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  1. James Bowie HS (Austin) - "The Shapes of My Heart" Music by Claude Debussy, Richard Danielpour, Joe Hisaishi, Peter Gabriel, Max Richter, Kansas, Viet Cuong, and Kevin Shah.
  2. Archbishop Alter was so much fun to watch. First time Grand National class champion! Thrilled for them.
  3. Looks like the links work on Mobile only. I'm on Andriod and both are working.
  4. I'm on Dell Desktop with Google Chrome right now. It did absolutely nothing.
  5. So if you're on Box 5 Media's Facebook page, they just posted 2 links for high cam and multi cam that don't work at all. Multi cam downloads a file that can't be opened. High cam does nothing. C'mon guys. Get it together.
  6. Semi's Schedule: (Class A Bands) 7:15 - Murray 7:30 - Bourbon County 7:45 - Beechwood 8:00 - Archbishop Alter _____________________ (Next 8, First Half) 8:15 - Kiski Area 8:30 - Plymouth-Canton 8:45 - Lakota East 9:00 - Grain Valley _____________________ (Top 22) 9:45 - Jenison 10:00 - Dobyns-Bennett 10:15 - Avon 10:30 - Broken Arrow 10:45 - Moe & Gene Johnson 11:00 - Morton 11:15 - Fishers 11:30 - Centerville 11:45 - William Mason 12:00 - Castle 12:15 - Robert E Hendrickson 12:30 - Southlake Carroll 12:45 - Brownsburg 1:30 - Carmel 1:45 - Mustang 2:00 - American Fork 2:15 - Prosper 2:30 - Tarpon Springs 2:45 - Stoneman Douglas 3:00 - O'Fallon Township 3:15 - Rosemount 3:30 - Homestead _________________________ (Next 8, Second Half) 3:45 - Lakaota West 4:00 - Lincoln-Way Coummunity 4:15 - Goshen 4:30 - James F Byrnes
  7. Semi-Finalists (Random Order): Dobyns-Bennett American Fork Murray Stoneman Douglas Prosper Broken Arrow Kiski Area Grain Valley William Mason Fishers Brownsburg Centerville O'Fallon Township Castle Tarpon Springs Avon James F Byrnes Robert E Hendrickson Homestead Southlake Carroll Lakota West Goshen Carmel Morton Beechwood Jenison Bourbon County Lincoln-Way Community Mustang Plymouth-Canton Moe & Gene Johnson Rosemount Lakota East Archbishop Alter
  8. Honestly, I'm not quite sure. I know Broken Arrow's show that year had fog in the pre show and it disappeared pretty quickly when the show began. If the smoke remained in the air for half an hour like the previous commenter said, there might be a legit problem. Otherwise, they might be fine?
  9. I'm afraid they are...I just checked the rulebook 23.03 "The following are NOT ALLOWED in a Performance or on the Performance Field: Applicable only to enclosed/dome venues: - Fog, smoke, or similar effect-generating equipment" Edit - This was also listed: "The following may be used in a Performance, provided they are not hazardous and do not remain on the Performance Field or in the air following a Performance: - Powder or other airborne material."
  10. What an upset! This feels bigger than Vista over Flower Mound in '18! I'm sure the crowd went wild. What a season! And don't forget...for 4 TX bands, the season's not over just yet, so good luck to the Texas bands going to Indy!
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