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  1. What a great show! I am so happy to have DCI back. Bluecoats....conceptually, what a neat show. I like it and I love the message behind it. Crusaders....better than I thought. This could end up being one of my favorite Crusaders shows. Cavaliers, they are back on the way up and I am happy to see that. I do agree with ViewFromTheBox on the Crossmen this season. Troopers are my dark horse for cracking the top 10 this season. Their performance last season was fantastic and it's carried over. We will be at San Antonio and Austin. I may venture to a few more Texas shows as well.
  2. They weren't weak. They did have some balance issues and the soloists showed a lot of nerves. Nowhere to go but up. If their first show is their weakest I am pretty sure they would accept that. I'm happy with their show. That ballad....OMG! It's going to be heart melter as the season progresses. The Crusaders.....Oh My!!! What a show. Visuals are fantastic. (remember, I'm watching from the past here)
  3. I completely forgot this was going on. Watching in the past. Phantom's show is beautiful. If this is where they are headed I'm all in. Proper uniforms and everything!
  4. This is great news for all of the Leander ISD schools. Seeing Selaiden leave Leander is a little bit of a surprise. Both organizations will be just fine. The support they will receive from the district will allow them to continue their excellent performance for years to to come. Look at how Cedar Park transitioned and came roaring back (at the BOA level, their UIL level remained). It should be an exciting few weeks in LISD.
  5. After last year's show they are back on the upswing I believe. Things feel better when the Regiment is fighting at the top. Another corps that I really enjoyed last year was The Troopers and I hope they continue along with their strong showing last season. I've been a Bluecoats fan for a long time but I really hope they don't explore the Beatles anymore.
  6. ahhh...Codex.... I'm excited to hear it!! I love Mahler #2 as well.
  7. Cedar Park MIRROR*RORRIM "The reflection we see every day has nothing to do with how others see us" Music from: Billie Eilish Grandbrothers Oliver Davis Christopher Tin Secret Garden Aurora and Philip Glass "MIrrors show us what we look like....not who we are" After a few years of minimal props Cedar Park will be bringing back multiple props to the show. They are planning on lining part of the field with mirrors and using them not only for visuals but also for using them to reflect sound onto the soundstage. This will be another high energy high tempo show for the school. They are also keeping the same large member count on-field as they used last season. It should be another fun season as Mr. Yee and his staff continue to evolve the band into his vision. They are still working with Mr. Jeremy Spicer but have also re-added the arranging talents of Mr. Evan Van Doren. This should be an exciting show with high demand not only in marching but also in arrangement. It will have a unique solo that is very rarely heard on the marching field.
  8. Can we please get a Sponge Bob meme placed here
  9. I wish I could make it. Pinstriped was an amazing show and will do well to represent top flight marching band shows on a huge stage.
  10. Dave Campbell's channel is usually pretty good. This was a fantastic tribute to not only the loss of a band director but to the tenacity of a community. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Been saying all year that Cedar Park's line and front ensemblenare beastly. This show and Dripping Springs prove my observation wasn't too bad.
  12. I want them to go more exploratory and do a show that's themed off of Weird Al's Hamilton Polka. They'll crush it
  13. FloMo had one amazing run tonight. I can see Carmel taking home music. What a show! Not the biggest fan of the Broken Arrow show but my belief is that they will win.
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