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  1. The only placements I got wrong was switching Phantom and Blue Stars, but I saw them being very close and interchangeable in placements. Such an entertaining night! That Bluecoats show is soo visually interesting and I was engaged the entire time. I love Boston Crusader's show even more now that I've seen the visual program.
  2. Hmmm I'm not sure yet about them winning brass caption. I love their music and especially their sound (PR and Crown have my favorite corp sound in general) but I'm still wondering what the ceiling is for their book. But I do think they'll place at least top 7. Crown has so many impressive moments in their show that it's hard for me to not lean towards them.
  3. Seeing SCV and BD back to back, I thought it was clear who would come out on top. Though, I think I will like SCV's show more than BD's as the season progresses. Just from what I've seen, PR, BAC, and Crown have my favorite shows at the moment.
  4. That member hasn't been online for over a decade so not sure the message will be received 🤣. But what you say is true and it will be wild to see how different things look in even a couple years.
  5. Keller Central and Coppell advancing were my initial prediction. Congrats to Lake Ridge!
  6. Knowing BD, I'm confident about how it will come together throughout the season. I somewhat have an understanding of what their show is about so I can see where it is going. Compared to other years, I actually don't mind their drill so far. But I agree about the scatterforms. I am genuinely curious how designers have gone from creating such amazing moments and drill in the past and think that all the fluttering around looks anywhere as cool. And in general, I'm a bit tired of the amount of screamers I have to hear in some shows 😅. But I'm excited to see how the show grows and am sad that I won't get to see it in person.
  7. How would ya'll feel about having the state marching contest annually for every conference?
  8. I have great confidence that Keller will return in 2023. Especially after they make top half at SA this fall. I anticipate that TC and/or KC will be making the trip soon as well. Would be cool to have all 3 go in the same year. Though, I think someone posted over on hornrank that TC's head director is leaving so idk how things will go over there. They had such a great season in 2021 and I'm still waiting for the day that 2 KISD bands end up in finals at SA.
  9. I didn't even realize how close SL was to making finals at SA last year. Hope they pop off this fall
  10. That is really awesome. Especially cool for the students to get to connect with her on a more personal level.
  11. If the Mandarins prop makes a return, I hope it is turned into a record player!
  12. Here are the rankings with the bands that had a competitive season in 2020 bolded Hebron Vandegrift Marcus Flower Mound Coppell Ronald Reagan Cedar Ridge CTJ Keller Westlake Vista Ridge Carroll
  13. If you truly loved me you would dm me. pls 😢
  14. Congrats Coppell! They are having such a strong season and hopefully we see them making SA finals as well. The more DFW rep, the better! So happy with how Keller's show is progressing. While I am biased, I think they well place higher than people expect. Seems like it will be a common occurrence for them to have 1 judge that disagrees with them and the other judges lol. Carroll making the jump to 3rd definitely surprised me, especially after seeing their prelims placement. Another band having a fantastic season and making state finals will make it even better. I'm still confused on what exactly their show is about but I don't mind the ambiguity. I do find myself spacing out here and there but maybe their show is hypnotizing me. I absolutely love listening to Waxahachie. They play so well and their ballad is one of my favorites of the season. And I believe they will be attending SASR for the first time? A little bummed that their first appearance is with a show that feels less BOA than recent years but I know they will still do well. Hearing LD Bell announced in 6th was bittersweet. Sad for Bell, but very exciting for TC. The kids and parents were so excited (including myself). And after the awards, the Keller and TC's drum majors were hugging and jumping up and down. It was the highlight of my night. This is my favorite TC show and I hope they can squeeze into finals this weekend. Very sad for LD Bell not advancing since they aren't attending SASR either. The ballad is easily my favorite part of their show. Beautiful soloist and the color guard with their yellow dresses. I find myself wanting a lot more from their music in most of the show and I hope they can pick themselves back up in the future. Lake Ridge has a very cute show based on Where the Wild Things Are. They were pretty close to taking that 5th spot in both prelims and finals. I think I heard a mom in prelims celebrating and saying that they are performing 2nd to last because they got 2nd in prelims. I hope they weren't let down after finals because Lake Ridge did amazing! I always have a lot of respect for Duncanville. A lot of their show music is from Crown 2016 and Crown 2014 so I enjoyed it a lot, but it was also a little hard to not compare them to Crown lol. After their placement at state in 2018, I sort of felt like we could be seeing them miss out on advancing eventually. Their prelims placement certainly made me think I was wrong. 3 KISD bands in finals always makes me happy! Great job KC for making area finals again. Their color guard was actually warming up in the tennis courts where I was playing before halftime on Friday. I wanted to ask to toss a rifle or flag lol. And their guard was on fire at area finals. Maybe we can see 3 KISD bands advancing to state one day. Lake Highland's opening hit was certainly a statement! They looked to be smallest of the finalist and then this huge hit came. Very fun show as all of them eventually went from red uniforms to blue. Their show title was "Ass1milated".
  15. Please don't tell me it's that same judge from 2018 lmaooo. Also this performance order 😵
  16. Awesome! I was hoping this feature would be brought back. And thank you for including the results of each competition at the top.
  17. I was never at any point speaking specifically towards you. I said "parents in the stands". How I see it, props should be used to enhance a show rather than something to rely on. I don't see a problem with programs trying to be innovative with design and props to bring a show that surprises the crowd in a new way. There are many examples of shows that do extremely well with little to no props and if you took out all of CTJ's props, I guarantee you they would still place very high because of their performance. For Keller's props in 2015, they just found sticks outside, painted them white, and stuck them into styrofoam on wheels to make trees and that's it. They made San Antonio and Grand National finals. Ronald Reagan was was arguably the #1 band in 2019 and didn't have any props on the field. And don't get me wrong, I'm not denying that money and props don't give many bands an advantage or that some programs don't go overboard with props. Band is all about life lessons and if your child can come out of a contest happy with their performance regardless of what others do, then they are already ahead of the game. I am glad you responded respectfully and clarified your appreciation for everyone. The intermediate and middle school I went to had a total of a dozen or so kids in the band program and only one instructor. So, I just want people to be grateful and happy that they even get a music education and appreciate what others are able to achieve.
  18. I don't think anyone is dismissing the role that money plays. A school's disadvantage rate and the role money plays is no new topic to this forum and I can guarantee no on here takes whatever program they're associated with for granted. It just seems so unnecessary for some people to express their opinions in a way that almost sounds like programs shouldn't make use of the resources they have effectively. To complain that parents are able put their kids in private lessons or volunteer to help and be involved in their child's interest. (Not specifically saying this to you, just talking in general). The reality is that the playing field is not level, but that is the reality of anything you encounter in life. I understand the frustration when looking up at a group that has more money and support, and thinking that no matter what you do you can't touch them. Firstly, never discount yourself or you already lose. But also, your experience should be based on what you've achieved and not others. I know a lot of us here try our best to support every band that performs and give standing ovations for everyone, regardless of what they'll place or how they performed. So it's also frustrating and really ruins the mood when I hear any parents in the stands complaining about how this band doesn't deserve their placement or discounting what they've done because they have more funding.
  19. I think I was in first for a day or two 😁. A lot of competitions happened today so we may see a lot of shifting.
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