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  1. I guess I should have been extremely specific in that we are in the same UIL district
  2. Top 3 - 2 are from the Austin area. Heehee...think about this...Cedar Ridge, Round Rock, Westwood, Vista Ridge and Vandy are in the same district. Add McNeil to that mix. CRAZY. It was even crazier when Leander was in 6a WAY TO GO VANDY AND CEDAR RIDGE
  3. Good luck to all the bands out there today. Congrats to the seniors who may have marched their last competition
  4. Y'all were fabulous. Let's be real. If I were a judge in that panel, naturally I would reserve some points as to not blow it all in one shot because I'm judging 50 more bands! It was heartbreaking for you guys, much like Austin that year was heartbreaking for Hendrickson and Round Rock.
  5. Yeah. I feel awful for all of these bands that SO CLOSE, specifically the seniors.
  6. I do wonder why Dripping Springs didn't area with the west Austin/Leander schools this year. Geographically, it only makes sense. Imagine if that had actually happened?
  7. Maybe I am an expert? 🤪 Talk about chippy. God forbid not everyone sees eye to eye
  8. I wasn't being spiteful. Spiteful would be me saying, "such and such band sucks and they don't deserve success." I didn't say that. In fact, you don't know what other bands I might have been referring to. Weren't you the one who unnecessarily called out Westwood in the Area D thread? So if me saying that Cedar Ridge deserved something over others in a year where there show was so freaking amazing is bad, then maybe you should take a nice look in the mirror because you did exactly the same, if not, worse. If we can't disagree about opinions, which is what all of us have, and most certainly, what the judges have, what's the point of discussing?
  9. Exactly. This was really driven by those programs who are small or simply don't have the budget to put on huge productions.
  10. Respectfully disagree. I saw three of the other bands that did qualify for finals that most certainly didn't do better than at least Cedar Ridge. There was quite the hoopla here on TX bands when it happened.
  11. I saw two. 2019. Cedar Ridge and Westwood. They got screwed over by performing early for panel 2.
  12. There was wonky stuff all over the place this weekend. So much of it doesn't make sense, but then again that's what happens when you put humans in charge of things.
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