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  1. Too many to name. Of course, I cry for just about anything. But one October night when I picked up my kid from band practice she said, "We added a new part for Houston." I thought, "are they insane?" but I smiled and said oh it's going to be great. That Saturday, it felt like 600 degrees outside. Westwood came out and played the "Little Drummer Boy," segued into "Do you hear what I hear?" The majority of us parents had never seen it. We were looking at the video screen and saw "Joy," spelled out, then watched the band get on their knees and lean towards one side and belt out a note that still gets me to this day. One of the moms who was sitting behind me put their hand on my shoulder while it was happening. When it was over, we all yelled and I looked around and saw the same tears I was shedding across the Westwood band parent community. At this point, that was almost 4 years ago. It was so great for the kids...and us parents.
  2. I'm anxious to see what Westwood is going to put out this year. I know what their show is and it seems extremely ambitious. No doubt they can pull it off, but man, it's gonna be interesting.
  3. That's bizarre. I mean, the Pflugerville schools used to district with RRISD and LISD. If I'm not mistaken, it used to be the 5 RRISD schools along with 3 LISD schools AND Hendrickson. This is when they were still 6A and so was Leander High. It would be silly to send them to district with Temple and Bryan.
  4. So Manor, Weiss and Dripping all move to 6A? I wonder if Weiss moves into the same district with RRISD and LISD for 8 schools AND perhaps so does Manor for 9 schools in that district?
  5. This is true. However, the plans have already been laid out. Heck even TMEA has Pearson Ranch High School listed on their site.
  6. that's so hard! Those poor kids. I had to warn the Westwood parents back in the day to make sure they heard WESTWOOD and not yell when they heard WESTLAKE. It happens too often.
  7. Recaps were on hornrank last night for those of you who want them. There are a lot of bands out there that really need to rethink their strategies regarding the shows they field. Not a knock to the kids because those decisions are out of their hands, but sometimes less is more. Clean shows with beautiful music seem to be a theme here. Also, I'm really sick and tired of bands using black shoes. I get why they do, but my goodness, look at Hebron and Westlake. They look awesome out there. Perhaps programs should spend some time on footwork and actually marching in straight lines so that kids can learn the fundamentals, then elaborate on the drill. I think Flower Mound marches with white shoes. They look sharp..period. The other theme that I can't get my head around is the freaking black uniforms. The fact that Round Rock doesn't have any maroon in their unis, and that the Harlingen drum majors have all black unis is so bizarre. Growing up, Harlingen was the RED CARDINAL BAND. They fielded RED unis! Everyone knew who they were with very little black. I get why programs do this, but it honestly is making one band look like the other. Yes I'm old school. Yes I am not a band director. BUT, the scores for both BOA and State say a lot. I hope that these directors figure it out.
  8. Different competitions with different judges. It’s not really fair to compare.
  9. Was texting this with my daughter. Area D and H represent Central Texas. They had the other half. I think H is Leander ISD and Westlake
  10. Same anyone know what happened to Round Rock and why they weren’t there for retreat?
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