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  1. Argyle is going to be a wildcard. Their UIL success cannot be overlooked even if they are new to 5A. They didn't look or sound out of place at the SA Super.
  2. I should have prefaced that. I worked with Stevie several times. When he first came into my then live room he was amazed at the engineering we did to make a 9 foot ceiling sound like a 24 foot ceiling to him. When I gave him the answer of "No, it's a 9 foot ceiling" he retorted with "well, I didn't see that coming." He also made several other jokes in the time he was at my studio regarding his sight. After a few weeks it just became normal to me to make or join in on Steve jokes. That show was amazing. My wife and I sat in rapt attention to Arch Bishop Alter and them bringing something so courageous and stunning to the stage.
  3. Where are all of those people who were moaning about BOX 5 doing the UIL broadcast now? And here's the quote of the evening. Proof why Broken Arrow cannot win this contest
  4. It's great to see Henny, SLC, and Prosper all make finals. I believe that Johnson was harmed by their placement behind Broken Arrow and Avon. This is going to be a nail biting finals.
  5. This could possibly be a weird year where the winner wins no captions.
  6. I'd like a little of whatever they have had. That was an eagle worthy performance from Tarpon Springs.
  7. Hendrickson with their best run of the year. They may have just pushed into finals. Other highlights for me: Mason's show is absolutely gorgeous. Castle's show is wonderfully fun. Considering they are 40% freshmen this year they are setting up well.
  8. Johnson has a rough pull. Following Avon and Broken Arrow. Luckily the Texas gauntlet has them prepared.
  9. Yeah, Broken Arrow is great. Brass sounds are fantastic and they move well. They have only done one show recently that I can really connect with. And that's why this activity is an art. It's okay to not connect with some of it but still be able to understand why it's so good.
  10. O'Fallon's low brass feature is a blast. This is the 3rd time I've seen them this year and show continues to make me smile.
  11. There was some dirt today but that will clean up as the contest continues I believe. I see them taking American art forms to the top 4 this year.
  12. Prosper had a good run. They will be through to semis and IMO are at the top of the finals bubble if they can clean up a little bit. Their strong point music had a little dirt that when they clean up will help them tremendously to getting to finals. What a gorgeous and delicate ballad. Tarpon Springs. I hope I never get tired of being surprised by them. Every year they come out with a high demand visual treat. They sound AMAZING! That fluegelhorn and bari sax soloists are FIRE! Holy guard accuracy batman. Incredible.
  13. M&G Johnson had a fantastic run today. They will be representing Team Texas in semis for sure. Prosper is up in about 5 minutes followed by Tarpon Springs. Tarpon Springs is a 2A school (technically). 2A is a meat grinder this year. My guess is that they will win it but Kiski has put out what is my favorite show from them since the early 90s. Mustang's show this year is another wildly fun presentation. I think they cleaned up a lot since St. Louis.
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