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  1. Congrats to Cedar Ridge! The scores this year feel low compared to the last few years, any reason for that or is it just the judges?
  2. Recaps are up and a closer look at BA's score... 19.9 and 19.8 music GE, 19.8 vis GE. Only .5 away from a perfect GE score. I don't think that'll ever get touched for the rest of time.
  3. Insane scores all around, congrats to BA for the new record, congrats to my alum TWHS on the insane score (extremely proud of them). Gotta say I'm still upset at BOA's inconsistency when it comes to scores across competitions. CTJ and Ronald Reagan both somehow dropped by 3 points between SA and GN? I know for a fact it wasn't this hard to jump from bottom half to top half cause DB pushed us out back in 2017. Also Vista at 12th? And below a 90?
  4. This might cement Pearland as a consistent finalist, glad to see another Houston band at the top
  5. I'm also excited cause I know they'll blow past everyone's expectations. I'm expecting a top 5 finish from them
  6. Really worried about TWHS after tonight. Not a fan of the ballad changes, also not a fan of how they sounded but I'll blame that on the cold. I don't think I've ever enjoyed something this much just to see it get completely changed before San Antonio before.
  7. I thought people complained because there weren't enough long distance bands traveling to GN. Imagine if every Texas band + Tarpon, BA, DB, BS, and Wando went one year. Only regular faces you'd see from the area in finals are Avon and Carmel, maybe William Mason.
  8. I'm honestly more worried for my alum cause before there were 5 contenders for first but now it feels like it's anyone's game. Still a firm believer in them and their banger of a show but there's a lot more competition
  9. It's crazy to me how people seem to fall off the Vista hype at the start of each year just to bounce right back on as soon as they start performing well again. They did the exact same thing 2018 and 2019 but it's like people forget. Lots of talks about how they could be a bottom half band competing with Marcus and CP for that 7th spot. I know this is UIL and the judging is completely different and that this might not reflect BOA scores at all but still. I heard that The Woodlands used to be a band that cleaned like crazy in the later parts of the season but I think that title goes to VR now.
  10. Wow those top 3 are incredibly close, all within 2 points. Oak Ridge not far behind at all just 3 from 3rd.
  11. I've been thinking about that for a bit, like I do with everything you say, and I think the reason this show is so well designed is because they meant to do Chicago in 2020. Things happened and they went with West Side Story but that meant that they had over a year to think of ideas for this show.
  12. I know this is St Louis/Indy weekend but TWHS finally got a chance to perform their full show today and it is easily my favorite from them. They haven't performed the opener since boa Conroe and my god the visuals are clean. There's that one part in the opener that's kinda shaky when they get to the double tounging but I'm sure it'll get fixed. They have been working on the closer and it seems to change every show but it's gotten very colorful. Seems like the effect is too sudden and there's not a lot of impact coming from it but maybe it's just unpolished.
  13. Yeah the ending feels very short. Saw a video of it and I'm glad they now have the woodwinds involved. I'm not too worried about the ending because I feel like they know it needs to be bigger.
  14. Whole thing sounds like the Marcus Wall or Great Wall of Marcus or whatever it was called back when they dominated in Texas. Heard stories of them not budging or even moving their eyes when the results were over. Stood completely still during retreat too.
  15. I mean I graduated from TWHS in 2020 and far as I'm concerned that's the Woodlands way. Back in 17 we were adding things and taking things out while at Indy. Like that whole pre-show meditation? Added before Semis. There's always last second choreography getting added or changed. Also in 2019 we completely redid half our ending after learning most of the drill. Edit: Just remembered that in 2015 they didn't play a full run through until the night before San Antonio
  16. So many predictions y'all and it's funny how Vista and Cedar Park seem like a coin flip for top half and bottom half. Personally it's hard for me to say that Vista has lost it just cause of a low early competition placement. Same with Leander although I don't know their story.
  17. Seems like BOA is very top heavy this year compared to 2017 for example. General consensus has CTJ, Reagan, Hebron, Vandergrift, and TWHS at the top of SA but in my short experience in band it seemed like anyone could swoop in and get a medal. Any reason for that or is that just the result of less bands attending + COVID
  18. If any of TWHSParent's acquaintances would send me a video too that'd be pretty neat
  19. Is it just me or is the top half bottom half split getting out of hand? I feel like there shouldn't have been that big of a score gap between Bell and Wakeland right?
  20. I've been hesitant to say quite a few things before cause I'm one of the only people on here that represent TWHS but now that I'm graduated I feel I have a bit more freedom. I'll start with this: Mr. Vanderkolff, The Woodlands' drill writer and the drill writer for Flomo and the Bluecoats, said that On The Town was his favorite show he's ever made. It was pretty obvious though as he spent much, MUCH more time with us last year than he did years prior. That's not me bragging as I had no part in designing it BUT it's pretty darn cool to be a part of performing it. I think it's safe to say you can expect more shows similar to On The Town from groups he writes drill for (up to you to decide whether that's a good thing or not). Another thing is that Jason Harvey, former assistant director for TWHS in 2015 and 2016, was hired by our intermediate school to teach (the old director there retired). He is an excellent trombone player and low brass instructor and his first class of students arrives at the highschool this year so I'll be excited to see how the low brass performs in the upcoming years. (That's not an insult to anyone btw)
  21. Don't forget that second in 2018 was a fight between Oak Ridge, College Park and Seven Lakes. A lot can change in a year so even with Pearland's success I can't agree that it's safe to call them second. I wouldn't be surprised if Bridgeland ends up second in Houston this year thanks to their Nationals ambitions
  22. I really don't think enough bands participate in the LSP for it to have a 12 band finals. I'd say it averages around 18 bands per year so to allow 2/3 of that into finals makes it more like an exclusion rather than a recognition. And don't they have another sheet for color guard? They have a color guard caption and everything
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCZXPxMyL_U. It didn't load for me so here's the URL for those with the same problem
  24. I wanna see more Houston bands take the trip. It'd be especially cool if Spring or Westfield went back up there after not attending for over a decade
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