hoping that a few that got 2s last year can get 1s this time around! I think there is a good chance of that!!
  11. High Plains Marching Festival Results 1. West Plains HS 2. Canyon HS 3. Amarillo HS 4. Hereford HS 5. Caprock HS 6. Panhandle HS 7. Pampa HS 8. Amarillo Tascosa HS
  12. Yup, just alphabetical order. I am not quite sure on the placing and as the season progresses my predictions are still changing.
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