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  1. These are the most significant moments in Plano East History 1981- School Opened 1998- First State Appearance 2000- Second State Appearance 2002- Third State Appearance *Years of barely missing state* 2010- "Pursuit" - 14th BOA San Antonio (First ever BOA Appearance and First Finals Appearance) - Weather kept us from going to Area Finals 2011- "Currents" - 15th BOA San Antonio 2012- "The Bells" (aka The Show Of Legend) -12th BOA San Antonio (Last SA Finals Appearance) -19th at UIL SMBC 2016- "Steampunk Heart" - 26th at UIL SMBC 2019- "1000 Cranes" (my Sophomore year) - 1st Carrolton TOC - Mr. V retires (after over 40 years of instruction in Plano, Duncanvllle, Austin, and San Angelo) This year was our first "normal" year without Mr. V, who had served as a head director from 2006-2019 and had been a director at PESH since 1996. Our heyday was really from 2009-2014, but I think Mr. B can bring us back to glory!
  2. Still extremely happy to see Team Texas keep showing the strength of the state!
  3. Do you think there’s still hope for a Texas medal, or are we done?
  4. Does anyone have footage of Marcus' show? I've only been able to see from the end zone this year
  5. Does anyone know what could've caused Vista's drop from 8th to 12th? They got a rough draw for finals performance, but a 4 spot drop seems heavy
  6. There’s no words to describe what Hebron just did. This should 100% be tonight’s champion
  7. Only one Area B school made it to finals! I was really rooting for Lone Star, they looked and sounded AMAZING at BOA Dallas
  8. Flo Mo, Hebron, and Marcus are for all practical purposes state locks. Other spots are a tossup between Wylie, McKinney, John Horn, Plano East, Prosper, and Sachse. Any combination could happen
  9. Yes please! I haven’t been able to see Hebron yet this year and really want to feel the musicality of them
  10. I remember seeing Hebron after our performance from the end zone. I'd honestly be SHOCKED if they lost. Musically phenomenal and visually (at least from what I could see) clean. Then again, I haven't seen any other attending bands at this point
  11. Really happy to see Rouse place top 3 here! I loved watching their 2019 show! However, for those in attendance, what caused Leander to place 7th? I wasn't able to watch prelims or finals today, so I was shocked to see them lower than usual.
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