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2022 BOA San Antonio (Nov. 4 & 5)

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The 2022 Bands of America San Antonio Super Regional will be held November 4th & 5th, 2022 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX. 

Here’s the new Friday schedule as of 11/1/22 with the competition now starting with Georgetown at 9:15 am and McCallum added where the 2:00 break was supposed to be. Also, Veterans Memorial and Hendrickson traded time slots and panels. VM is now at 5 and Henny at 5:30 after the break. 


Panel 1
9:15 - Georgetown H.S., TX
9:30 - W. Charles Akins H.S., TX
9:45 - Mission Veterans Memorial H.S., TX
10:00 - Tom Glenn H.S., TX
10:15 - Pflugerville H.S., TX
10:30 - James Bowie H.S., TX


Panel 2
11:00 - United H.S., TX
11:15 - Troy H.S., TX
11:30 - Smithson Valley H.S., TX
11:45 - New Braunfels H.S., TX
12:00 - Cedar Ridge H.S., TX
12:15 - Dripping Springs H.S., TX
12:30 - James E. Taylor H.S., TX
12:45 - John B. Alexander H.S., TX
1:00 - Byron P. Steele II H.S., TX
1:15 - Rio Grande City H.S., TX
1:30 - Vista Ridge H.S., TX
1:45 - Westlake H.S., TX

Panel 1
2:00 - McCallum H.S., TX
2:15 - Waller H.S., TX
2:30 - Anderson H.S., TX
2:45 - Jack C. Hays H.S., TX
3:00 - Round Rock H.S., TX
3:15 - Lake Travis H.S., TX
3:30 - Foster H.S., TX
3:45 - Douglas MacArthur H.S., TX
4:00 - Liberal Arts and Science Academy, TX
4:15 - Legacy of Educational Excellence H.S., TX
4:30 - Sandra Day O'Connor H.S., TX
4:45 - Churchill Fulshear H.S., TX
5:00 - Veterans Memorial H.S., TX


Panel 2
5:30 - Robert E. Hendrickson H.S., TX
5:45 - Cedar Park H.S., TX
6:00 - Westwood H.S., TX
6:15 - Louis D. Brandeis H.S., TX
6:30 - Rouse H.S., TX
6:45 - Jourdanton H.S., TX
7:00 - McNeil H.S., TX
7:15 - Winston Churchill H.S., TX
7:30 - Vandegrift H.S., TX
7:45 - Hidalgo Early College H.S., TX


Panel 1
8:15 - Leander H.S., TX
8:30 - Keller Central H.S., TX
8:45 - Ronald Reagan H.S., TX
9:00 - Odem H.S., TX
9:15 - Timber Creek H.S., TX
9:30 - Magnolia H.S., TX
9:45 - Claudia Taylor Johnson H.S., TX
10:00 - A&M Consolidated H.S., TX
10:15 - Keller H.S., TX
10:30 - Flower Mound H.S., TX

Panel 2
7:30a - Pecos
7:45a - L.D. Bell
8:00a - Clear Creek
8:15a - Seven Lakes
8:30a - College Station
8:45a - Lubbock-Cooper
9:00a - Dawson
9:15a - Whitesboro
9:30a - Coppell
9:45a - Oak Ridge

Panel 1
10:00a - Clear Springs
10:15a - Del Rio
10:30a - Pearland
10:45a - Cypress Woods
11:00a - Argyle
11:15a - Cy-Fair
11:30a - Friendswood
11:45a - Forney
12:00p - Sachse
12:15p - Burleson
12:30p - Marcus
12:45p - College Park

Panel 2
1:15p - Hebron
1:30p - Rock Hill
1:45p - Klein Oak
2:00p - Wylie
2:15p - Azle
2:30p - The Woodlands
2:45p - Highland Park
3:00p - Wylie East
3:15p - Waxahachie

3:30p - Exhibition - UT Arlington 

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Revised schedule
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15 minutes ago, slowbrass said:

That was 2002, they beat out LD Bell by .25 in finals despite Bell topping them by over a point in prelims. I really hope one (or both) of them decides to make the trip. As if BOA San Antonio wasn’t intense enough already.

And remember, that will allow one less spot for a Texas band in the finals. It's not like when a Texas band goes to St. Louis or Indianapolis where there are plenty of finals spots available for above average bands.


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8 hours ago, banddad84 said:

too big of a risk - come to SA and get beat hurts their standings for GN - they go to St Louis for a reason - it is a guaranteed medal with no risk

If Broken Arrow came to SA this year they would have been able to beat everyone barring Vandegrift and Hebron. Let’s loose this texan ego a little bit.

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3 hours ago, Time Warp said:

If Broken Arrow came to SA this year they would have been able to beat everyone barring Vandegrift and Hebron. Let’s loose this texan ego a little bit.

it is not a Texan ego - though I have plenty of that for other topics - if you go back 20 years, the San Antonio Super Regional has had 5 out of state bands make finals with Carmel edging Bell by .25 on 2002. but since then, we had Owasso place 3rd in 2004, Blue Springs placed 6th in 2013, Owasso in 2015 placed 8th, and Avon placed 4th in 2017. 

But the San Antonio Super is not what it was 20 years ago. Look at the finalist that really did not exist as a major program when Carmel was here. SA finalist schools that opened in that 20+ year span.

1998 Cedar Park Opened

1999 Flower Mound and Reagan Opened

2003 Vista Ridge Opened

2008 CTJ and Rouse Opened

2009 Vandegrift Opened

2010 Cedar Ridge Opened

that group has more than a dozen Gnats finals appearances as well as Vandegrift's Championship in 2019

as stated by slow brass - Broken Arrow has won the St Louis Super for the past 15 years - if it isn't broke - don't fix it.

BA could very well have won San Antonio this year with that amazing show. but just as our Texas bands make plans to go to Indy a year in advance and hope that they have a show that is well received by the judges. I would assume many of the programs that we would love to see in San Antonio (Tarpon, BA, etc.) would have to give up a trip to Indy that year because of the cost to do both trips as well as time out of school.

I do not think it is Texas Ego to say that most years, San Antonio is more competitive than Grand Nats. 

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54 minutes ago, vistaridgefan42069 said:

avon has medaled for many straight years at gns - they came to sa in 2017 and got 4th (well within said streak). not entirely unfair to assume that broken arrow could see a similar outcome if they came to sa on the wrong year.

I totally agree - they would certainly be in the hunt on ANY year that they would come to San Antonio. but are they going to travel further (550 miles VS 400 Miles) to give up the SR Gold medal that they have collected for the past 15 years for a SR in San Antonio that would be a much bigger challenge. 

Don't get me wrong - I would love to see Broken Arrow, Tarpon, Avon, Carmel and so many others make the trip to the Alamodome to play with ALL the Texas bands. not just the ones that can afford to make their "every few years" trip to Indy. I still think that BA would have won San Antonio this year if they attended, but I think it would have been great to see them in the dome going against Hebron and Vandy.

if you had the top 6 non-Texas bands from G Nats in San Antonio - would all 6 make finals - I think not. Vistas Ridge placed 12th in both - but you would need to account for Hebron, Vandy, Cedar Ridge, Coppell, Leander, Kellar, and Cedar Park in that mix. It would be a heck of a ride. 

Grand Nats is what it is based on the title attached - move it to Texas with the same title and the participation would be off the charts.

It will not happen due to the "deal" that  MFA/BOA has with the city of Indy, not just on the stadium, but on their offices - etc. - the alamodome may not be as nice as LOS - but the competition remains top notch. 

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24 minutes ago, VinoGirl said:

I'm just curious...has the Texas SR always been in San Antonio? I wonder if it was in the D/FW area if more out of state bands would attend since it would be a little bit closer (I'm thinking OK, IN bands...) 

That’s correct, San Antonio has been the sole Texas super regional since 2003 (it was also the first super regional at all). But even prior to then it seems like a strong majority of BOA contests were held in either Houston or San Antonio, likely due to those two areas’ comparative strength at the time. However, since BOA is adding a second DFW area regional next season, it seems like they may be having a similar line of thought to yours.

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Once we get those SOLIDLY CONFIRMED Out-of-State big hitters, and even just finalist/finalist-bubble contender bands attending, that’s when things’ll really start getting into gear, and 2022 will shape up to be the most insane SA competition to date, it’s always crazy to say that when the current year’s competition was already amazing, but it always somehow gets better!! Many DFW area bands hopefully returning, as many for one reason or another, didn’t go this past year to amp up the difficulty of the contest even more. Along with hopefully some Out-of-State bands, let’s see if it’s in the cards!!

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