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  1. But don't they have the Macy's Parade? I would love for them to go to GN again.
  2. Fineee I guess I'll start the thread. So, which Texas bands will be making the trip next season?
  3. They didn’t do the bottom half/top half split previously so that could be a factor towards it.
  4. I woulda thought it was some Dr. Seuss character 😩
  5. I wish I could judge percussion better. I mostly just know which percussion books I liked more than others 😅.
  6. Always cool to look back on threads from many years ago like a time machine. Cool that you came back all these years later and commented. I just hope everyone learned their lesson from that incident.
  7. We usually sit high up and as close to the 50 as possible so we can get a good read visually. But we sat on the lower level for some of prelims and good lord was it amazing. I can watch high cam recordings later.
  8. Fun fact: Keller’s ballad was originally Dream On by Aerosmith but they had to change it due to copyright. I’m assuming the structure of the ballad was the same and just adapted for Sweet Dreams. I would’ve loved to see hear what Dream On would’ve sounded like but I absolutely love their current ballad too.
  9. I’m so happy to hear this! I originally had those concerns as well but your explanation makes sense. Part of me almost thinks this is a prank and that I’m getting my hopes up 😅. If there’s ever any sort of fundraiser for the trophy, I’d love to donate.
  10. Another fun statistic. The number of SA championships from each metroplex since 2003: DFW: 12 San Antonio: 5 Houston: 2 And GN championships: Houston: 3 DFW: 1 Austin: 1
  11. That would be interesting. Maybe some bands would attempt to obtain each trophy at some point in time. Like a career grand slam in tennis or becoming an EGOT winner.
  12. I know it was their last public performance in Keller but they didn’t have to go off like that. Like geez, save some for San Antonio. KC was also amazing. Expecting a great finish for the KISD bands.
  13. Fun fact: On this day 23 years ago was the 4A (2nd largest classification at the time) state marching contest where Coppell placed first and Keller placed 2nd. Great to see them fighting strong all these years later with some ups and downs along the way. Fossil Ridge also placed 4th! Only a couple years after opening. Keller Central and Timber Creek didn’t exist yet. November 1st is also officially Keller High School Marching Band Day in the City of Keller.
  14. I would be so proud if both TC and Keller were in state finals.
  15. Coppell was fantastic on all fronts. While I'm not crazy about the show, they really were the clear winner. I believe their rifle line alone was bigger than all of Keller's guard this year 😩 I saw recordings of Keller's halftime on Thursday and their prelims run, and their finals run was definitely the least solid. A couple of somewhat major blunders, musically and visually, that had me a little worried about how they'd place. That combined with performing first, I really couldn't argue against their placement. Just happy they could advance and get another opportunity to give their best. And each week, I have noticed changes in either the drill, visuals, music, soloist, and guard which I love because they are constantly trying to improve their show, even if it means they aren't as clean at each competition.
  16. Wow! And Southlake Carroll lost a tie to make state from area B. Both bands going to Grand Nationals. Coincidence? I think not!
  17. Congrats to all the bands that advanced. So glad that area b could take 6 bands to state.
  18. My brother and I were thinking the same thing! Very wild.
  19. I thought they were great when they performed in exhibition! A couple moments where I wished they weren’t blasting us with full volume but they’re another band that I could definitely see advance to state.
  20. Was definitely my favorite competition of the season thus far! Everyone was so good and entertaining and I was kind of shocked at how amazing everyone sounded.
  21. I believe the announcer made a correction to the prelims results saying that Keller and Waxahachie tied for the 6A visual caption
  22. Yes, I believe it is reverse order. Can’t wait to get there! Hope the winds can die down some.
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